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Is he really that oblivious?

I cheated on my boyfriend

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 3:38 PM by Heidi 26 Rating: +366|-216

So a few months ago I got a promotion at work and one of the guys training me for my new job kept talking about how frustrated he was in his relationship. Trying not to get dragged into things, I would always offer a response about how happy I am in mine. I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 4 years - I have a 10 year old son from a previous relationship and my boyfriend has been an amazing father figure. My boyfriend is also quite adept at providing well for us and the only reason I even work is so that I can still feel independant and not like I rely on him for everything.

So as it turns out, after months of listening to my trainer's complaints and offering positive advice, I actually started to find myself feeling sorry for him - and burdened to help him. I started telling him that he's a great guy and will get through this. I let him text me after work and work respond in kind - just casual support and light flirting. Well, this eventually grew into heavy flirting and us going out after work.

For the last two weeks, whle my boyfriend picks my son up from school, cleans the house and gets dinner ready, I have been going out to bars, clubs and restaurants with my trainer - full on dates, in fact. We laugh, we make out, we drink and then go home - nothing more. Sometimes my boyfriend asks where I am at, and I tell him honestly "at a restaurant" or "getting drinks". He might ask, with friends or for work and I tell him with my boss and he lets it be.

Things seemed like it was all good fun until it got a little more heated this Monday. I was out having drinks with my trainer and I noticed a text from my boyfriend saying he was running to the store to get supplies for a school project he was working on with my son. It was about 6pm and I told him that I would be home soon. He said to take my time because this was going to be an all night thing, going to different stores for the stuff they needed. When my trainer asked what was going on, I told him and he asked if we could go back to my place. For whatever reason, I agreed and he came home with me.

When we pulled up to my house, I saw my boyfriend's car was out front and I started to panic. But since my trainer just pulled up and parked behind me, I felt pressured to at least stop in and make introductions, so as not to appear suspicious. We went inside and I called out to my family from the hall saying I was home. They yelled down the hall that they were putting something together and would be out in a few minutes when they finished.

Hearing this, my trainer started kissing my neck and feeling me up. It was only moments before I was too turned on to think. He sat on the couch in the living room and I started giving him a blowjob right there in the open. Within minutes he came in my mouth and as he was zipping up, I heard my family coming out of the room. Praying that my hair and clothes weren't too messed up, they came around the corner together. As my son ran over and hugged me, my boyfriend leaned in for a kiss. Just before he made contact, he noticed the man on the couch and instead kissed my lips lightly before saying hello.

I introduced them and my boyfriend apologized, saying that he couldn't stick around and visit, because they had so much work left to finish on the project. I made a face of regret and was about to explain that my trainer was just leaving, when my son said they were going out to the store again for more supplies. My boyfriend gave another quick kiss and explained they would be back before long.

I couldn't believe it, but now I was home with my trainer, the house to ourselves and so turned on. We went back to the bedroom when we immediately started making out and stripping down. We made love in a dozen different positions and I couldn't believe how turned on I was. I kept begging for more and screaming every time I came. He asked me to tell him how I wanted it and to beg him to finish in me. I can't remember the last time I said such dirty things and I was loving every minute of it. I screamed for him to cum inside me and he was more than happy to do so.

As we lay back on the bed, I realized almost a full hour had passed and I rushed to get dressed again. We hurried to get our clothes back on and make the bed back to how it was. As I was rushing him out the door and he ran to his car, it was only then I realized that his car was blocking the driveway and my boyfriend and son never left. My heart sank like never before and I wanted to explode into tears and dissapear. All I could thinkg about was everything I said - everything they heard!

I went back down the hall with weak knees and entered my son's room to find them both in there - none the wiser to my actions. They were on my boyfriend's laptop watching some science show with headphones on. I called to them, but neither even acknowledge my voice. I tapped my boyfriend's shoulder and he said they couldn't leave because they were blocked in, so they came online to find a different approach. I asked why he didn't just tell me he needed the cars moved and his only reply was he didn't want to interrupt my meeting with my boss.

I told him we were finished for the night and he helped get my son ready for bed. We met back in the bedroom that night and he questioned how much longer this was going to go on for. I felt like he knew everything, but I still asked what. He said the training - how long until I got back to regular hours again because he was missing me. I told him a few more weeks and that everything was going good. I told him not to miss me and that I would always be here for him every night at bedtime.

I still felt like I should say something about what happened, but my boyrfriend didn't seem to have a clue. I figured the only way was to make it still more obvious. So I seduced him, right there in the same bed in which I was cheating on him not even an hour ago. We made out, he went down on me and we made love - and not once did he say or do anything to let on that he knew. Either my boyfriend is extremely forgiving and just wanted to move past this, or he really didn't suspect a thing.

I know I have to come clean and tell him - but will he admit to already knowing, or will it break his heart? Any suggestions on how to come clean with my boyfriend? I already know what I did was wrong - I just don't know how to tell him what he deserves to know.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016 3:57 PM

so while you're boyfriend was handling YOUR responsibility, you were cheating on him.  Wow, please kill yourself, dumb whore.

Thursday, April 14, 2016 4:03 PM

Tell him, he doesn't deserve it, you'd want him to tell you, and be sure to check if you're prego, if you, are abort .it

Thursday, April 14, 2016 10:24 PM

if you do tell him (and I think you should), both of you should get tested for std's.

Friday, April 15, 2016 12:13 AM

This was hot! Please continue cheating!

Friday, April 15, 2016 2:35 PM

This story is absolutely heartbreaking, how can you be so cruel and stupid? Exactly what kind of advice are you hoping to find? The way you write suggests you're a pretty rational individual, which makes your actions even worse. If you do tell your boyfriend, I hope he leaves you, because I've never really understood how trust can be a matter of negotiation like so many here seem to think. Once gone, it has to be earned all over again.

Friday, April 15, 2016 11:07 PM

He knows you dumb whore! Why do think they a had headphones on

Saturday, April 16, 2016 1:15 PM
Dr. Pain

Wow, what a story, I find it hard to believe you not only sucked this guys cock but you also fucked in your bedroom while your family was still in the house. Are you that stupid as to not watch and wait for them to leave? You had the car blocked in? Did you want to get caught, you show absolutely no responcibility to this great guy who loves your kid and treats you like a princess. You started with this guy cause you felt sorry for him? He is playing you like a stupid tramp and if that time comes when you are single....he will move on to the next bimbo and give her the same story. Incredibly stupid you are.

Saturday, April 16, 2016 6:37 PM

Wow sounds like your boyfriend is an amazing man. He deserves better. You are repulsive. You should tell him and if he doesn't dump you, you should let him go. He should get custody of your son too. 

Monday, April 18, 2016 3:02 AM

Bullshit story.

Monday, April 18, 2016 1:02 PM

Wow... You are one filthy, dirty, disgusting, low-class slut. You can't even take care of your own kid or make a decent amount of money to support your boyfriend. I hope you burn in hell for eternity you waste to society and I bet you never exercise either (other than sex). Better break it off with your boyfriend and go collect your government check and get your six cats and alcohol you subhuman scum. You people are so sick...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 6:09 AM



Just to let you know, anytime you offer out a response (help wise),  thats a "red flag"..  Don't ever talk about your relationship, whether it's good or bad, with any other guy. That just opens up a door.  Any "SMART" loyal woman will never let that door, be open with the exception of her man.  So to me, I think you should be thankful and grateful because, your boyfriend actually sounds like a good guy... but it sounds like this story, is going to have a turn for the worse. that's just wrong!


《Poster:  "I actually started to find myself feeling sorry for him - and burdened to help him."》


Wow... can we say Superwoman to the rescue? Listen any smart loyal woman wouldn't get herself in this predicament.  And you let him text you?  Tell me, do... you... feel.... that.... guilt...? Anytime those texts (to you), are sent from him? Come on! Think!  Ok, what if your boyfriend, was talking (advising), another girl, in the same manner as you're doing with your co-worker? Now what? Reality check...


《Poster:  "Well, this eventually grew into heavy flirting and us going out after work"》


what I don't understand, is you talked highly of your boyfriend from the start of the story.. How does it end up like this?  why are you opening up a door?... (karma!), Your so wrong!  Your boyfriend is actually a good guy!!  How can you do this to him? You should be very grateful you have a man like him, especially when he takes care (loves), your son.   Look, that's not easy letting  a man come into your life. Introducing them (any man), to your son.  Listen, it sounds like he has a good relationship (loving), with your son.  I don't know what you're thinking, but you're being very selfish!


《Poster:  We laugh, we make out, we drink and then go home - nothing more.》


This is easy!!  There's nothing to explain, your cheating!!  And your lying!! Stop trying to convince yourself, 

that "..HONESTLY.." you're not!!  To top it off,  he (bf), is  working on a project...  with...  your...  son...  "don't you feel that guilt?"  You know what? I was your boyfriend (at one time), and your story is now pissing me off, because it's  not easy, to find nice guys like us.  To me, because I've been in his place, in this kind of scenario thats occurring (cheating wise), within your life.... and....  he cares for your son. To me!!  You're taking advantage of him and that's got to stop... (( I won't be name-dropping at you like others here))


Poster:  "he asked if we could go back to my place"


Okay, why would you even think about doing this? Are you serious? Jeopardizing your relationship with him, plus the relationship he (BF), has with your son, is it worth it?  Come on!!  Listen, when you pulled up and you saw your BF's car, you panic, really?  Naw, that's call heavy guilt. Don't try to fool yourself, that's worst! 


《make introductions? appear suspicious?》 


there's two ways of looking at this. 1. I hope your BF is not that dumb?  Clearly, he has to be suspicious? 2.  Now,  by you doing this...  and if he is, (hopefully he's not) dumb... you're just making it worst.  if by chance he finds out about this cheating, that you're doing. Do you know how bad he's going to feel? Knowing that you introduced him, to this guy at one point? Not only betrayal, but in fact you made him look stupid!  You knowing all this time, that you've been messing with him (the trainer), and again, the fact that you introduced them to each other? You're in for a rude awakening little girl... Especially, when the shit hits the fan! and frankly.... you..

 deserve it...


《"We went inside, he started kissing my neck and feeling me up, then I gave him a BJ"》


No Comment... I choose not to post any more advice... you don't deserve it... 


Come clean and divorce him. Your kind of people (cheating, rubbing it in.. the family’s face), you're going to end up alone.  Why?  because my significant other, that cheated on me... is alone.

 as of today.  Good luck.. your story did start off good, but now I choose not to comment on it anymore....

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 10:20 AM

This is the craziest story I have ever read. Damnnnn you a savage level 100. My heart was beating like crazy the whole time

Sunday, May 1, 2016 6:48 PM

Do any of you  actually think this is a true story? Geez.

Sunday, June 26, 2016 11:08 PM

Stupid whore. If this is even real u should kill yourself. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016 10:29 AM

You are a stupid bitch and don't deserve a family, you should go kill yourself, you fucking slut

Thursday, July 21, 2016 1:12 AM

Spread your legs and ruined a perfectly good thing, didn't you?  You found a guy who wants to build a lasting relationship with you, and your son, and you pull something like this?  You are one royally fucked in the head individual.  When your "boyfriend" told you that he didn't want to disturb your meeting with your boss, that was your cue that he already knew what was going on.  And that light kiss on the lips was a ballsy move to confirm it.  You didn't have time to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth out before he walked into the room, did you?  Now, he's just giving you enough rope to hang yourself.  And you've already done that ten-fold.  Unless he's an insanely forgiving individual, or a total wuss, he's going to dump your butt.  And your son is going to hate you for a long time for the loss of the only positive parental figure in his life.

Friday, August 5, 2016 10:56 AM

You're a piece of shit. You're the reason single mothers have trouble finding solid relationships. I hope you die in a fire

Friday, September 2, 2016 4:55 AM

You are a total shit brick.  And equally worthless as a parent.  I'm sitting here wondering if you cheated your son of his father as well.

Saturday, September 10, 2016 11:53 AM

Kill yourself

Sunday, September 18, 2016 11:51 AM

We all make mistakes just be honest that's the minimum you owe him 

Sunday, December 25, 2016 9:21 AM

I hope you kill yourself

Saturday, April 1, 2017 9:34 PM

i think that you just cuckolded him and that you should continue

Sunday, May 27, 2018 9:35 PM

you are an absoulute disgrace. how can u cheat ur famiy like that


Tuesday, November 27, 2018 1:44 AM

Question: why are you on here asking for advice, when you know all your going to do is be criticised. 

You need to come clean and break up with your boyfriend. Cause your less then smart and if you let him and he stays the relationship will never be the same. Which means it isn’t worth it. You better move on as a single women forget dating and actually go back to being a mother to your kid. 

Your also going to break your sons heart. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 8:55 PM

@Heidi 26


just wow you are a selfish bitch, you had a perfectly good thing with you who wanted a life with you but oh no you couldn't be faithful at all could you. You just had to spread your legs in the same house with your children and boyfriend and fuck someone. You are the type of individual who makes it really difficult for single mothers to actually find someone. You should tell your boyfriend what you did even if it breaks his heart, though of course I'm sure he already knows. Then you should accept his decision to leave you if he decides to and then you should get checked for an STD. Has it ever occured to you that he was using the sympathy card like most guys do to get a girl to spread her legs or are you that stupid


@Guest who says finds it hard to believe that she fucked some guy in the house with the boyfriend and children in the house. Actually it does happen you want to know why, cause I as a guy fucked a wife in the same house while husband and kids was in another room.


@Guest who said bullshit story, it isn't a bullshit story cauase guess what this sort of thing happens all the time


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