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My wife cheated on me

Thursday, July 14, 2016 4:30 PM by whtpanties Rating: +32|-9

I had always had a fantasy of catching my girlfriend, and then later, wife in the act of cheating.  I think most men have.  I don't know what it is about it. Is it that your wife actually thinks your inadequate or the thought of a larger man pleasing your wife.

Nontheless, one night my wife and i were talking, and she said that many of her last boyfirends had accussed her of cheating on them. It was then that I told her that if I ever found out she was cheating or cheated I wouldn't be upset about it.  I would go on to say that I thought it was natural for people to be sexually curious about other people. In honesty it was my way of saying I wanted us to have sex with others in each others presence, but that never came out. I think i was waiting for to ask further, but she could only say I would never do that.

After having two boys back to back, I had all but forgotten that conversation.  It was one day while sorting through the clothes basket that I came across a pair of her panties that seemed to be crusted with male cum and had the insatiable smell of sex. I was immediately aroused as my blood ran to my cock. I went to the bathroom and came quickly jerking off to my wifes panties.

 She had just returned to working, and worked the swing shift from 2 - 10pm. Before going out on maternity leave she had told me that one of her coworkers, Dennis, had asked her to go to lunch with him during their off days.  I said, he knows your married right? To which she replied, that doesn't bother him because he was with another married woman at work.  She then added, but she wasn't interested that way. 

It was after our second son's birth that we had an IUD placed to avoid further pregnancy. Was Dennis now filling my wife up with his hard cock too?  I began to check her panties on a regular basis, and would find crusted once every few days.  Each time I would use them to pleasure myself, imagining my wife removing her clothing, and sharing her body with another mans cock. 

I would strike gold within a month.  I went to her car one day to retrieve her insurance information for some reason, and in her glove box, I would find a letter from a completely different co-worker, Mike.  The letter said how sexy and pretty she was, how good she was in bed, etc.  However, he was now breaking it off because rumors were getting back to him if he was seeing her.  He reminded her that he wanted complete discretion so as to not ruin his reputation in the office.  He siad a couple girls had asked if he was seeing her.  And they also said that she was seeing other men in the office as well.  I coudln't believe what I was reading. 

When I took the letter in and asked what this was, she immediately said its all lies.  I said which, mike saying youre good in bed, or you were sleeping with other men.  I could tell she was shocked and was not sure what to do.  Eventually she would tell me that yes, she had an affair with Mike, Dennis, Tony and Brian.  She said thta she was quiting the job because of all the rumors.   

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Sunday, July 17, 2016 11:40 AM

you are an idiot and should get your children tested

Monday, July 18, 2016 7:13 AM

I love a slutty wife like urs.. Mine is similar

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 3:53 PM

Reminds me of a guy that thought his 30 year old wife was cheating, he was 37 at the time. He had been telling me she never wanted sex anymore and pretty much refused 9 of 10 times. Then he asked me if my wife shaved her pussy saying his had started shaving hers. Well that's when I started asking him other questions and after hearing many sings told him to get someone to follow her. He hired a PI and only three days later the PI called him to come in and see him. He told him he had no pictures that were damning but he had a poor video of her fucking a guy in the parking lot of his office building. He said it was easy to tell what they were doing. He said he followed her two other occasions to hotels and had pictures of her and a guy in the parking lot plus another picture of her and a guy in another hotel parking lot. My animated friend expressed to the PI that she told him she had no desire and it looks like all she has is desire, she's fucking that guy three days in a row. No the PI said she's fucking three guys at least four days a week. He said it was the easiest job he9 had ever had and the first time he'd ever seen multiple partners. Friend said the guy only charged him half and apologized for the news. He also said he was taking a few days off cause he had never seen anyone like her. He found out after the divorce she was still fucking all of her ex bf's when they were dating and married. Jeez.


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