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I fucked up

I cheated on my girlfriend

Sunday, June 12, 2016 5:55 PM by Paul jones Rating: +33|-25

This is about me at one point cheating on my gf... A few times.

i had just gotten out of a bad relationship (witch was my first) an was devestated from the fact that she had moved on so fast. Eventually I too moved on my new gf is 100 times more into me and loves me more then my ex ever my ex dident like that so much. She would constantly text me come to my job an literally beg for me to dump my new gf an give her another chance, I refused as she had fuck me over pretty bad.

well one day yet again she came to my job an wanted me to come to her car and smoke a cig, I would get hour long lunch breaks so i had time to just sit and chat.. we just talked for a wile I would try an steer the conversation into a more just friend kinda conversation. She then started to tell me how Horney she was, I would just change the topic. Until... She started talking about getting in the back seat, keep in mind I work at a very very busey general store but she was a pretty big how do I say this skank. I replied jokingly of course that there's no way I was having sex with her especially in a crowded parking lot, she then replied you don't even have to do any thing I'll just suck your dick. Instantly I was turned on, half because it's a bj an who does not want a bj and two my new current gf did not like to do oral so much... At all really ha I love my gf more then anything (this happend a couple months in are relationship) we are still together. But as I was saying. My ex (the slut) was a red head an just a full blown freak, thinking back even tho I thought that she was my first love, I think I was just In love with the sex. She was a horrible person. Well as she made me the offer to suck me off I was still on the no side but she was persistent an I knew she can suck a dick (from experience) an within a couple minutes I caved in... I sayed to her "if you want to but I don't want to here, she instantly turned her car on an took off she asked were would I like to go, and even tho her and I dated for about a year this was decently the most exciting thing I have done with her (sexually) so I was rock hard (witch I tryed to hide from her) but at the same time I was pretty nervous. For one I had never done anything out in the open (outside) and also of course I knew I was about to do something horrible but the trill I had building up in me was just to much to ignore. We drove around for a few minutes looking for a spot that wasent to  busey and we ended up just going to the parking lot of mine and hers old apartment were we both lived before we broke up. Neither me or her still lived there but she was just cock hungry an I was to nervousness to just pick a place so we just parked there. Once we parked she took of her seat belt an turn towards me an I was still feeling guilty but at the same time  the trill of the situation was to much for me to change my mind.. I asked her if she would promise not to tell my current gf, she smiled and said I will pinky promise you an even tho it seem like a way to just ruin my new relationship she to was also in a relationship in fact she had just gotten married!! Witch was another turn on for me.. After we wrapped pinkys she instantly went towards my zipper, unzipped me pulled out my cock witch was rock hard like never before an started sucking it like she was saving a life. She would deep throat me all the way like a pro, unfortunately a neighbor came out an looked straight at us so we took off only to go to a parking lot of a school only a min away she parked my cock stayed out the whole time and she turned towards me once again an sucked me off so fucking good, she's on the short side for height about 5'2 so she was fully bent over with her knees on the seat just sucking and deep throating me to the point were I stuck my hand down the back of her pants an shoved my fingers in her very very wet pussy at this point she was going faster and faster and moaning as if I was fucking her brains out with just two of my fingers, I was getting close to cumming so I put my other hand on the back of her head (with a bit of force) an I let her kno I was about to bust. She was the type of girl that did not mind cum at all so as I was about to pop she deep throat my cock to the fullest and I shot a massive load in the back of her throat.. She took it like a champ ha right after I let her kno I had to get back to work so she then drive me back. I felt horrible once I was away from her and the deed was done but at the same time thinking of what happen is one of my dark dark dark turn ons. After about an hour back at work I got a text from little mis bj queen thanking me for letting her suck me off, I joked about how much I came right down the back of her throat and she replied with telling me how good it taste an she can still taste it. The text turned from her telling me how much she enjoyed swallowing my cum to her crying to me about how she wished we coulda done more and  she wanted to do more then Just suck my cock, she kept going and going and at this point I was growing tierd and was ready to use this slut to my fullest (she reallllly fucked me over)  She only worked 2 mins away from were I was working so I told her To stop crying about this shit an that I will come to fuck the shit out of her in her works public bathroom. That turned into her picking me up after work an us now looking for a place to fuck we went down a long dirt road behind a strip club and just parked, we both climbed in the back of her car and she started to just get butt ass naked I looked down at her pussy as she was laying on her back, legs in the air wile she was pulling off her panties, the pussy I was in love with the pussy that I would go down on was now looking worn (for a 21 year old) so I did not go down on her. She was now fully undressed and climbed on top of me the feeling of her hand wrapped around my cock guiding it into her wanting pussy was driving me wiled she only got a couple trust with her on top until I grabed her an flipped her on her back and just started slamming that pussy like I was in a prize fight, the lust I had at the moment and the built up anger I had towards her from are relationship ending was all focuse into my dick drilling into her very wet pussy, her eyes started to look like she was enjoying but at the same time I could see a some pain in her eyes as they would widen and then close up tight as I would slam her pussy, when i started to feel the sensation to bust I told her she was going to let me nut in her mouth she agreed, I Gave her whore pussy a few more hard thrust an then pulled my cock out, she went to catch it in her mouth an as this was goin to b another larg load I started dribbling as soon as I pulled my cock out of her beat pussy and as soon as her mouth was opened an an she was close enough I grabed and slammed her head down gagging her with my cock and shooting my huge load straight down her throat once again she struggled with this load. After we were done we noticed a car coming down the road we were parked on (my luck)so we both hurried with are cloths or I should say tryed hahah she ended up driving away to a more clear spot to get all her cloths on. A few weeks later we were still texting not about any thing major, I asked if I could get a ride home from my buddies house it was snowing out, so she did come and pick me up she was dressed up pretty nice as this was around Christmas and she was most likely spending it with her family and new husband (who she thought I new nothing about ha) so I got in the car and bluntly brought up that we should deff have some holiday in car sex ha this time she actually tryed to steer me away from the topic and told me that she was in a hurry, more then likely trying to get back to her husband as soon as possible so he wouldn't ask any questions. I asked again in more of a "if you do it I'll break up with my gf way" and she still sayed she couldn't but she offered to suck me off right there.. That wasent good enough, I told her that wouldn't get me off an that I was needing some pussy bad she eventually caved in, I could see that she dident fully want to because of her u kno who was awaiting for his princes to arrive haha. We drove around an looked for the best spot to go I told her to park in the lot of a retirement home and sense it was snowing it would b less noticeable, we got in the back seat yet again and she told me that she did not want to fully get undressed because of  last times experience ha. I told her to just pull down her pants and bend over (I was craving some doggy style) so she did an I instantly shoved my cock I. Her moist pussy I knew she was on a time schedule as she did have to get back home to her family and husband, so I fucked her harder and faster then I ever had :) each thrust I slammed her with was followed by her head slamming into her car door.. I dident care, all I wanted was to use this dumb bitch like she had used me in the pass and send her to her man with a freshly pounded pussy that will be to sore for you to get seconds. I told her that I was about to nut and I wanted to blow it in her mouth again she responded with strain and a whimper "ok" but before I gave her the load in her mouth I gave her a good 10 more mins of her head slamming of the car door and then I gave her one more good slam were I then busted all up in her pussy but I still had enough to shoot into that lying whore mouth and right down her throat :) I kno she knew aside from her eating my load that she had it shot up in her pussy, she felt around her pussy to make sure but I busted in her balls deep so that cream pie won't be ready to come out till your safe at home with your hubby:). Soon after all this I decided enough was enough and I couldn't keep screwing over my girl just to fuck the brains out of my ex for vengeance so I told her (ex) it was all done, she of course flipped out and started telling me she could be pregnet :) I knew she wasent and I was right. So in the end do I regret cheating I do. But there's a part of me that loved using that petite slit of an ex of mine and then dropping her like the peice of dog shit she is :). Thanks for reading. Based of true story 100%. I have more stories and more of the skank ex :)

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Monday, June 13, 2016 7:38 AM

   Your a stupid ass. So you fucked your girlfriend  over to get revenge  on your ex. Stop fucking lieing. You fucked your ex because your a cheating  slim ball.

Monday, June 13, 2016 7:48 AM

you are a fucking asshole, regardless of you destroying your own relationship you are destroying a marriage. You should have told her husband what she was asking of you the moment she offered herself to you. You lost your victimhood the moment you agreed to have her suck you off. I hope she does get pregnant with your hild after the husband finds out what you have been doing so both of your s/os leave you two and you both end up miserably single or miserable together

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 4:26 AM
Samantha James

Slimy cheating lair, not judging you but what you did is just unfair and immature, just cos of revenge sex.. if you want to get lairs and cheats like this caught, i know a man that does anonymous investigation and all those techy stuff to catch your cheating partner, elkhanov9 @gmailcom; read about him on this blog too and he helped me, feel free to contact him.

Saturday, July 30, 2016 9:05 PM

You are a god dude xD lol

Friday, December 1, 2017 6:54 PM



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