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It was only once, or so I thought...

I cheated on my husband

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 10:10 AM by Marilyn Rating: +288|-99

Been married for 10 years, and have 4 kids. Just had my daughter last summer. My name is Marilyn and I live in NJ. I was married young though and also had kids young, and I'm 30 now. TBH, i loved everything about the mom and married life, thats why I was so shocked at what eventually happened in the past half year. I was also ashamed but that made the sex with someone who wasn't my husband better and better each time.

The strangest part about my story is it all begun innocently when a bunch of my friends decided to make plans for my brother's girlfriends birthday and attend a Rihanna concert as a group in Newark, NJ this past April. It was me, my brother, his girlfriend, my single female friend, and another male friend of mine who I was trying to hook up my friend with. What happened was when the arrangements were made was all 5 tickets were bought way ahead. Long story short, my brother and his GF break up 2-3 weeks before the concert. She was out. My friend got very sick days before, she was out too. Me and my brother were gonna scratch the whole thing until the day of the concert came around, we told my girlfriend friend nobody was going until the male friend messaged me that day asking what time to pick them up since he was driving, my brother and I said "oh shit", we forgot to tell him so my brother just gave me the tickets to ask around so I could go with the male friend, I asked him if he had anyone interested, he said no. So we couldn't find anyone, my brother didnt care what I did with them since he was pissed about his gf breaking up with him. I told my friend to come pick me up and I still had people interested (which I really did). On his way, the two extra people I had couldn't make it either. My husband didnt really care either way who went with me since I've never done anything with anyone else since we started dating. he didn't think much of my friend anyway (even called him gay a few times) because of his lack of interest in my friend I was trying to hook him up with.

So we get to the concert that night, just the two of us, and it was a pretty awkward ride, not much was said. We got there pretty late into the show as people were rushing in. I slipped a bit since i was wearing sandals and he caught me. Being the ditz that i am, I slipped again and he caught me. He made a jerky comment saying show stupid I was and I needed to be on a leash or somethig,idk i forget. So the crowd to get in was getting tighter getting into the section (because some old woman was checking every ticket) and it all started here, he said..before you slip again and I lose you, hold onto my arm and I did. We held each others arms until we got to our seats. When it got quiet for a second, I said...U can let go now. He then looked at me dead in the eye and said "what if I don't want to? what are u going to do about it" and the way he said that I was lost. I was a bit turned on by the fearless tone in his voice and said "Ok" and minutes later, people were still filing into their seats. 

When we moved for the other people to get through, he took control over me and the next thing I know his arms were wrapped around my waist, I didn't fight it at all. We watched the show like that the whole way through. When the lights turned on at the end, I told him "that took a lot of balls to do to a married woman" and we kissed for a bit. The ride home was tough because at this point on, all I wanted to was fuck his brains out and it was nothing but awkward silence again. I never felt this way before about anyone, especially about him. No way did I would ever do anything with anyone while married to my husband, let alone the guy that my husband always called a sissy and a guy I only saw as a friend. We got close to the exit and I remembered my brother went to work that night and I asked him where he was he was (I just got into work why), and after he confirmed it, I told him that I left something in his apartment asking if I could pick it up, he said yeah sure.  

So then my friend and I go into the apartment and its pitch black inside I asked him to come in to help me "what I was looking for". Before I could even put my purse down when we went inside, he starts groping my chest and again, I get so turned on my that. We then hit the floor, I've never seen clothes come off as fast as they did. We didnt use protection, or anything. It felt so good because it wasnt something my heart wanted to do, it was something my body NEEDED to do and I couldnt reject that. All I kept thinking about while riding him was how much of a piece of shit and a dishonest slut I was and the more and more I was enjoying it. I never came so much in my life and feeling someone else's cum inside me that wasnt my husbands felt so so wrong and so so good. This isn't a story encompassed around me not  "getting my needs fulfilled", I had sex with my husband often but this was something I just did and I liked. 

After it was over, we both went home, awkward silence again. I went to work the next night and told my co-worker the entire story, she rubbed it in my face because I always called her a hoe-bag slut in a playful way for running around on her husband. Now I was the brunt of the cheating slut jokes, my face was blushing and she asked me "but seriously you liked it so much, so why not do it again?" and I said I wanted to and she gave me this idea. Get a cheap cell, and use it to text him so you wont get caught at home and keep it hidden in the desk at your work, only use it there. I said thats a brilliant idea. The next day or so I sent him a selfie from the work bathroom, with my shirt off from and a message from the private number and he responded and we agreed to make this more of a common thing. 

Since my mother lives two streets away from his house, and about 20 minutes away from mine, its the perfect time and place to fuck. SO now I became his boyfriend... I am a married 30 year old woman with a secret boyfriend just a couple of towns over. I thought this was going to be a one time thing and never saw this coming but now look at me, I am a liar and have stretched my story so many times just to be with my boyfriend. I even deny extra hours/OT at work just to be with him. Our hookup places have changed though, we'll check into hotels in random towns 40-45 miles away under my BFs name, never the same, we take one nighter vacations together, and have crashed a few college parties when I'm "supposed to be at work", and I've never been caught to this day. It's something i know that is risky but I have to admit my life has been so boring since getting married and having kids, that I never realized this was a possibility. I can still be the neighborhood suburban wife/mommy in the day time playing games, cooking breakfast for my family and then by nightfall I'm a skimpy outfit wearing drunk off my ass slut with my BF, getting fucked in a hotel room while my husband is at home watching TV.

Since I got my BF, I've lost 35 pounds after having a baby and there is just something about wanting to stay in shape and satisfy him more and more over my husband. I use the "burnt out mommy excuse" to not have sex with my husband numerous times. My husband will still rip on my boyfriend from time to time for not wanting to be with my friend from earlier. My husband will say things like "No wonder he'll never get a girl in his life" and "he has to be gay" I have to turn my face from all the real thoughts of what my BF has done to me, starting with the night of the concert.

Late one night, an argument on Facebook erupted between the two on my status, my husband began poking at my boyfriend again for not going after my friend/being gay, again. The way I found out about this was because my boyfriend was distracted and getting upset looking at his phone I said "whats wrong, babe"? he said look and showed me the ongoing argument between the two. I rolled my eyes and said really? Youre worried about what that guy has to say about you? and look what his WIFE is gonna do to you, he then looked at me on my knees, on the floor, in our hotel room, wearing nothing but my bikini bottom and said yeah you're right... I sighed, rolled my eyes again, and laughed, then I put my hair in a ponytail,  lightly scratched my boyfriend's leg and proceeded to give him a BJ. 

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Thursday, November 24, 2016 2:37 PM

Good story to read if any of this are true or just fictional writing just to get traffic on website where can make money for advertising.

Thursday, November 24, 2016 10:54 PM

Guest. Thanks for commenting. All of this is true. I never had any intention or thought to betray my husband until what happened between us at the concert. On the ride there, the very little we did talk about was me still trying to hint the idea of hooking up my friend (now boyfriend) with my other female friend. He never budged and I couldn’t figure out why, but he obviously had other intentions. Which is why I felt so vulnerable when he made his moves, I honestly never saw this coming, I was blindsided and him having the audacity to put his hands on a married woman like that was bold, and arousing for me.




Sorry about the typos and errors. I was pretty high when I wrote it. I saw this site and figured it was the appropriate time to spill my guts. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016 5:37 AM

You are a guy who slipped up in his story (I won't say where).

Monday, November 28, 2016 1:40 AM

This is so hot! I love naughty cheating slut wives like you. Turns me on so much! I hope you keep it up for as long as you want. Let him keep filling ur sexy married pussy with his cum while your hubby kicks back watching tv at home. I would love to hear more if you wanna share more. I can tell you about my cheating wife that turns me on so much. 

[email protected]

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 5:55 PM

Marilyn you are a disgrace ...plain and simple

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 8:14 AM

marilyn you cant have your cake and eat it to you should tell your husband  and if not that then stop with that dude you have a family its not right and you know it and update please


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