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I cheat my bf accidentally

I cheated on my boyfriend

Monday, August 14, 2017 3:17 AM by Inday Rating: +6|-16

Hi guys I need some advice bad comments and good comments towards on me I accept it.

I cheat my bf 7 months ago accidentally.. not even plan to cheat.. it just happend quickly .. our relation last year is kind of cold and hot.. I felt he is cold towards me.. and we have essue about txt .. he is not replying txt right away and some few reason I felt that he don't love me ..and I saw some stuff on his phone that leads me to think that he cheated on me... Last year he is not available but we work on it.. he work on it.. I just felt that I have no assurance what our relationship is.i love him so dearly..

When he cought me.. I felt so guilty and and dirty.. and I really sorry what I did about going with the guy in his hotel room.. but thing is it have never happen about anal sex or sexually emotion..

That day I felt revel on him because I was thinking he cheated on me..

And now he accept me back and we were together ..but we always have fight and argue because what happen on that 7 months ago.. ive been lying to him and change story's about what I did in that hotel room...but lately I told him the real story to him.. and now he not believing on me because I been lying to him so many times..and he wants me to say sorry and show him how sorry I am... And I willing to do that.. but I wanted to say that when he is not mention it or begging it .


I love him and scared to loose him...

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