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In love with two men

I cheated on my husband

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 9:53 AM by Guest Rating: +36|-20

My husband is emotional unavailable through allot of our 39 year marriage. He has also I been working over 60 hours a week for over 20 years which means holidays, weekends and all special occasions except Christmas. I was physically assaulted by a friend of my husband's 25 years ago. I thought he's was my friend but, he was just after six and wanted a women to control and have power over. He was going through a divorce with his first wife. I do not know why I kept seeing him. I did suffer a emotional breakdown from the control and lower my first husband had over me. I was passive, submissive, pleasing and would have done anything to make my athlete husband happy. Yes, my husband was a celebrity in the California area.  To make a story short I feel in love with the man who p,has I ally assaulted me. Why would any human being fall in love with an evil person like my this man? DOES ANY ONE HAVE ANY COMMENTS?  NO NAME BECAUSE I AM ASHAMED! 

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Thursday, April 2, 2015 2:49 PM

I am so sorry to hear about your story. I know you are embarassed and ashamed, but I hope you don't mind me reaching out to you to try to offer some help. I am a tv producer in NYC, and I wanted to see if you might be interested in coming on a talk show in New York City that I am working on to talk about your issues and get some help and some counseling.  

Best wishes

Friday, May 15, 2015 10:29 AM
Mary Alice

I can understand how you feel. My husband, after five years, started working a lot of hours and was also on the road. i saw himv like 3 nights a week andbelieve me, after taking care of 3 kids all day, I was very lonely on those nights and sometimes cried myself to sleep just laying there just starved for a man's attention and warmth. Well, a few nights later, that feeling went away.

I had just put my girls to bed and fed our 1 year baby boy and had placed him in his crib when the door bell rang. A pleasant surprise as it turned out to be a working associate of my husband and who I met at the company Christmas party just a few monthys ago. Yes, it was at the my husband's Christmas Party at work and his name is Steve. I was taken back immediately as Steve and his girl friend had joined us at  the same table. Steve appeared to be very friendly with my husband Dan and I got along great with his girl friend Jamie. Well, I also got a long very well with Steve as my husband wassoon to become very intoxicated andverbally abussive to me as well, but since Dan was a perfect gentlemen he had Jamie move to another table and took me on thedancefloor. One dance led to another andannother and close dances got me close to him while even at times I could feel his hands sliding over my backside but I figured it was just casual and accidental.He kept me laughing with jokes and i neverr had a more pleasant time then with Steve at the party while Dan was soaked in liquor.


I opened the door and surprise. Why Dan, how nicetosee you. Come in and let me get you a beer. Dan is on the road again so I am sorry you wont be able to see him. That is OK Mary as I M REALLY GLAD TO SEE YOU AGAIN. Owe I am very gladto see you too. lets go in the den where it is more comfortable.In his joking way he said, You know mary, you look just assexy in that robe as you did in the sexy dress at the christmas party. Blushing I said You are so full of compliments.   We sat on thecouch about 2 feet apart and Steve started taling about the christmas party and how sexy i looked. Yes Mary you lookedgreat. You have a great body and I only wish I could have been with you instead of Jamie. Why Jamie was so pretty what happened. She was actually not my girl friend but she is my friend's wife who just happened to be alone due to her husband's hospitalization and I thought a night out would do her good. But tell me how are you and Dan doing. Well you know,  he is hardly ever home and, before Icould finish my statement Steve had his armsaround me pulling meclose and tight up against his body while planting his lips on mine and all I could feel was his tongue penetrating my mouth while his arms kept squeezing around me. I was starting to tremble and his presence was working me up and for the first time in so long feeling so sexually aroused as his tongue kept penetrating my throat and soon was licking my cheeks andrunning down my neck and then moving into each ear making me get more and more aroused. Owe Mary you are so beautiful and with that I FELL CLOSERTO HIM AND STARTED TO RETURN HIS KISSES BY PENETRATING MY TONGUE IN HIS MOUTH. Stee was making mefeel asa woman and feeling wanted and appreciated. His tonjgue is nmow licking down my neck and abobe my breast line which as the top button of my robe became un done and leaving cleavaGE EXPOSED. I am not wearing abra and it made it eazy for Steve to run his mouth down and capture my left breast nipple in his mouth where I couldfeel his teeth biting on it causing it to harden and erect. His hand is now grabbing my right brast andwith hjis two fingers issqueezing that nipple as well. owe Mary you look so wonderful andfeel so great as his hand now slowly moves up my leg and reaches the seam of my silk pink panties sliding a fingerbetween the elastic and my leg finding the pubic hair of my vagina and running a thumb over my clit which is now driving me craZY AND GIVING ME AFEELINMG i HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED. dAN ALWAYS HURT ME WHEN GOING THERE BUT sTEVE ISSO GENBTLE AND i NOW FEEL HIS TONGUE AFTERSLIDING MY PANTIES TO THE FLOOR PENETRATING MY VAGINA causing me to moan and almost scream in pleasure and where I have never done to any man even my husband Iam grabbing his hard member under his slacks and with the look of un belief that i was the one to grab him and not have my hand led there as is thecase with my huysband. i soon find myself sliding hius zipper down and feeling my hand into his pants grabbing his very hard meat and to my surprise finding it so much longer andthickerthen Dan's i am excitedasI never been before and alwatys un willing to do anythingbut conventioal sexI am bringing my head down to his lap and licking the lengtrh of his member runnming my tongue back andforth andfinally after  several minutes of sliding my ton gue along his meat I pull it into my mouth andstart deep throating it back and forth while hearing Steve moan and be so excited. Icant imagine myselfgiving such pleasure to a man but going against my mother's advise Iam giving my first blow job and loving it. Loving Stevfe's length andgirth as It is at least 8 to 9 inches with a 3 to 4 inch girth. I soon find my cheeks and lips coated in white jizz asI let it run down my throat andenjoy its flavor. Steve now has slipped off my robe revealing my 36C cups and although my hair is blond i have natural brown pubic hair surrounding my vagina where he is penetrating me with his finger and rubbing my back side with his other hand. My butt is about 38 to 39 so with a 36C breast I do have anatural pear shape. My legs are thick atr the thigh and slim at the calve and lying naked on my back he is running his tongue all over me driving me wild causing me to maon and get so excited but as he is now running his long member of meat up and down my bodyi am so excited and not preparedfind his shaft pushing so gently but forcefully through my very tight vagina. I hear him say my gog baby are you nice andtight, that no good hubby of yours must have no more than a pencil between his legs. And then with a hugethrust Ifeel hisentire shaft just run up into my canal asI squeeze androtate my body in his rythym Icanfeel his shaft squirting a huge flow of cum deep into my bellyOwe God You are so hugggggggggggggggggge owe myyyyyyyyyyyyy owe owe OWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OWE OWEAFTER SOME MORE MOVEMENT i FEEL HIS BIG THING EXPAND TO FULL SIZE AND SQUIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTT AGAIN DROWNING MY VAGINA in so much cum and my own fluid ekeeps shooting as well I am becoming so petrified that I may be atthewrong time of month and perhaps pregnant with another man's baby. Before I can start to cry I feel Steve pulling out of me and pushing me over onto my stomack. Steve what are going to do, Just what I have alwayswanted to deo baby since Isaw you at the christmas party with your wimpy husband, andthat isfuck that great ass of yours. Owe no bno please
Steve no you aresuch a nice mannnnnnnnnnnn as Iam trying to reason he has me on my knees anddirectly behind meYes baby you got a great big ass and Iam finally going to fuck it. Owe don't say that shut up bitch I can't believe Steve can talk to me thisway and within secondsI fel his huge thingy pushing against my ass opening .,Wow baby you are more tight back here then in your cunt. His member now pushes and slammmmmmmmmmmmmmssssssssss half way into me andwith another push theentire thing is deep into my butt while he jerksdback andforth and after about 10 strokesIfeel him unload the biggest shot of cum of the night. I feel cum ooooooozing out of my crack and sliding over my buns as he pulls out . Baby you got adeep but very tight ass hole I cant believe you just didthat I thought you loved me. I do baby I do I love your tight cunjt, your juicy red lips which gavemethebest blow jobof my life andi really love your real tight asswhich gave me the best fuck of my life. And what isbetter I got what Dan has never gotten from you and in his house on his couch but what isbetteriam going to fuck you in his own bedas well. Owe no owe no He grabs my naked body dripping with his jizzandthrows me over his shoulder. He carriesme up to my bedroom aand after reaching our bed just drops me on the queen size bed. After gettingnbehind me again and kissing me on theearsandback of the neck while also sucking my breastsand chewing my nipples I find myseld so arousedagain and open to any adfvancesfro mthis good looking muscular guy inanyway he wants. I feel his huge thing push in and deep into my cunjt and after kisses on back of my neck and back Ifeel his jizzshooting all through me.


although he ended up on therough side he made mefeel like a woman and even paid a few more visits over the year. WellI was lucky asI did not get pregnant by Steve that night but a few months latyer Idid and our secondson lookd like me so Dan will never know.DSteve was and is a great hee man and lover anddd real stud  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 3:23 PM

In all honesty I think you are just confused. You feel neglected that your husbud is absent from much of your life. It's hard to deal with that and to make up for it you're beeing emotinally hurt from someone who is just simply taking advantage of you. I think you should reflect on wether or not these "feelings" you have developed for somoen who  sexually ASSULTED you are real or not. I hope eveything goes well for you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 11:39 AM

Mary Alice


You should be ashamed of yourself.  Your husband is out there trying to take care of his family and you're cheating on him with his coworker?  Your poor husband might not recover from this, and now he has to raise another mans baby.  Unvelievable...

Monday, August 17, 2015 8:23 AM

I think its just another fairy tale,....fake...


Sunday, September 27, 2015 6:55 PM

You have been through a lot and your behavior is self destructive. You need professional help. Find a decent therapist. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 4:51 AM

I think this story is fake. You're probably a middle-aged man who has problems get than erection. You almost certainly have a very small dick, and your wife only lets you have sex with her a few times a year. When you beat off, you fantasize about her behaving like a slut with other men. You decided to write down one of your masturbation fantasies to share with us. I'd give it a score of 3 out of 10. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 4:54 AM

Clearly a made up story. Way too much detail to be anything other than a fantasy. 


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