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its ok by me

My girlfriend cheated on me

Friday, March 10, 2017 11:54 PM by Guest Rating: +32|-20

I was in a long term relationship that was going nowhere until my girlfriedn let me know we could see other people as long as i was honest about it. I suspected she was cheating but she assured me that was not hte case. She and i had grown apart so it makes sense to open our relationship up or end it. She didnt want me to break-up or leave her out of my life. She was one of my best friends at the time. We agreed to start doing sexy things together. Strip clubs, adult video stores, nightclubs etc. It turns out that it turns us both on to see other people attacked to each other. She pushed me to take the plunge first since she was bi and a former dancer and made it easy by inviting over some of her friends from the club. Music playing, tequila flowing, and my gf gives me a lap dance and then takes out my  cock to show it off. She let her friends give me a bj then she took me into the room and fucked me for serval minutes. Got up to run to the bathroom and came back with her girlfriend. literally put her on my cock and walked out of the bedroom. I felt awkward about it and was a bit drunk so my thing didnt respond well initially but we got into it. .. She was loud and going at it for some time. I get this text message from my gf and she is asking if I am ok with this arrangement. We can call it quits or keep going, my call. I text back that i'm good enjoy... she said ok. her girlfriend asked me if i was ok with her being with another guy and that thought turned me on. I didn't thiink it would but it did. I said yes and she pulled out her phone and typed in a text and showed it to me .. She left it up to me to push send. It was to her boyfriend telling him it was ok to fuck my girlfriend. She said he won't unless i send this text. I hit send. Within about 5 minutes i could hear them fucking in the next bed room. that is how I learned open relationships can be acceptable too. We did not have a long relationship but we had 3somes MMF FFM and also watched each other have sex. I admitted to her that i like watching her give head so she would pick guys at random when we were out and I would say yes or no and she would try to convince the yes guys that she wanted to give bj with her boyfriend watching. In fare turnabout she liked watching me cum in a girls mouth. Mostly because I cum very heavy and she likes to see if they can handle it.

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