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It was too much

I cheated on my husband

Thursday, December 8, 2016 6:33 PM by Guest41102 Rating: +7|-19

Help me, My boyfriend is very scary and clingy. I was out yesterday with a group of friends. My husband was at "work" and i was out. I went to a resteraunt with my friends. I get a phone call from a random number and i didnt answer it. Then like 5 minutes i get another phone call from a totaly different number but still had no idea who it was. Then i seen my husband walk through the door. He looked furious he grabbed me by my hair, screaming YOU DIDNT ANSWER ME. It honestly scared me to death. I go home and pack my things and leave that night i go back to the resteraunt and i met this guy. We talked forever and it was like that missing peice in my heart was filled. I go to his place and had the best sex i've ever had. I do feel bad abou the whole situation but im done with the abuse and the horrible sex. This new guy know how i like it nice and messy

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