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I Got Revenge

I cheated on my boyfriend

Friday, January 15, 2016 9:28 AM by GuestLola Rating: +15|-29

So I been with my boyfriend for 1 year and 2 months. We met at work and we both were instantly attracted to eachother. We would just kind of flirt with eachother. 

He always made me laugh and i loved his personality. One day he invited me to one of his parties at his house for his friend. Basically we both ended up drunk af. 

And ended up telling eachother how we feel. and we ended up having sex. The next morning we woke up and went to work. that day he took me out to lunch and told me he would like to get to know me more and maybe start things with me....So after that we were basically together as a couple. I would notice that he is a big flirt. A lot of girls would like him cause he was really funny and a chill guy. He said he doesn't realize he was a flirst is just came naturally. He got fired from the job maybe 5 months into the relationship..and i still work at the same place. Sooo...Maybe 9 months into our relationship things start to change. there is more arguments, he says he to busy to see me, he apparently is broke and has no money. but i always saw pictures of him and his friends out. so we went on and off. it was just bad. he would tell me he doesnt think we should see eachother for a while and shit like that. and we broke up twice but it was only like a week or 2 in between.. soo... long story short we worked things out and got back together. he said he was gonna change and he has...somewhat. i started hearing things from people at work about him and other girls. i caught him messaging with a girl that we both worked with at the same job. i got furiouse because i didn't know anything about it and we would give that girl a ride home sometimes. So basically he was messing with other girls in the relationship... i never cheated on him or ever even had the thought.. i was going to leave him but we both decided to start brand new. and forget about the past...but i couldnt forget about all the shit he had done to me making me look stupid. i wasn't happy but i loved him and wanted to be with this one night we had a christmas party at my job. one of the cooks in the back kitchen and me were a lil tipsy and all over didnt feel guilty at all. days passed and we kinda started seeing eachother after work and making out and touching eachother. i wanted to see what is was like. and it actully made me feel better to not be the only one looking stupid. i felt more in charge in the relationship. and honestly i feel more happy about it after i did it... Before all i would think about when i was with my bf was how could this piece of shit do all this shit to me...i just couldnt forget the past.  So I was just angry and went for it. now I know how easily cheating can be in any relationship. i had made out with the cook in the kitchen as he gave me a ride to my boyfriends mom's house and he had no idea. hes even somewhat friends with the cook. they used to work with eachother.. but i don't know what to do. I feel like i want more but it isnt right. My boyfriend really is the best and i do see a furture with him...I just don't know.

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Friday, January 15, 2016 10:41 PM

   so you sunk to your boyfriend level. You could've  been  the classy one but noooooooo. let some other guys dick in you because revenge is the way to start a future.  Noooooooo it's not wrong. hey read was it worth it on this site  and then ask the same question again. He deceive me I deceive him and that's a future  we can built together. you must have been top of your class.

Saturday, January 16, 2016 4:30 PM
jokes on you

     Hahaha women really think that by getting revenge it will some how even the playing feild. Quick story. I cheated. I know I was in the wrong blah blah. I was horny  and she denied me for a week. I needed it bad so I cheated. stupid yes. Don't  judge I know STD. ANYWAY. she found out and to get even she slept with a coworker. She got pregnant and had to leave the job because of the reputation  she got. Still to this day she is by her self living with mommy.  I would of married the girl if she remained true me. I know double  standard but life ain't  fair so grow up.  Now you enjoy  being vindictive and he will find  out. when he does you (like all women) will be the dirty slut in everyone's eye. Your man will still be that same great guy.  God thank you for making me a man.😉

Thursday, May 5, 2016 10:58 AM
No,the jokes on you

Thanks for proving to us that women always got the worst judgment when they cheated on their men even when they're the one who cheated first.I mean some d-bags tried very hard to convince everyone that men had it worse when they're caught cheating by society.But judging from your comment.I finally can comfirmed this is not the case.And yes I did cheated in revenge against my ex boyfriend and yes I was seen as a dirty slut.But I couldn;t care less because at least it allows me to move on while my ex still struggle to stay in a relationship with his current girlfriend (they both cheated on each other...hers is retaliation against his).

"Now you enjoy  being vindictive and he will find  out. when he does you (like all women) will be the dirty slut in everyone's eye."

Oh yes I am since I already was seen as a dirty slut(like all women) according to your claims. I didn't see why it is necessary to change anyone's perception.Either you respect or you don't.Take it or Leave it!!

"Your man will still be that same great guy.  God thank you for making me a man."

Keep telling yourself that.You sound just like my ex only that he always complained about hoes and goldogging whores.I mean the dog always goes after the bitch in heat.

 "I would of married the girl if she remained true me."

She dodge a bullet.


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