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I think my girlfriend cheated on me

My girlfriend cheated on me

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 9:34 AM by F.G. Rating: +12|-8

Please, give me your opinion, what should I do?

I suspect my girlfriend may have cheated on me. We are a late 30s couple, been dating for the past 6 months, our relationship is great, great sex, conversation, companionship, etc. She was very insistent that I moved in to live with her, so I did. Recently, she took a trip to Europe with a girlfriend, for 21 days, they travlled to several countries, we talked daily, and everything seemed to be fine, until she had a fight with her girlfriend and they parted ways, I supported her throughout this incident. Anyways, she went by herself to Cappadocia, Turkey, where she spent one day, and Instanbul. On the day she was in Cappadocia, my dog, 16 years old, who was very close to me, died, and I was feeling really sad. I sent her a message, she called me, we talked for about 15 minutes, then she said she had to hang up, because the friend she had a fight with wouldn´t let her stay in the same hotel in Instanbul and she had to schedule another hotel, transportation and so on for the next day. As she was hanging up, I overheard some guy talking to her, I sensed something was wrong, I immediatly sent her a message asking who was she talking too, she saw the message, but didn´t answer. That happened at 18h, Turkey time, I waited for hours until she get in touch again, until she called me again at 21h, again we talked for just 15 minutes, she was very seet, saying she was very sorry for my loss, wish she could be with me to be more supportive, etc. Then she said she had to hang up, because she was going out to have dinner with four other girls she had met at the hotel she was staying, and that she would call me when she got back. I waited, at 24:15 she sent me a message, didn´t call, saying for me to get in touch if I was online. I only saw the message 40 minutes late, so I sent her a message back, no reply, I only managed to talk to her the next day.


After that, I became very suspicious, so I found who was guiding her that day in Cappadocia, it was a young turkish guy(I called the hotel, they gave me all the information). I found this guy and got in touch with him, his English was really bad. Anyhow, he told me he guided her all day long in Cappadocia, he seemed synpathetic to me, because of the situation, my dog and all. He told me she lied about the dinner, that he, and he alone, took her out to dinner, and that he paid for everything, on the way back, they drank wine at the hotel, until about 1 AM. He swore to me that nothing more happened, that everything was strictly professional. I questioned the fact that she wasn´t paying for anything, he told me that it is a custom in Turkey, the man pays for everything.

I confronted her, and, without me saying I had talked to the guide, she confessed to having dinner only with him, but didn´t say anything about them drinking wine afterwards. She also swore she didn´t cheat. I confronted about her lying and told her about the wine, she also confessed, but said that was all, nothing else happened.

I asked why she did all that, she told me she was very afraid, because she was alone and Turkey is a muslim country, there were only men all over, and she got scared, so she welcomed the company of that guide, with whom she thought she would be safe. She said she would tell me everything, but, when I called telling her about my dog, and showing that I was suspicious, she felt that telling me all that over the phone would only make matters worse, so she lied, but she swore she had never cheated on me.

The guide also sent me some pictures he took of her in this place called the Valley of Love, where there are some big rocks formations shaped like dicks. There were two pictures of her, once pretending to be kissing one of those dick-shaped rocks, and the other one hugging it. I thought those pictures were very inadequate. I questioned her why didn´t she showed me those picutres, she told me that she took them as a joke, before talking to me on the phone and learning about my dog, she said she deleted them because she was short on memory in her cell(there were other pictures though). 

Both her and the turkish guide swear nothing happened, not even a kiss. She lied many times regarding this story, but the Turkish guide seemed somehow sincere(even though he tried not to tell me things at first).

Anyhow, I am really troubled over what to do, I really like her, but cheating is unacceptable.

What do you guys think?


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Saturday, August 13, 2016 6:59 PM

You are pyscho and need to let her have some fun. I'd cheat on you to if you acted that way. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016 4:29 AM

 Chick above me is a typical  whore.  Why lie. If she would have  told  you  the story the way the guy did it wouldn't  have been a problem. Why lie about something  so small. Red flags. She should  have called you back right away but didnt. Enough time to come up with a cover story. Just bounce and let her be. If she asks you why tell her her story does not make sense and you dont believe  her. Since a relationship  is base on trust and you don't  trust what happened  over seas there is no relationship. Why always  wonder. What reason did she give you to think she would  do something  like this? Ask yourself  that.

Monday, August 15, 2016 12:04 AM

Have to agree trust is essential and this thing could eat you up.

But ultimately its your choice but 6 months walking away could avoid heartache in the future. But it is really down to what your heart can handle


GL dude

Monday, August 15, 2016 12:07 AM

I agree with the second guest.  She lied to you about this, so she's capable and willing to lie to you about bigger issues.  This is why I say NEVER move in with the pussy.  When things go bad, as they are going here, you'll be set to move on without the hassle of finding a spot for yourself.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 9:19 AM

She didn´t really give much reason, she just said she was clumsy, didn´t know how to get out of the situation, but that she never, ever cheated on me.

I´ve just found out another lie, which happened right at the beginning of our relationship. It was carnival in Brazil, which lasts from friday to tuesday, we went out on saturday, I slept at her house, on monday and tuesday we were exchanging messages, I asked her what was she going to do during carnival, she told me she was going to work. Then, as we were talking tuesday on what to do on the weekend, she asked me to wait, and then was off-line. I was able to talk to her only on the following day, and she was talking naturally, said she was sorry, her cel run out of batteries the day before. Anyhow, later I found out that she had gone out tuesday night, I saw a picture of her and some co-workers at a place, drinking. As I confronted her, she admitted going out, said she drank a lot that day, and that one of her co-workers had to drive her home. Then, she told me she woke up, and the guy, a 20 year old, was sleeping right next to her, so she kicked him out of the bed. She claims nothing happened. One day, I found a conversation of her with this guy, she was calling him "amore"("love" in italian), and saying she missed him so much. There was nothing more on the conversation she even told the guy she now had a boyfriend. Anyways, I confronted her again,. she said she calls her friends like that, no big deal, then she went on to cry a lot, swearing she never cheated on me.

What do you guys think?

By the way, it is the same girl of the Turkey story.

Monday, September 12, 2016 12:49 PM

You will probably never know the full truth. Fortunately, you don't need to. Real life is not like criminal court where you need to prove what happened "beyond a reasonable doubt."  Instead, you can protect yourself based on reasonable suspicion. You know she has lied to you and her reason for doing so is very questionable.  Don't trust to fix this, just get out. 


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