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Is it Cheating if He Said OK?

I cheated on my husband

Thursday, December 15, 2016 3:18 AM by Barbie Rating: +94|-21

I'm Barbara and I have been very happily and securely married for 31 terriffic years. as I asked, I'm not sure if it's "cheating" if my husband knows and is OK with my occasional pecadillo when I'm traveling on business. The one that really meant much and I have kept with me as my private memory and secret masturbation fantasy, happened in 2014 in Orange County, California. I was meeting a group of people with whom I've maintained a business connection and somewhete of a friendship ever since I went to work for athe largest informations systems operator and vendor in the county in 2011.

It was a Christmas party which if you have ever been to Orange County, you know as the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. Our company had chartered a boat in the parade. The 90 minute cruise was a precursor to dinner afterward at the Pelican Hill Resort. I'd never been to either one. During the parade I talked with lots of people but after about 45 minutes I was sitting in a chair outside pretty much bored out of my mind. I didn't want to drink too much because I had to drive afterward. A nice guy who was definitely not my type sat down next to me and we started talking. My husband is in law enforcement and coincidentally, his wife worked for the District Attorneys Office. Mine just didn't want to go and his was working on case preparation.

I was a bit surprised that I was actually focusing on his every word and asked him questions to keep the conversation going. Shortly before we docked he asked if I'd sit with him during dinner so he wasn't stuck next to anyone who he'd rather avoid. That was fine with me and I did not think one thing about him after leaving the boat and while driving to the hotel. When I got there I was talking with two people from my office, deeply engrossed in one-another's stories about work. About 30 minutes later I saw Mike (not his real name) walk into the reception hall and I could tell he was looking for someone specific because he was just giving polite waves to everyine who said hello. I decided to walk over to him and whe our eyes locked he looked very relieved and I thought to myself, "Uh oh. not supposed to feel like this."

We chatted over drinks where I made a point of showing him photos of my husband in his nice blue uniform with our three daughters. He showed his family and I was almost knocked off mt self-esteem confidence riser. His wife was gorgeous and his kids looked like models. Over dinner we talked and he threw out a sexual innuendo and a joke to which I responded that unlike so mamny women who tell little white lies to protect their guy's feelings, I was right up front with, "Yes, size does matter. Girth over length, but still at least 7" minimum with enough girth that if I could not close my hand around it, it was perfect. He asked, "So I assume your husband is just perfect andmeets your expectations." I told him the truth, "Oh yeah! He was my first everything and I've had some fun times with his closest and most trusted friends, most of whom were close enough but not anything I'd ever say was bigger or beter than he is." mike paused and said, "Shit, now I'm not sure how to feel." i just laughed and said, "If something happened, believe me, it would be because he had more than enough to make me take that leap."

After dinner we walked around what the resort called "The Colosseum" area where once we reached a nice view and some privacy, we both moved in and collided in a kiss. we laughed and apologized to one-another and then went back to it. Right in the middle of a very passionate tongue dancing kiss, my telephone started buzzing. Yup, it was my husband telling me he was working overtime to cover a 4 hour open shift. I replied, "See you at home as soon as possible right?" He said, "For you, always."  I felt a tug in my tummy and  told Mike it had been my husband. He was so polite about it offering, "Let me get you back to the dining hall so you can get going on time." I started shaking and replied, "I'll be fine. I feel like a high schooler with the captain of the football team." Like I said, he was 180 degrees from what has always been my type. i'm 5-10 and he was barely 5-8 so I'd normally not even give him a second glance. his combover was distracting and his kisses were not exactly a magnet for my mouth, but I think it was just a collision of perfect time,place and circumstances.

He pushed me backward against the raiing and we kissed non-stop for at least 5 minutes. I was waiting for him to make the typical guy move and brush or squeeze my boobs, but he steered clear and cupped my face with his hands. As I pulled him toward me with my arms around his waist I could feel the distinct lump of an erect cock poking my hip. I reached down, felt it and asked him, "Oh, is this for someone inparticular?" He said, "for you if you want it." I didn't want to chance someone I worked with seeing me/us so I tried to ease out of it; but he interrupted me saying, "The only reason we got in here is because I have a room in this section." I laughed mentioning how he had obviously planned for more than I did, much sooner than even occurred to me. We walked to his room where he was such a gentleman for 38 years old compared to what I've grown used to at 53! He stopped at the door and said, "I don't want you coming in here if you have any hesitation or you know it will distract you or hurt your feelings sometime." I kissed him and said, "No, I'm a big girl. I'll be fine. My husband understands I have a particular proclivity for giving head without feeling I have to rush and anything else is my choice too." No turning back now I guess, he said, as he opened the door and I stepped inside.

The first thing I said was less than romantic: "Pardon me but I have to use the potty." He said to take my time, don't get nervous and if I wanted to I could fill the tub with its 6 jets it filled in 3 minutes. For some reason that made me feel uneasy because it would give me too much time to think ha ha. By the time I returned to the main room I has dropped my panty hose and underwear on a chair next to the bathroom. I could feel I was already quite wet just because of thoughts and circumstances! As I turned the corner, I saw Mike was completely naked on the bed resting on his left elbow. he quickly broke the ice saying, "Just like on how I met You Mother; Naked Man!" That made me burst out laughing. He had a beautifully erect cock that was so hard it was shaking as if it was straining against itself. There was no reason to even talk! I flopped onto the bed on my tummy and took him deep in my mouth and just let it marinate in there in the warmth of my body heat. He finally laid back on a pillow with his eyes closed and I began doing what I enjoy and do best. my husband has always referred to it as "My Specialty and Favorite Tool." There was no talking, just the sound of the wetness of my mouth around his cock and me moving up and down. For some reason I thought to myself and fantasized I was sucking off another work associate I call Christian Guy. I'll probably go to hell if it ever happens with him no matter how much I want it to!

I kept my eyes closed too and I floated in a sea of blackness with occasional shooting stars whizzing by. I have never been able to take any guy down my throat but I tried with Mike so much I gagged many times and started to feel like I beter stop before ruining things! I was tracking time from the music outside by the pool so I knew I'd been sucking Mike for at least 30 minutes. So long, in fact, Mike felt the need to apologize, "I'm sorry it's taking so long. It must be the drinks." I stopped long enough to say, "Don't worry. Enjoy it and not another sound until I hear and feel you're gonna cum and let me take it all." He smiled and closed his eyes.  Mike had somehow known that I like a little pubic hair above a guy's cock because I love big boys, and his shaft and sack were perfectly smooth, just the way I like it! It was about 20 minutes later that I felt his cock twitch and I could feel is heartbeat as I gently squeezed his balls. I sucked as deep as I could and followed up with my hand as an extension of my mouth; up and down. That's part of why I say size does matter, no matter how much women and magazines lie about it. He started to have tummy spasms and followed them with deep breathy, "Oh yeah, that feels great! Oh Yeah!"  He turned me on because like my husband, he had sweet pre-cum flowing out enough that I swallowed twice! Then came the last hold-out grunts and  the typical of most guys, "Oh yeah. Oh shit! Oh Shit!" followed by a grunt and  his first cumshot popped so deep into my throat it went down the wrong tube nearly causing me to gag and cough. i controlled it by swallowing as he pumped it out until like a typical guy he said, "Oh my gawd! Thank you" and then pushing my forehead squealing, "No no no, it's too sensitive. Sorry!" I slipped my mouth off it and said, "More?" He said, "No thank you right now. You'd be trying to kill me!" Those boys and the same lines from all of them!

I moved up to kiss him but I could tell Mike was like most guys and I could tell he wanted me totake a drink of something before I kissed him. I wasn't offended. Even my husband was that way for the first few times. I took a drink of a 7-up on ice next to the bed and looked at Mike staring at the ceiling and still breathing hard. I laid in the crook of his arm and was not even concerned whether or not he was going to reiprocate or want something more. I'd had a blast! Just as I let out a breath and closed my eyes, I felt him shift onto his side and he kissed me again. Then he said something that betrayed his self esteem issue. He broke our gaze and looked across the room as he said, "I can't believe I'm here with a girl as beautiful as you. I know there were several guys during drinks who knew you and said you were the out of reach married type. Apparently they all offered their contribution of what they'd do if they ever got me naked in bed. "Why me of all those very handsome and rich guys?" I told him the truth. I said, "I didn't even pay attention to them. I was surprised you even talked to me." The lessons guys is unless you take a chance and risk getting shot down, you will usually go home alone or get nothing!

As he began kissing me again he unbuttoned the sleeves and the the bodice of my dress. I lifted my hips and helped him slide it down. He said, "I thought you were wearing nylons. My mistake." I didnt tell him. I sat up to allow him to unsnap my bra but you girls reading this know, I had to help him open the clasp. my mom boobs fell free which felt good in itself and Mike knew enough not to go right into sucking on my nipples that would have been no problem to find in the dark! he pulled my arms above my head and said, "You're on the honor system, that's where they stay! Then he took his time kissing and sucking my skin all over and concentrated on the sides and the bottoms or undersides of my boobs with his tongue. no racing to nipple sucking and that took me after about 15 minutes right to my first orgasm. It was so intense I had to tell HIM no more! Then he went down my sides and tummy, right over my mommy stretch marks and down my legs. He rolled me onto my tummy and began to lick and suck on the back of my thighs, right below the crease with my butt. I love it there and it's my husband's favorite place to put his mouth too. I was surprised Mike teased and then gently spread my butt cheeks and went right in and began to lick me slowly from the top of my natal cleft (nice words for butt crack LOL) down to where my pussy starts and was definitely wet. I think I was so into it because Mike was taking my body and doing what he liked to do with a woman, exactly as my husband does. Maybe? I dunno. It all felt great.

He rolled me over and went right into eating me like an experienced bog boy who actually knew how; and I mean knew as if he does it like that with his own wife or other women, I know they all cannot forget him! I had, because he gave me, three very intense orgasms with his tongue on my clit, and then he carefully used his fingetrs inside me to push, stroke and massage all of my perfect spots! I could only take him doing four of them because my tummy was feeling nauseous from the intense spasms, but when he sounded disappointed saying, "I thought I could get you to squiry, sorry," I had to break the news to him that is that is even a real thing, it doesn't work for me. "No need to worry about it babe."  I broke my promise about my hands and arms and reached down to his head and pulled him up toward me. I just bluntly said, "Fuck me with your hard cock and make yourself feel good too!" We kissed while I reached down to guide him into myself. He paused and being a true gentleman asked, "Would you like to put on a rubber?" I said, "If I wanted that I wouldn't have pulled and guided you into me would I?"

He smiled and began to push into me one pump at a time. I raised my hips to meet his pelvis and then cupped him left butt cheek, pulling him all the way in until I could feel his scrunchy pubic hair against my smooth lips below my landing-strip. I told him to hold himself in a push-up position while I pumped my hips and pelvis to slide upward the length of his rock hard shaft and sliding downward until I could feel the coronal rim of the head of his cock begin to pass my muscled squeezing down on it. After a minute or two I shifted my weight to the back of my shoulders and used my quad muscles and abs to pump in rhythm with him as I sucked and bit down on his trap muscles. I was being careful to watch the pressure so as not to leave troublesome marks. I was impressed that he continued in perfect rhythm for at least twoBeyone songs on the radio without losing perfect momentum. I had a great long-lasting orgasm that made me squeal and I felt tears running down the side of my face because it was so good.

I wanted to be "taken" by him so I did not ask or try to shift positions as long as he was enjoying himself. He (tankfully!) pulled two pillows down and stacked them, asking me to lift my hips. I laid across them in one of my favorite positions because it allows for what feels to me to be the deepest penetration I can take. he held my arms and shoulders down onto the bed and at one point when I began to cum and make some loud goofy squeals, Mike bit the back of my neck and told me, "Quietly! your old man will hear us."  Whoops! I stopped and told him that while I was fucking him (Mike) "My husband is not - an or my "old man." It's just a thing for me because I love him and respect him so much. He knows I occasionaly do this andwe do not ever bring it up in a negative sense. Mike apologized and went right back to what I'd call "erotically drilling me," making me cum several times. I did not fault Mike for asking what he wanted sexually but I politely declined his request to put on a condom and fuck my ass. no he's not as big as my husband, but the few times I have done that it has always been solely for him and that will never change.

Mike pulled me on my back to the edge of the bed as he stood next to it thrusting into me. He put my legs upright against his chest and over his shoulders for awhile, but I lowered them and crossed them over my hips and pulled them back toward me to allow him the deepest possible penetration he could give me. For being a rather worldly lover type of guy, Mike had never heard reference to the posterior and anterior fornix area inside a women. It's basically the little pocket above and below the muscular mound that holds and draws up a woman's cervix when sexually excited. The posterior side is most commong for most men because their erect cock slips downward under the cervix and bumps into the "cul-de-sac" formation there. I had Mike slowly push in and curled my pelvis to allow the head of his cock to slip right in there which i held inplace and had a very intense orgasm. I had him pull outward and shifted my pelvis downward and then had him push upward and inwrad. He said he felt something against the bottom of his cock head at the same time he 'ran out of space to push.' I told him to push hard and hold it until I was done squeezing and drooling while I said "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck Oh fuck yeah" a couple times. for a guy who said he didn't know that before he did it perfectly and  I came so hard I was done for myself!

Mike pumped deep and I could hear his breathing change as he got closer to cumming again.  I wrapped my legs around his waist resting on his butt pulling him into me as he pulled out. When he came again, it was a surprisingly big ejaculation of fluid and not just him emptying out whatever was left after the first couple times. He leaned over and kissed me while he continued to pump in and out while I felt his cock shrinking away.  We laid there kissing passionately and he started the bath but for some reason I felt weird taking a bath with him. when he got into the tub I cleaned up with sime wipes and got dressed. as I put on my panties and hose he saw me and asked if I wanted him to escort me back to the party. I declined saying I'd see him there and left. I walked back into the party and it was as if I had never left 90 minutes earlier, except for a friend who noticed and knew, but didn't know who or where. We just exchanged winks and a giggles. I drove home home afterward to fimd my husband asleep on the couch. I kissed him and got into the bath tub. I relaxed and thougt about it. Even though I'd see Mike around work nothing else would ever happen again. I love my husband. He loves, respects and understands me. I will love him for the rest of my life and if he ever says anything that even remotely sounds like he doesn't want me experiencing sex play at all, anywhere else, it is over and no one will change my mind.

Thank You for Your Time in Reading What I've Shared.



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Tuesday, May 1, 2018 6:48 AM

Barb,  you are really a Whore

Sunday, June 17, 2018 6:18 AM

Barb,  would love to fuck your hot cunt

Monday, April 18, 2022 11:38 AM
Best story I have read on here so far. It seems very real. I wish my wife was more like this woman

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