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Karma Kicks Cheating Boyfriend Hard

My boyfriend cheated on me

Friday, November 13, 2015 10:45 PM by Sadie Rating: +31|-17

I met this guy my freshmen year in college. Let's just call him D for now. I was 19 and he was 25. We started talking and became friends. The more we talked the more we liked each other. He was very sweet and nice, very caring. He just seemed very genuine. Although I liked him a lot and I knew he liked me, I was in a relationship with another man. One night, my boyfriend at the time and I were having problems. Me being young at the time, I wasn't sure what I wanted. So I decided to stay with my boyfriend. D and I had lost contact with each other. About a year and 8 months go by. I've broken up with that boyfriend by this time. I'm on a dating site because I feel like I'm ready to start dating again. I get a message from this guy. Although he didn't have a picture of his face as his profile, I almost immediately knew who it was because I recognized the tattoo on his forearm. It was D, my friend from college. We started talking again and instantly connected. We decided to meet up and have a few drinks. I knew right then in there that that this relationship was going to be more than just a friendship. We started dating. I was very happy. He was very sweet, charming, told me all the time that I was beautiful. A couple months go by. I notice that he's becoming distant. Then one night, he comes over and tells me that he's not sure if he wants this anymore. He says it's because of school and how he just has a lot on his plate. And so he breaks up with me. I had a feeling that there was more to it than what he was telling me. So two days later I message one of his friends on Facebook asking if he knew anything. He tells me that during the last month of our relationship that D had cheated on me twice. I became overwhelmed with emotions. I was sad, angry, depressed, vengeful all at the same time. When I confronted D he denied anything ever happened. Later, he admitted it and made it seem like it was my fault. He then later apologized for what he'd done, but it didn't seem very genuine. I forgive him anyway and we go back to being just friends. Another year goes by. D and I are on good terms with each other. He's in a relationship with another woman and I with another man. He finds out that the woman he's been seeing for the past year has cheated on him several times. What does he do? Texts me a full blown apology saying how sorry he was for everything he'd done to me and that if he could take it all back he would because he now knows what it's like to be mistreated. The ending to this story is that I now have a good man in my life who respects me and he ended up all alone. KARMA kicked his ass real hard; that's the best revenge I could have ever asked for.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015 8:32 AM

Yea he's a man whore and will always be one. I'm so happy to hear your doing better. He got what was coming to him. Not all us men are cheaters. My wife did the same thing to me. I gave her everything she could possibly want. Money always seemed to make her happy. Now I'm a millionaire and she's with a guy that works at a fast food restaurant. Karma always kicks you in the ass! Be happy and forget this loser! 

Friday, December 4, 2015 8:10 AM

I am also glad you are doing better. I went through the samething with a cheating boyfriend. We dated for 6 years and he cheated on me for 3 years within that time span with other women. When I found out and confronted him with little things like condom lubricants (which I knew that weren't for me because I am on the pill)  in his apartment he would say, this is personal and I shouldn't be digging into his personal life. I mean hell we were dating for 6 years and I am not suppose to know about his personal life, umm hello..When I did find out you know what he told me? He said, "I don't date them, I just fuck them!!" How's that for a come back? lol. I mean this guy is picking up chicks on date sites, Tinder, okcupid, pof, datehookup and etc. He meets them goes out with them a few times and fucks them. An me being the ass I am I'm sitting back thinking nothing is going on.

He's been a cheat from day one. He has cheated on all his X-girlfriends ever since he found out he had a dick and knew that it just wasn't to pee out of. He cheated on his very first girlfriend who he dated for 2 years, cheated on his 2nd girlfriend who he dated for 6 years. They broke up because he gave her a venereal disease. He never stopped cheating. It was like it was in his blood and this was what he was suppose to do. Out of all the women he dated and cheated on with only one he never cheated on because he loved her so. But at the time he had a drug and alcohol problem so their relationship went sour because he got her pregnant. ( matter of fact he got two women pregnant and even came on to his x girlfriends friend in the abortion clinic while his X is having the aportion lol) After 20 some odd years of dating women this man is still cheating on the women he is with.

Now he is 46 years old, never been married and still looking for his true love on date sites. We are still friends and manage to see each other but there is no sex or anything like that involved. I use to respect him and I trusted him whole heartly, but I lost all respect of him when I found out he cheated on me too. He still claims till this day that he didn't cheat on me, still says that all he did was fuck these women. Now if that isn't cheating than you tell me what it is. You know what he said to me recently, he said "Suppose I meet a woman and start dating her after 6 months and I cheat on her?" I just looked at him and said, "Well, that's your problem, isn't it?" lol 

It took me a year, a year to get over this. I would see him with other women in my dreams and start to cry because we did so much together. One thing I can say about my X he had a fantastic personality and very nice looking and he knew it. With his charm and womanizing way any woman would fall for this guy, even the youngest chick out there because he can stoop down to their level and charm the hell out of them. That is what he is looking for, a woman twice his age so that he can wrap her around his finger with his charm. Someone young enough to be his daughter and look good on his arm. His age group, 29-37. He's 46. He said he wants to get married, have kids. Well I told him you better hurry cause by the time your in your 60's you will be to old too enjoy them. 

What I am hoping that he will meet a younger woman and cheat on him like he had cheated on me and all the other women he dated. I do hope he gets whats coming to him someday. He's still out there playing the field. I really feel sorry for the next woman he dates, because if he gets that feeling of cheating again, he will for sure. 

My X is a DEFINITE manwhore for sure!!!



Sunday, April 3, 2016 5:12 AM

i found out recently that my boyfren is cheating on me.Yes he has only one girlfriend , that’s me but no im not his only sex partner. I managed to check his phone( which I never do) once n I found out all his deeds. I was so mad, so angry but then later he said that its just his frens and he didn’t do anything wrong . I somehow did control my heart, I cried, yelled but again got back to him for the reason that I love him a lot. I used to respect him , love him but since the day I got to know about this lies and cheats, I decided to put full stop in our relationship . Im still him, we stay in a same house, as before, I tried acting cool but I have completely deleted the thoughts of being his bride ( once I used to think) or being the father of my child. I will hopefully get over him someday and find some loving guy who would never cheat on me and love me immensely . Wish me luck J


Thursday, April 7, 2016 5:16 AM

Wow! Glad to know I'm not the only one who's had a real winner in life. My ex was the scum of the earth, but liked to disguise himself as Mr. Christian Nice Guy. Mr. Daddy of the Year, Mr. Husband of the Year. Oh yes...he was always happy and smiling when he was CHEATING behind the scenes and getting HIS HAPPY JOLLIES OFF at everyon else expense. I should have known when he cheated on his first wife and she warned years later not to even bother dating him, that he use to cheat on her back in high school. Of course he was the All-American football quarterback type. Yep, he thought he was Mr. Athlete of the Year and Mr. Ladies Man too. His dick did his thinking. After calling him on his garbage he blew up and said I was imagining things. Really? Imagining cheating? Him having no real backbone? Him being a playa? Him using women for sex or money? He milked his ex wife for all her savings and had her paying for everything! On top of that he would screw over ever business associate he worked with. He did not care expect for NUMERO UNO. Well heard through the grapevine the little twenty one plus something he was messing with has now since kicked his broke ass to the curb! Most younger gals want a man to pay for things for them not the other way around. Since he's had more than one divorce he is as broke as broke can be. He is losing his hair, stressed out, in major upon major credit card debt, owes his parents a ton of money (they will never see it), owes alimony to the ex wife, been fired from 2 or 3 other positions for abusing company $$$, almost got one of the other younger gals he was screwing with pregnant and his basically 25 years older than her and her parents weren't too thrilled, has collection agencies after him, and basically no one wants to hear his poor woo as me middle aged life sucks stories. 99.9% of these type of men do it to themselves, they are self-entitled narcissistic pricks from day one, giving everything under the sun and then some, and never told the word NO or accepting of the word NO in their entire adult lives, they think everyone owes them a living, sex, entitlement, titles, power, prestige instead of having to earn it the right way or having respect for anyone. The real kicker was the Christian crap. Acting one way and living totally another that use to piss me off. Either man up or get a life.

Friday, April 29, 2016 4:04 PM

I'm a newly married woman my first marriage ever ,to a man I thought realy loved me,I got to admit I had some type of weird feeling when we got married but for some reason I dismissed it,we got married at some make shift chapel just the two of us and his brother.It was weird but hey I married the man I loved and I thought he loved me to.We got married in Nov 2015.We lived in different a different county the plan was for me to move where he was,.Well we did the after the wedding thing,I stayed with him for awhile then returned home,end of niv I come back to town notice he was ignoring his phone alot,I immediately got that he's up to no good feeling,long story short it was women he had been having sex with calling his phone Wed only been married two weeks,I found out so much concerning my husband how when I left he called a girl over to have sex with her he was telling other women he missed them etc..State of shock!! He asked me to forgive him claimed he was flirting but never sex..I forgave him,wanted to be with him still and save our marriage, well he's still at it he's still talking to women still having sex outside our marriage,I went in debt to try to be with him traveled to see him got a car title loan out now Ispent money on everything.I yelled at him called him names kepr my distance for awhile,so confused I can't even explain my emotions.well he wanted to work it out but I kept being mean to him because of the things that happened. I agreed to try to work it out,after a few weeks on the phone and the fact that he started hanging around a long time friend who just got released from jail,his behavior started to change again,not calling as much putting me on hold for a long time,I couldn't take it screamed at him called him names told him I was going back to my ex just to try to hurt him. Quess what he hasn't called or texed me seems line he just fell off the face of the earth hes in a new relationship now that's he been in and tried to hide ..he basically said fuck me from day one..I pray for him my mind says he's happy having fun and I'm left here in a state of emptiness

Friday, May 20, 2016 12:05 PM

I'm 24 so I met this really cute guy on the internet who was 20 at that time he was very nice, attractive & smart. We started talking & we grew to really like each other then we became bf & gf afterwards. Months went by & things we're good between us, then one day he completely changed which surprised me a lot. He became cold & distant started talking with other girls since he's a "popular" guy which made me jealous & claims he was just being "nice". I of course suspected more to that & I was right. He confessed to me & didn't tell me for 5 days that he was "seeing someone" else who  I found out is 16 years old & he just wanted to become "friends"...... I was so devastated & heartbroken so I broke up with him & left him & told my friends about it. So after the breakup stupid me came back to him & I accepted to be friends with him cuz it was really hard for me let him go while he was with that girl. So afterwards I became depressed & frustrated with my heart so I told him that I needed a break from him for almost a month of a break from him so I left & came back to him & told him I needed another break for at least 4 months. So time passed by & I was so confused with my feelings I asked for advice from my friends who helped me so much that I knew what I was gonna say to him. So I came back to him & the atmosphere was terrible so asked him anyway how he was doing n all & asked what happened to his 16 year old gf. I found out that he wasn't thought who he thought she was & was doing dirty stuff with other ppl which is crazy. So I told him straight up my true feelings & he told me he liked me but more as a friend. So I asked him if he still has feelings for me but says he says he has feelings for someone else..... I was shocked cuz all this time I was gone he was already with someone else so fast like that..... There was no words so I had no choice but to leave him with no regrets & I finally did, it felt great but at that same time again heartbroken. I know he was younger than me but still he could've been smart about it instead. And karma will come to him one day where he gets hurt more for being a "womanizer" & a "player". And to this day I have no regrets since I have trustworthy friends in my life.

Friday, August 19, 2016 6:29 AM

I dated this man since 2014 before that we were couples too 2009-2011 but we broke up because of my fault. I had karma after that. So let's get over it. Today is the second day i broke up with him. I know our relationship is not really smooth, there are always fight and cries.. But we managed to stay and got through all those things. Yesterday, i knew my ex cheated on me with a girl whom she met at dunkin donuts. She is the waitress in there. Before all of these things happen, he kept distant, didnt reply my chat, ignored my phone calls and hanged out a lot. I asked him why he changed so sudden, but he said he was busy with his life. One day, he said he wanted to pick her sister up to the course . But when i called her sister, she said she was at school and didnt ask my ex to pick her up. I started to angry to my ex and what was he did is yelling at me, told me not to bother him or interfere his life. Since that day, he obviously changed. He said he was in saturated situation. didnt want to call me and text me. Week by week he became someone that i dont know. My feelings told me he was dating another woman.. and it was true. But he didnt confess anything to me. He's playing victim. I asked all of his friends but none of them knew, until his and her bestfriend told me everything. My ex, ever cheated on me and sleep with girls several times. He always being nice to every woman he knows at bbm, line, facebook. He lies a lot to me, he ever flirted my best friend too and they dated together (no longer my bf). But he never felt sorry. I knew he's a sweet talker, playboy and womanizer. But stupidly i believe he would change. After broke up he told everything was my fault. The saddest thing her mom and sister didnt like me for 5 years of our relationship,  and pro to his new gf over me. That day I felt everyone betrayed me.. 

The point is that, always believe your feeling. If you feel something is not right, than it is true. Because everytime my feelings told me my ex lied and betrayedme it was true, but my fault is that i hold it back and think everything is okay.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016 5:03 AM

I had a live-in partner for over seven years. We started living together on 2009 and only found out in 2010 that he had abandoned his wife and two daughters when he was only 17. He's already 42 years old now. I forgave him thinking he was too young then while denying the fact that he's an adult now and still has zero interest in seeing his daughters. Not to just even look at them. And all I heard were excuses.

This guy faced too many problems in life but I was there for him no matter what in the span of seven years.

I lost my job in 2013 which was a very stressful year for me and that was the time he cheated on me with a colleague. I confronted the lady involved and so she left him. A few days after the confrontation, I found a job and asked this guy to leave the house. He stayed. Later on, the idiot in me forgave him. He proposed, we got engaged. I thought he's learned his lesson and will not do the same thing again to me. I trusted. Life was perfect until I once again lost my job in 2016. He did exactly the same, cheated on me with a different woman, but this time he left the house.


Sunday, September 11, 2016 3:48 PM

I have exactly zero sympathy for a woman who is played by a player. You like the thrill that playing with dynamite brings you. You get no sympathy when it blows up on you. You've probably neglected lots of decent guys that were "boring," but they would have loved you well and been loyal and faithful. And look at the common theme of these posts. The guy screwed  you over and you didn't walk away. Instead you gave the player many more chances to screw you over. You weren't big victims, you volunteered to be walked on by these guys. So I encourage you to keep making the same bad choices. Maybe next time it'll turn out better.  Or you could grow up.  Your choice. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 2:25 PM
Message to TheBestAdvice

Hey... your advice sounds great. Wanna hook up? You never know ;-)


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