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Lesbian Affair Flight Attendant

I cheated on my husband

Friday, April 7, 2017 3:12 PM by Flight Girl Rating: +192|-33

I am 28, Married with no kids. I have my own suburban clothing shop.


Not long ago, I was on a flight to Thailand. I go there to purchase T-Shirts and tops for my store in bulk from various suppliers. My Husband will keep InTouch with the staff at the store to make sure all is well when I am gone.  I usually spend 4-6 days there always looking for good clothing at an economical price.


I had been served by an attendant a few times for drinks etc etc as they do by a lovely brunette lady. Her name is Sarah, 27 and She was friendly with a big smile. The interaction was simply general and no more to it.


Once the lights turned off and people settled in she came to me and stood next to me in the aisle and began to chat. I was quite surprised as I wasn't sure if something was up. We began to chat about the flight, her job and travelling in general. After some time I realsied he was moving about as the standing was obviously annoying her. I stood up to chat with her out of decency when she asked if I wanted to sit in the last row which was empty.


I went and sat with her and I still thought she was just a very friendly lady and we were getting on s o well. We spoke of our families and life in general. We soon realised our hotels were not that too far apart. We also had some girl chat about our past single lives which was funny and that's when she mentioned some old GF's.


I haven't been with a girl since my teen days when, as we do at that explorative age :) fool around with each other but nothing more. As she mentioned it I soon had a shot of excitement, an aura of erotica tingle through my body. I wanted to know more so I dropped suttle hints in which he picked up and spoke more and we giggled like teenage girls down the back.


After 2 hours her friend came looking for her to relieve her of duty. They have sleeping quarters up top. As we landed in the early evening she asked me if I wanted to catch up for dinner and a cold drink. I told her I'd love to and she knew where I was staying. She left and I returned to my seat to watch a movie and I dozed of and slept a couple of hours.


With the lights back on and our late nights drinks/meals being served she briefly spoke to me as she was so busy. When getting off the plane she made her way to me and said I'll see you later at your hotel. Even to this point I still did not truly read anything into it. I just thought we would have a snack, a few drinks and some laughs as we had gotten on so well.


Once at the hotel I showered and changed into something lighter as it's so hot there. I wore a denim mini with a t-shirt.  A short time later the front desk called advising Sarah was down stairs. Up to then I seriously did not think she would actually come.


As soon as I walked out the lift I was stunned to see this amazingly gorgeous brunnete waiting. She caught my breath at first. She was in body hugging skimpy shorts and a singlet. Her hair was down and I simply thrown by my sudden emotions of seeing her. I struggled to take my eyes off her amazing legs and great looking breasts. Later on Sarah said she must have caught me 100 times just adoring her body.  She clearly did not have a bra on which lead to the constant stare at her breasts. LOL


We went out and ate, had some drinks and laughed so much. I noticed there was more and more touching between us and I didn't do anything to stop it. For me it was such an overwhelming experience to be touched by this amazingly hot woman. We moved closer to each other around a bench seat against the wall. Sarah would place her hand on my leg for short periods of time as we chatted and I had such seductive thoughts ramming through my head, feeling I couldn't explain but I wanted her body close to mine and I adored her every touch. She would softly rub my leg sending erotic shivers through me. I still couldn't convince myself This may lead to something more, Was she just a very friendly gal??? Both of us being married etc etc..


Sarah said she wanted to leave would walk me to my hotel. We chatted and laughed so much it was so exhilarating being with her. Once there Sarah said I'll come up with you for a quick drink. I was ever so hoping she was going to touch me, all so much so quickly I was seduced in our own little bubble.


We got into my room and I poured us a cold drink. After some chit chat Sarah grabbed my hand and placed me on the end of the bed. She stood in front of me and we kissed, I was so aroused by her kiss, a soft sensual kiss. I seemed to have blocked everything in the world out of me. She took off her top and exposed the most beautiful breasts I had seen, I really hadn't seen many..LOL My hands instantly began to caress her boobs and hardened nipples. I giggled so much telling her how beautiful she was but how I really hadn't been with a girl since teen days.


Sarah lifted me up and slowly undressed me. It was the most sensual and erotic experience I had encountered being undressed sexually and  sensually by another woman.

We spent an amazing night together. I was completely  lost in heaven. I endured orgasms that seemed to have continued and utterly shook my body. I was quivering so much at times.

Poor Sarah, it must have been an eternity for her having me explore and caress every inch of her body. I remember her amazing scent the first time I went to her, such warm juices and I devoured her to the point she had to gently push me away. Over the course of our fun countless times I went back down for a quick taste…LOL


Over the next 2 days that Sarah was on her layover we spent every minute together running around and shopping. Doing some touristy things And yes, lots of sex. ..LOL

The day that Sara was due to fly back home we discussed many matters including  our husbands and her friends at the hotel not missing her being away with me. Sarah advised me of the old adage in the airline industry. 'You're only married when you're home'


Sarah stated so many Husbands and wives back home truly believe their partner is faithful when away but in essence everyone plays up so no one really notices, cares or says anything when they bring a friend back to the hotel. I didn't really care as I had the time of my life with Sarah and that's all I wanted to think about. We exchanged numbers and she showed me her secondary FB page. It seems most airline staff run second secret FB pages to keep in touch with their "Friends" overseas. I got on with my business over the next 2 odd days and came back home. Sarah and I have kept in touch regularly and have chatted when she is home. Although she lives in the next state.


I once told my husband I was going away on a girls weekend to her city but I was spending the weekend with her. She had told her hubby she was away with work. We spent it at a hotel in a small rural region outside of the city. Not too long ago my husband was away to see his brother and Sarah came and stayed with me for the weekend at a hotel in town.


So where will this take us? I don't know but I am loving every minute being with her :)



I just noticed how much I have written. Sorry if you couldn't read on…LOL

Thank you for voting.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017 11:01 AM

So are you a lesbian our are you bi if any case you aremarried with a man who is probaly faithful to you and you do this you dont know maybe will like the fact that you are having sex with a woman in any case you should tell him and I know you enjoy the sex with her but it has to get to you a little bit that you know your doing your husband wrong so yhays my thought and please give a update ifand when you tell him

Monday, November 20, 2017 11:58 PM



Saturday, March 10, 2018 11:25 PM

Your husband being faithful to you so why cheat on him

Saturday, March 10, 2018 11:35 PM

Give me an update 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 1:52 PM
stephen e. hansen

you should come to portola valley and bang my wife, susan.


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