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Life a bitch

My girlfriend cheated on me

Monday, January 18, 2016 6:32 PM by The Blue Rating: +3|-5

Alright this shit started about a 2 months ago when I got a job a the zoo.I'm 17 and a junior in high school my girlfriend will call her. I'm not going to sit here and tell you a long ass sob story about how I loved this bitch and couldn't believe she'd do this to me.but here we I had just gotten my job at the zoo and I had just started going out with C.she was gorgeous. I knew she knew that I was her bitch.I mean to he fact that she even let me you her was a plus in my book.we had started going out because she decided she wanted to date somebody who wasn't. Cool guy or not a lame.I got a predominantly black highschool I am the the only dude in the school who watches naruto.basically the best looking nerd at my first when she asked me out I thought she was being a know pretty girls dare each other to flirt with nerds so the can laugh at our pathetic asses.but she kept bothering me staring at me during class and and other stuff that I would have done to her had the roles been after I was walking listening to music when she tapped me and was like boy why'd fakin like you din"t won't being I spoke the kings English."can you stop messing with me"she replied I ain't messing with I want to see what you about.that's all it took I was hooked bad.she wouldn't let me talk to her in school or touch out of being me I just did me until she wanted to hang.for all you anime fans out there I actually got her to watch dbz every ep.yep it was hard but hey in the end we used to have discussions about goku vs bardock and shit like that.okay now that you have all the background info let me tell you the story.I promise it won't be a 1000 +words so after I had gotten my job and saved about 700$ dollars up she asked me to borrow 200$ my mom didn't raise a complete fool so I told her i'donly give her 110$ she started to act like a bitch telling me I'm cheap and I don't love her.I shrugged my shoulders take it or leave it.she pouted but took the money.there was no sexual activity going on between us at all.mostly because she thought of me as inferior.I didn't as long as I jerked my self off I'd be fine so after week of hard work at the zoo.I texted her come over I wanna see your hair.she texted back okay.soa round 8:30pm she knocked on my door.I opened and before hey baby could leave my lips.a straight nigga was holding her hips looking at me with a death stare.he was mixed about 6foot 2.I knew who hewas. He was a varsity runningback at our school.she asked if they could come in.being self I offers them in and asked if they wanted something to drink.they declined.we were just stopping by so I could show you my new hair.she looks really good she had on on some tight jeans and a purple v neck that showed off her c cups.the dude looked at me and then her and laughed and said he'd be in the car.I forgot to mention she was 18.she was about to say something when she stopped me dead."come on grow up look at don't be a bitch you knew we weren't going anywhere.I just responded "out!!!!" She picked her purse and walked out i'll call you.I didn't respond to a text phone call or anything she sent me for two was all bullshit about me needing to get over it and move on.then she got really desperate telling things like I'm her only friend and she'll do anything not to lose me.then j realized she really didn't want to lose might be thinking well duh.but it for scary when she said she only had her mom and little sister her dad had left them when she was 3.after that I tried to avoid her as often as possible right I mean was I wrong for not wanting to be tied up in her crazy ass shit.but then she caught me.she said she have me jumped if if I did'nt talk to the next day I meet her after school she looked amazing and smelled like she lightly dusted with cinnamon. She came up.and hugged me hard really hard.we talked and she told me she loved and some other sappy shit.but in the end I said I just wanted to be friends.but 3 days later she got drunk at a party and she raped me but i'll save that for a different time.P.S any questions Ask away


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Tuesday, January 19, 2016 4:44 AM

    First thing you need know. It is better to get jumped then to even speak to that botch again. Look Kid your a beta dog and she will always look at you that way. She is trouble. stay away. My son is 17 and he is a nerd. Computer nerd to be exact but I am not. I was Football hero. I'll  never try to get my son to do or act in a way that's not him. But I do force him to work out and be an alpha male. And he is. HE IS 5'10"230. and he plays POKEMON😧. I thought the Pokémon thing was over in the 90s. But anyway you need to to become an alpha. It's OK to like the things you like but lift weights, run and if someone want to hurt  you  swing first and hard.  Let that bitch  kill her self. she will be doing you a favor. You are the one that will grow up with a real job  while the jocks dream of being a professional NFL player. Very few make it. Now how did she raped  you and how much did you enjoyed it and are you sure she didn't  do it to say your the football players kid father. Think boy. If you were my son I would of smacked the shit out of you. It's not your baby. 



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