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I feel terrible

I cheated on my husband

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 12:36 AM by Guest Rating: +53|-21

Hi, so 2 years ago  I found out my husband had a profile for cheating at a social media place for called Ashley Madison, it broke my heart because I hacked into his account and read everything, he was talking to a bucch of girls and slept with a few. So I created one for me in some sort of revenge IDK! Truth is I got a lot of married man texting me and wanting to meet me. So, in 7 years of marriage with two kids I never thought of cheating I never even saw other man besides my husband, but that day something changed. I have 2 kids and am 27 years old and always take care of myself for my husband so when I saw this I just couldn't believe it, the girls he was talking to were just not even half as good looking as me. Am not saying this in any form of being mean is just I work out a lot so I can have this body and it didn't make any sense. So, I met this guy, we made this huge click I was so into him but he is married too, he told me that his wife cheated on him so I felt like we had so much in common, we had sex a bunch of times for a year and I decided I was going to leave my husband about a year ago and just try to move on with my life because this wasn't something I wanted to keep doing but  our youngest son was recently diagnosed with autism. Now, we are so much better we are like a perfect couple but I feel so bad every time I hug him, I don't know if i should tell him the truth :( please help. It's been a year since I cheated on him but I still feel awful I know he did it to me too but i don't know if he'll forgive me. 


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Tuesday, April 25, 2017 11:08 AM

you are in a tough spot if you tell him the shit will hit the fan and will not be good for anybody but if you don't then it will eat away at you so I say for your son don't but for you yes but your a parent and I know that we sacrifice ourselfs for are children so its up to you.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 4:31 AM

Telling your husband is foolish, you'll only ruin your marriage. I accidently found out my wife cheated on me for over a year with my best friend. I loved my wife dearly. Our marriage wasn't perfect, but I never dreamed she could lie, cheat, and sneak around like she did for so long. I did my best to forgive her, but I could never trust her again. Eventually, after a few months, I left her. My so-called friend dumped her and went back to his own wife, who is in a wheelchair. She took him back because she had no other option. Four lives were ruined because of two selfish people. I'm sorry, but you made this mess. I strongly suggest you do your best to be the most loving wife on earth and keep this horrible secret to yourselfe and live with it, or you're going to ruin his life alon with yours.


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