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Is She Cheating

My wife cheated on me

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 2:33 PM by Guest Rating: +18|-15

My wife and I have been married for about 6 years now, and as far as I know we have had a pretty strong relationship. It has survived 2 deployments, and we have 2 beautiful children together, both of which look enough like me to not cause concern that they might not be mine.

However, my wife married me at 18 and hasn't really had a real relationship prior to me. (Other than a guy she was with at 15 who she ended up losing her virginity to, and lied to me about for years claiming to still be a virgin.) Anyway over the course of our marriage we have both strayed, getting caught talking to our respective ex's but never in a manner that caused too much concern that anything had actually went down. Recently I got out of the military and we moved back to our home state to be near family while we transitioned our lives to the civilian world.

She got a new job, and I went back to school full time to complete my degree, and up til this time I have always been the provider of the family. She would work part – time and mostly take care of our children, but her money was always her own and she was never really required to provide anything as far as bills or rent. Now that I am in school I don’t work, I do get paid through the military for being a student, but she has recently been forced to become the bread winner while I am in school. This has been difficult for her to adjust to, as she has been forced to SCALE back her spending habits – less trips to the mall, less nail salon visits, less allowance to keep her hair and makeup on point.

She works in sales, and as is to be expected she is around fellow employees who are very materialistically driven. They all drive nice cars, they’re young and single and so their lives revolve around partying and having fun.

We’ve been down here about a year now, and I have noticed her recent attachment to her phone. It never leaves her hand. She has it password locked and fingerprint locked and when she sleeps she stuffs her phone under our pillow. She has also begun to frequently go out with her co-workers, both male and female. She will get off work and go grab drinks or go to bars with them to “unwind” she never calls to let me know, and when I call her if she is a couple hours late she blocks my call and when she gets home and I confront her she says “Sorry, I just grabbed a drink with friends. I didn’t even think to call you.

One night she pulled this exact thing, except she never came home. The next morning she pulls up to our house to get her ready for work and tells her a friend who she had grabbed drinks with picked her up because she had been too drunk to drive and she crashed at his place because she was embarrassed to come home. The guy she claimed to be with is gay, and I have met him before, but when I asked him about it, their stories were off. He claimed it was just the two of them, and she said it was pretty much everyone that they worked with. It would appear she attempted to coach him on the answers and they got their facts mixed up.

I eventually let this go as I had no other proof that she did anything other than what she claimed to have done. However one night I got her phone unlocked and found that she had “SnapChat” (Google it if you don’t know what it is.) Anyway she had this guy saved to her contacts and he was labelled with “Bestfriend” I text him from her phone on the off chance he’d respond – he did almost instantly and he was extremely concerned that she would text him because they strictly snap chat and so I played along and asked why wouldn’t she(ME) text him and he said because her husband might find out. I was instantly suspicious of this and so I tried to push the subject to get more out of him, asking for a picture. So I could see if maybe I had ever met the guy before. He asked what he should send a picture of because he wanted to know “What she was expecting to see.” I told him to surprise her, because I started to suspect that they had exchanged photos before because that is basically what SnapChat is for. Instantly erases the photo so there is no proof. He suddenly became very concerned that I might not be her. So he asked me what she got him from her trip to Cambodia. I obviously had no idea what it was because I didn’t even know this guy existed let-a-lone what she had got him. It was about 2 am and she woke up and found me with her phone. She flipped shit when I asked her what she had gotten him, and denied anything other than being her friend. She has since blocked him on snap-chat, all her social media and blocked his number from calling her, but she still refuses to admit that anything ever happened between them. Do you think she is lying to cover it up, or do you think I should continue to trust her and give her another shot? Thanks in advance for all the advice.

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Thursday, December 31, 2015 12:48 AM

😧 Really. OK I am married. we have facebook, cell phones and emails. Guess what? go ahead guess 😞!  never mind you taking to long. we have each others email, Facebook and cell phone passwords. Why you may ask. OK you ready. WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE.😲 I know shocker. YES she is cheating and you didn't  handle  it well. why you gave her enough  time to get rid of the evidence. Your married and letting your women go out until who knows what time of the night then you wonder if she is. married couples  don't  keep secrets from each other. Why? because if there are secrets you will loose trust. My advice. Go to her with no hesitation  and say honey I'm  filing  for devorce and walk away. She will do two thing 1 agree which is  a sign that it's better now then later or 2 she will cry or get upset and ask why. If 2 happens tell her to give you all her password to all of her fb, tweeter,cell phone well you get the picture. If she gets mad and say you don't trust say yeah I don't . If there is no trust in a marriage there is no marriage. Your bitch didn't  come home until morning.what do you think she was doing. Don't  be stupid and flip out. Take it as life lesson and move on. Find a Hispanic girl. I can tell you white. letting your wife party until who knows what time what's wrong with you?  

Thursday, December 31, 2015 1:02 AM

oh yeah she will deny  anything  happen. and when she tell a story it's only enough to justify  her action. If my wife comes home late or morning It's over. You don't  believe me give me your email address  and I'll Skype you and put her on. she will tell you her self. better yet give me your number I'll have my wife email you leave message by voice and text then you leave your phone around so she can see it.  When she confronts you keep pretending you did. Say you wasn't  home so I felt lonely. you weren't  there 😂she will be so mad and admit to her cheating. Once she does call so she can speak to wify. Then that's when she finds out it was all a trick. Women are deceitful but there problem  is there emotions get the best of them. Or just save the drama and leave. Fuck  her.

Thursday, December 31, 2015 1:15 AM

Yeah man Angel is right. if she holds and protect that phone like you say she is then you have problem my friend. You might not be her father but you are her husband and she should be laying in bed with you. you were deployed and there where time Ya'll  miss because of it. should she be catching up with those time the two of ya'll spent apart. Women like that are not worth  it. you were willing to die for your country  to give her the freedom to do what she does. It's  sad but Angel is also right  on American women. They are to modernized. I'm white and married a Spanish  girl. let me tell you culturally  they are different. Not to put all white women downot cause not all are like that?  

Thursday, December 31, 2015 3:05 AM

Yeah man you being played. just leave she not going  to  be honest if she did.  You hAve enough evidence. she wants to live a single life let her stay single. If her friend is gay put a gay porno on an see his reation. lol update us man.

Friday, January 1, 2016 3:38 AM

I'm not leaving she's hot as fuck and we have great sex. The jury has found her guilty. So sentence will be fucking her friend. I'll get even and if she keeps cheating so will I 

Friday, January 1, 2016 10:18 PM

😡What! You are shallow as hell. " she's hot I will never leave her"  stay you deserve her. She fuck people you fuck people it's all good. hey what can happen S.T.D. LET me guess your white. What the hell is  wrong with  you people. 


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