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Saturday, April 8, 2017 5:50 PM by Guest Rating: +18|-8

Long Story here. Im bisexual and love to make your fantasy come true. Exactly what you want how you want. I like being submissive. I've always been a very sexual creature. Over developed early and pretty. Im a preachers kid so your either good or bad. I always pretended to be good while being bad at the same time. My first serious boyfriend in high school I met through Church was very tall and sweet and goofy. Jon and I were together for 4 years. We went as far as making out heavy petting and oral each others firsts through all that. I wanted to fuck him but he was too scared because I was his first girlfriend and he didnt want to get me pregnant. I broke up with him just before he graduated still virgins. At the same time since I started with Jon, I had the biggest lady bonner for my grade school music teacher. He was 23 when I was 13 but had a 16 year olds body. Nothing looks as good as forbidden fruit. He was married and had his first daughter shortly after we met. (Now he has two) He would call me JB for jail bait. We were friends and bonded but secretly wanted to fuck. Years of teasing each other. Ive always liked older men. Id make excuses to go to the church when i knew he was there practicing the organ alone for sundays service. We never did anything but kiss once. I also hugged him knowing i was pressing up on his swollen cock. He ended up getting a job closer to his home to work for his local PD. After Jon and I were done I fooled around with a bunch of guys just to test my oral on other cocks, all were seriously more than satisfied by me. It was just fun. I went to a religious college and met Phil. He had an 80's camero and was in to metal and smoking mj. I ended up smoking with him and making out on the hood of his car. Later that night I lost my virginity to him on an air mattress at his appartment off campus. Hardly ideal for my first but it worked for us. First year of college was all sex mj and music with Phil. One night we got two of my girlfriends over and we all made out and played with each other. I know i took advantage of them because i just always wanted to be with a girl too. One of those girls didnt talk to me for weeks, i appologized to her but we were never normal girlfriends again. I flunked out of the program i was in my first year, parents came to force me to come home so they could have their thumb over me. I was only 20 Phil and i were still together but while I was home I gave myself to Mike(40) Mark(20) Matt(30) and Ryan(23). Ryan was a good church friend of my family, he was a much enjoyed summer love. My parents still talk to him. One day I had 3 of them in one day. None aware of the others except Mike who liked to hear all the details of it all. Phil and i still skyping texting calling long distance love. He came to visit me once, the last time I saw him, we made love to each other multipal times over the three day visit. I really loved him. Saying goodbye i some how knew it would be the last time. I continued enjoying the trysts with my other guys, eventually I felt awful lying to everyone. I called Phil after being with Ryan, whom I was closet with, and confessed everything. He still loved me and wanted to be with me. I decided to tell my parents and confess everything because i felt like i was screwing up my life and they didnt even get mad it wasnt until i mentioned i got my own bank account that they couldnt oversee that my stepmom got mad. I felt too controlled by them and wanted to live my own life on my terms. I left home with two book bags filled with whatever i could carry. Phil helped buy me a plane ticket to go to my sister who lived upstate new york. I wanted to go back near the city (nyc) where i grew up and my sister helped me get to where i wanted to be. Eventually I got my own place. I worked two jobs smoke mj when i wanted and had trysts with whom i pleased. My coworker Adrian was my first threesome with two guys, it was soo much fun! Another coworker Juan was the most awful lay Ive ever had. All the while I had a crush on this guy Jason, he had a girlfriend. I asked Jason if he wanted to try a three way with me and his girl, he was not that kind of guy. He was a monogamist and commited, so we were just friends. Eventually I officially broke up with Phil, he still tried to convince me to be with him. he really really loved me, but I couldnt be me with him. It never felt like i would be with him forever. We still remained friends. I met this great guy who lived in Manhatten, Nick, he was a voyage and enjoyed doing it outside and walking in his appartment in the buff. We had a blast together. I made the mistake of telling him once before i went home I loved him, i knew that he didnt feel the same. Eventually we both knew it was over, i was seeing another guy more steady, Greg, and wanted to not cheat on him if he and i decided to become boyfriend girlfriend. The last time with Nick was amazing and sorrowful. Saying good buy was hard on both of us. All the while telling my friend Jason about everything that was going on. I started dating Greg, a film producer, he was a kind and fun person. He could offer security in the long run, but the sex was not satisfying, it was just fun. Once we did it in a foresty park while i bent over holding on to a tree, very hot. He would take me out to do fun things, saw stand up in the city. It still didnt feel right. Kept my friendship with Jason and realized talking to him was just amazing. He understood everything i wanted to say. One night i was done with work and went to hug Jason as i left and he asked if he could walk me home, it was literally two blocks away, but i wanted him to so he did. On that walk we could sense something in the air. That night i tried to find him online, didnt turn up much but still i tried. The next day all day i couldnt wait to see him. He came up to me at work and we talked a bit then he brought up how the previous evening, HE tried to find me online! I asked what time it was when he did and I told him how we literally looked each other up at the exact same time. We kept hanging out as friends because we were both in relationships with other people. It got to a point when we realized we needed to break up with our bf/gf and be together. Greg took it really hard, so did Jasons girl. Both these other people really felt they would be with us forever. Jason and I were right for each other, everything felt right. Hugging felt like he was specifically designed to hold me. The sex was the most satisfying thing ive ever experianced. He went down on me with the skill of a master and was the first to ever make me cum like that. I decided i wanted to be with him forever. He's 15 years older than me and lived a full life before me. He and his group of guys were in their prime in NYC in its prime. I get jelous of his stories from his youth. I love him. He is a monogamist so because of my desire to fufill his fantasy, i denied all others for him. He didnt drink, so i stopped and was probably the only person ever to deny free drinks on my 21st birthday. He andi are mj smokers exclusivly. He always wanted to have a baby girl and be a dad. I got pregnant for him. We misscarried after two weeks. Still I wanted to give him what he wanted so we kept trying. The moment that one girl sperm he was holding on to all those years left him and went inside me he told me, your pregnant, and its a girl. I didnt tell my parents until i was already 6 months along. The first time they met Jason was when our daughter was born. Jason and i got married in June, the baby was 6 months old and I was only 22. My parents now accept him as family. We dont really fight in our relationship because hes extremely smart and im submissive. I work at a diner which sends a wide variety of people my way. Some i like more than others. Some people i hate. Still I love my husband and feel like he is my destiny, yet i still think about having sex with everyone. Not all good looking people either just everyone i feel something for. Id never betray my husband ever but i do think of other people when we have sex to cum, but i also think of my husband too. He really really satisfys me. He understands me. He knows about my past and asks me ALL THE TIME if im cheating on him, i tell him no, because im not. Its all in my head. One day at the diner there were my three favorite eye candy guys (that i cum to all the time) at different parts of the day. I went home from work and literally raped my husband. I was so horny i came fucking him standing up in the bathroom, cumming while standing another first from him. That time i knew i was pregnant and it was a girl. Two girls 27 with 5 years of marrage under my belt, and constantly still think about cheating, but Im still not going to cheat.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017 12:01 AM




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