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Girlfriend cheat on me

My girlfriend cheated on me

Thursday, February 4, 2016 7:33 AM by Guest Rating: +9|-6

Hi everyone. First in all I'm a Polish guy living in UK. After my broken marriage and won case for a children (ex was bipolar, taking drugs and ...). Anyway One day I've been asked at work by ex husband of my current spouse to pick her from home to work and back as we worked on the same shift and she will pay me for that. I did agree. After if I remember two days we really click and she did amazing blojob. After that we started dating and having sex all the time. After year or so she moved to my house together with her son. (by the way she's 16 years older sexy fitnes/bodybuilder women). For few years all was going almost fantastic but then went to stagnation. Our relationship beceme boring, we lost most of our friends as we stopped socialise. We started arguing almost everyday. We are both proud donkey's and don't ever giving up. All was going on and on and then she decided that after 15 years break she want to go back to bodybuilding and compiting again. She had few major titles and after backing now, she won again last year. Unfortunately at this point her excuse for all trouble was that she was on the died and I didn't understand her. Last year on holiday I founded by checking her phone that she was flirting with guy which wrote articule for newspaper for her. Messages was very clear what's going on and I got furious. I challenge her but she deny everything. She said it was only for attention. I forgot to tell that from some time already her behaviour was strange and she blocked her phone by putting code. Also use to we both had an access to our emails and Facebook, e.t.c.... That also was block. I almost newed that something happen this time. She said that she going to visit friends in London. I didn't trust her but didn't want to show her this. After all arguments we got to the point where we agreed that we will start talking about all problems and we will fix our relationship. She promissed to never contact the guy from newspaper. Three months ago her phone was on the kitchen worktop next to me. We was chatting and then suddenly phone call. It was this guy. Her reaction was very panic... I ask her what's going on but she was rolling subject without straight answer. My worse nightmare came back. Couple days later I dig her coupberds and draws and founded hotel card from London when she supposed to visit her friends. Card was on P.Baldwin name. Now I knew for 100% what happened that day. I got again angry, challenge her but got nowhere again. Started checking on her and playing her game. Crack code to her phone and install spy program. Tha shows me almost everything. To my surprise, except that she messaged this guy and spoke on the phone I've found that she still got strong feeling to me and she blame me for not being for her in her difficult time. Anyway, shorting all story, this time I didn't challenge her, I trick her few times as I know what she was talking about on the phone with people. I played sychologically. For week it was perfect and eventually I got out of her that she did have sex in this hotel but she just couldn't tell me as she was afraid. Me being donkey and her with messed hed on the diet.... Guy used situation... I forgive her as I love her and I know that partly was my fault. I am good person but I didn't listening to her and sometimes was blowing. I probably pushed her to that as she wanted attention. We both got to agreement that fault is on both side and we love each other so much. All in all we both cryied and realised how much we love each other. Last conversation which she had with this guy after asking my permission was couple days ago. I've listening without her knowlege (spy program) to the conversation. She said to him that I was first ok for them to stay friends but then me as a man after last few messages from him I felt that he's not true friend but he only waiting for me feet to sleep again... You know what for. She explain him that she owe me a lot and she really love me. Also she said how much I'm broken now. Seems for like like she meen it and she is more sensitive for me than ever before. She even said to him that she want to go with me for councelling and that this is the end as she want to safe us. My problem is that I can't stop thinking about what's happen. I love her and want to be with her, she's a mother to my children (Even so not biological), but my head is so messed. I still crying even now when I'm writing this. Can I belive her now? Should I let this go and start again? Did she really mean it what she said to him... All this questions... I know that no one is perfect and chances that this won't happen with other women are not very big. Should I try to rebuild everything? She promissed me that she will never hurt me... She said she didn't realise how much I love her as I wasn't sensitive for her. I know that I wasn't becouse after my marriage collapse I swore to my self that I will never open my self to anyone and I beceme really hard shelf. Please help me!!! What should I do???!!!  We are 8 years together and we both blown that. She admit that no metter what happen, there is no excuse for cheat, but it did happen and she wish she could turn back time... I am really in big mess...

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016 5:39 AM

keep her.I'm sure she really change,she won't cheat on you anymore,because what's in her mind is scared of losing you.Beileve me  you both just need more communication,trust her once more only this could make your peace in your heart back again as before.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 7:03 AM

Thank you. I think I am slowly getting over that. I supposed that scar will be for life now but seems like we understand each other better. We had many conversation since, we cleared the "sky" and hopefully will be better. We both cried, both were very emotional... Ohh well, I supposed that this is life; sometimes brutal, but if we can lift our self from the ground and put step forward, we will be able to do anything.

Thank again.

Friday, February 12, 2016 4:57 PM

chłopie ogarnij sie ona Cię wyjebała miałem tak samo próbowałemposkładac nie ogarniesz nie dasz rady bedziesz sie meczył do konca zycia nie bedziesz wiedział co robili jak gdzie i w jakich pozycjach uwierz mi uciekaj zapomnij da sie z czasem i zyj  ...ja sie wylizalem zwiazek trwal 10 lat a meczylem sie okolo 1,5 roku  powodzenia brachu


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