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How to spot a man with a small penis

I cheated on my husband

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 8:59 AM by Bob Rating: +33|-55

My name's Bob. I'm a woman in her 30's and until recently I was depressed. My now ex-husband was a good man. He worked a well-paying job and supported me well. I stayed at home and did household chores and did all the maintainence on our three-story home. It wasn't uncommon for him to work 50+ hours a week and when he was home he was utterly exhausted. After a couple years of marriage our sex life was all but non-existant. I married him for his personality but he was a terrible lover. No offense to anyone out there, but I'm just not satisfied with small penises-and his was quite small indeed. I never thought it would bother me but like I said, after a couple years of that unfulfilling sex it takes a toll. Coupled with exhaustion from work there was simply no way he could manage to please me.

One day I suggested we use toys and he flipped. He tried to turn it on me by saying I'm a promiscuous freak. So I let it be and never talked about sex again. After that incident he would occasionally use me to satisfy himself-and it never took longer than two minutes. I eventually lost interest in him and found a new man.

I divorced my half-man of a husband and moved to Colorado where I now smoke copious amounts of marijuana. My new guy, who we can call Bobby, is a six foot tall African man-beast. He works a decent job and I do as well. We are managing just fine. One day my ex, who is bitterly angry, spammed my email with pictures of his penis. I showed Bobby and we just had a good laugh over it.

To all women out there, I know you can have a happy marriage with a small penis but it just won't work. Sex is a very necessary and intimate part of any marriage and I do not want you gals to disregard the importance of a healthy sex life.

Here are some pointers on how to spot a man with a small penis, from my experience and other women I've talked to I was able to find some correlations.

They drive big trucks with big wheels, this isn't necessarily true but if they have it raised higher than factory condition then I guarantee it.
They love to talk about how manly they are and boasts of hunting, fighting, working out, ect.
They are controlling and insecure.

They brag about the women they've been with. Many there might be but none were satisfied, only the guy was.


Basically any man who loves showing off probably has a small penis. You know who you are.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016 10:56 AM

I can say the same thing about women as well. When a man has a big penis the women don't satisfy us we satisfy them. As a an African American man like your new man, unless you have an ass like j lo you will never satisfy us. Your African American beast feels the same way about you as you did about your husband I can promise you that bob. He just isn't saying anything. But trust he has a PHAT ass somewhere around and he will be dissing you the same way you dissed your husband. Him and another woman with a PHAT ass will be laughing at your skinny ass. I'm assuming your white because all white women who are with small dicks come running to us black dudes to fulfill what their weAK husbands can't provide. But you women do not please us we satisfy you. White women are just as weak as white men in the bed. White men have small dicks and white women have flat asses

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 10:57 AM

So don't think for one minute you got it like that because it sounds like your bragging just like you described how a man with a small penis brags

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 10:57 AM

That black man is playing you like the nba

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 11:12 AM

Lol at the guest above me and lol at the story teller. I'm a black man in his mid 30's and I do have to agree with the guest above me. You have no room to talk Bob because I guaruntee that to you new black boyfriend your not all that. I get what your saying tho bob sex is a huge part of relationship but you and this black dude ain't in no relationship he's just banging you and he's getting his he doesn't care about you. Most men even the ones with big cock are really only interested in pleasing themselves. I don't please women they please me. It's THEIR job to satisfy me. They will get there's all I have to do is shove 10 inches in them and they cum immediately. So until I fuck you there's nothing you can say to make me believe your flat ass got it like that in the bed room. Why don't you send us a pick so we can see how you look. Because another thing I can tell you about black men is that they will sleep with the UGLIEST white women so ain't much you really got going for you lady. I just think your insecure. Most white women that are with black men are either insecure about themselves, going thru some crazy phase or the black man has money and he's a meal ticket. So I'd say with you your insecure and going thru a phase

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 2:21 PM

Lol this is funny. OK time for a Puerto Rican  to respond. I'm 5'10  and 8" thick. I want a truck lifted high like you say. I just can't afford the gas. I only make a little  under 50,000 a year. Happy with my Honda😆 So that part is wrong. My black friend 6'7 always Braggs about the bitche's he is with and according  to one of  his whore he is over 10 easy and drives a hummer So that theory is wrong. I know women who left him because  he was to big. They call 8 or more cervix  killer😂. So black men your wrong not all women like that and won't cum.  But to the story teller. Man Bragg because  we like  to talk shit. When I play basketball  I got diarrhea  coming out the mouth to the point I believe I'm Man like big toys. Hummers, truck or big Lincoln  type shit. It's just how we are. We eat big, fart big and Bragg because we are competitive  in nature. So this is  bad advice. White man having  small dicks  well I don't know or care. By let's face it black man white women will do things black  and Spanish  women won't due and that's why we fuck them. Flat ass or no flat ass they are fun. I dare any black man say something different. Your not a meal ticket your his fun time.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 3:08 PM

That's not what those black men are saying. All of you are right Puerto Rican. The black men were simply saying she is in no position to talk about someone having a small penis because I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a PHAT ass or big tits. They simply saying black men prefer the j lo type bodies. Those xxl mag bitches because those women are built like brick houses where the story tellers body is built out of hay and straw. That's what the black people are pointing out. All black men and I mean all black men like myself will fuck a white women flat or not. But one thing I can also say is that she IS wrong black men brag and talk shit about sex and the size of their penis more then anyone so she is definitely wrong about everything she has said. The story tellers problem is that she's finally having good sex but the sex isn't 50/50. The majority of white women that I am with lay back and I do most of the work because black men love to fuck. We love to knock bitches heads off. So we basically drill females. But your all right. All my friends have big trucks and we brag about our size and the women we've smashed or even about to smash. The story teller just needs to get out more.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 4:15 PM
10 deep

 Yoon ricooooo! PuertoRico  is  my boy. I don't give a fuck I'll fuck anything  that looks good. And sorry  white bitch but I have a big truck           ( H-2 to be exact ) and a big dick. I got recordings  if you want to come over see them. You can be in my videos. Me and Rico can run a train on you. We'll call it an afro caribean shake. Hahahaha. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 4:31 PM

Hahahahaha all yall are hilarious. This is a dumb bitch yo. All men with big dicks brag is this chick serious. Does she really think that the black dude that she's with doesn't brag? Didn't she just brag about having and African beast? Lmaoooooo this chick is lost. 2 guests up is right she needs to get out more. She was with a tiny dick now she found a big dick and her head is spinning. Dont worry my niggas shes about to become what all white girls become once they get that big black dick and that's a slut. Black men always turn house wives into hoes. Its just what we do. And don't have that train without me. The more the merrier. Don't be selfish fellas she's a slut now so don't be trying to cuff this broad. Pass the BOB to the left

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 5:58 PM

Ha ha. You guys are right. She's just probably being used. It's funny she acts like race has anything to do with cock size. I'm white 6'7" 230# and 8" hung. I also drive a jacked up truck. So fuck off bitch. As far as taking a big cock the PuertoRican guy is right. Most women can barely handle what I'm packing. Sure it's fun to make them squeal. But if they honestly can't handle it.... Yeah not so much fun... 

Oh and FYI lady. Your ex husband is way better off. Laugh all you want but he's making good money from what you said so I'm sure he can find a dumb slut who's not such a size queen. 


Tuesday, August 16, 2016 6:23 PM

Well get it white boy lol

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 11:32 PM

Lmao.😂    You and my boy can enjoy  y'all selves on the train situation. This mofo  always trying  to do some crazy shit with women. Last thing I want to see is another man on the other end of the bed. Not my thing. By the way he get bitches like crazy but not because of his dick but the wallet he caries. If your in Tampa  fl feel free to join his stupid ass. 

Hey white boy slap  the story  teller with your dick for dissing  the race.lol3

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 1:37 AM
Jenny baby

  Hey PuertoRico. I live in tampa area also. And you are right all men Bragg . But I can tell you as a white women I prefer latino men. I found that Hispanic man would normally  be 6.5 to 8 in long but the thickness  is usually  alot thicker than any other race I have incounter. And I prefer the thick dick instead on the long cervical  killer. Black men are 7 to 9 but usually  don't have the thickness latino men have. And yeah the way they roll there R's in there language  helps alot in the licking dept. And in my opinion  so done get offended  black men they fuck better. But that's just experience.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 2:09 AM

     Black women here. Yall guys are in need of serious  help. Lol you guys are too silly. Jenny baby  I'm with you. I live in Miami and the men there are fine as hell. I married  a half Cuban and half Puerto  Rican  guy and he is my world. Nothing against  black guys it's just my preference. Beside they have been leaving ebony queens for white women anyway.  But I do agree latino men tend to be very  attentive  to our needs. They don't try to murder you with there penis like yall niggas who think it's ok to jack hammer  the hell out of a bitch. Yall ain't cute doing this shit. Latino men are ruff but in a sexy way.  I just finished  putting my husband  to sleep. Sucked his dick he came  I kept going until he fell asleep. Love watching  him lay naked with his caramello skin, abs moving while he sleeps. Fuck I'm horny I'm going to wake him up. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 2:32 AM

i like small penis just as much as I like big penis. It all good! You where just unhappy with your ex and your blaming it on his penis. I feel bad for the guy. I hope you didn't tell him that's why you left. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 3:34 AM

It's all preference. The story teller is right she's smoked out. She was high when she wrote this. She went from saying her husband was a good man and taking care of her to being half of a man. She's traded in her future for something she shouldve gotten out of her system in the past. I would bet her husband is at least 6 which is fine for me now because I've had black men white men Spanish men everything from 6-10 long before I got married. My husband is 7 at most and it is perfectly fine. It's not the size of the boat it's the motion in the ocean. As long as he knows how to use it. I've been with men 8 plus that can't fuck and I've been with 8 minus and had my world rocked. Yes ALLLLL men brag and so do women. The story teller is on here bragging her damn self talking bout she got a beast but I bet your not a beauty. You traded in your future for a bag of weed and a big dick that's only going to last for a short period of time. So its not that a man that brags has a small penis it's that a man that brags you can't trust. A man with a big dick is most likely going to share it and pass it around. Of course they are going to let everyone see it. I can't wait to hear what the story teller has to say after all these comments. FYI black men have done me the best. Spanish men are overly horny. White men are quick. Black men were the most passionate lovers for me. So it's more or less what you are into. No race is better then the other it's what your more attracted to. So to Jenny baby and lexus your just more attracted to Spanish men which is why you feel the way you feel where I'm more attracted to black men which is why I think they are better. I like being pounded and drilled.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021 11:16 AM
Haha these comments are a joke I'm an ex serviceman and lived and worked with plenty of bla k guys who had smallet disks than some white guys check out the list of coy tries that have the biggest average dicks
Tuesday, June 21, 2022 10:54 PM
Guys, this is the typical rant from a fugly 300 pounder who was dumped. You never see married chicks at the gym. Mostly newly single/dumped chicks. Ever think that he wasn’t interested because you are overweight and or are not pleasant in one way or another? If he’s working that many hours, he’s likely not making enough $$. The women men are with is usually a reflection of their wallet size. Then you have guys like your new boyfriend. Fulfilling a fetish or conquest. Likely all he can afford too and maybe has no game and is hunting the low hanging fruit. This is true majority of the time.

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