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Makes no sense

My girlfriend cheated on me

Thursday, July 23, 2015 2:56 PM by Guest Rating: +4|-8

So my girlfriend of 8 years were 23 years old now.when I was 19 shes 18 and weve been dating since freshmen in high school. Shes always had problems with smoking weed and hanging with bad crowds. She met this girl at work and starting smoking weed with her and I found out and didn't like it. She started hanging out with her and her daughter which were kind of ghetto and stuff. Im not racist but I have a problem with dating girls who have been with black men. I told her to get out of my apartment which she did and moved in with the girl from work. All but to call her a few days later trying to get her to come back to work things out. Her knowing I dont like girls who sleep with black men tells me she aready slept with some black dude from the hood even though she hadnt yet so id stop talking to her well i still continued to try and work things out she ended up sleeping with the dude she was talking about multiple times after we had talked. Her mom calls me telling me she wanted to get out of that neighborhood so I meet her at a gas station fill up her tank so she could move to her moms, hickeys all on her neck I still asked her if we could work things out that I loved her and she agreed. All but 2 days later comes back to my place has sex with me and then she said she was going to the girl from works house for a couple days. Her own sister tells me shes still seeing the black dude from the hood. I confront her and she tells me she doesnt like the sex that he gives her free weed and ecstacy that she cant feel anything and that she doesnt enjoy any part of the sex that most of the time she was passed out. And tells me that when she tried to have sex with him when she was sober it hurt to much and she made him stop. Were still together with 2 kids to this day shes not like that anymore since weve had kids. It hurst me because if you didnt enjoy sex why would you continue to that for weed and a pill that cost 5 dollars. Can anyone relate or have any thoughts?

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Friday, July 24, 2015 6:37 PM

So your coalburning girlfriend leaves you to sleep with a subhuman, and you try as hard as you can to get her back, AND you have kids with her? What a sad little cuck you are.

Friday, August 7, 2015 6:37 AM

I don't really see why his race matters? What if it were a white person she was sleeping with? Would he not care? I'm totally confused  why his race is such a determining factor. And there is no such thing as a subhuman. I never learned that in school. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 1:51 PM

Buddy you are simply pathetic.  You need to grow a set of balls!  But, in reality,you need to develop some self esteem. You've got to understand there are more ducks in the pond and there's one out there for yoand there's one out there that will appreciate you!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 6:34 PM

you sir are not the brightest crayon in the box, now you go color outside those lines big guy

Sunday, September 6, 2015 3:07 AM

your girl fucked some nigger for shitty weed and x and you decided she's wifey material??? This bitch probably has aids, you're so fucking beta, srsly kill yourself. your girl is probably fucking some other nigger rn, dumbass

Monday, September 28, 2015 11:24 PM
The Bull

Your wife is clearly a HOTWIFE, with you being a miserable fucking CUCK!  Me being a very DOMINANT BULL, will fuck the shit out of your wife with your pathetic ass made to WATCH and TAKE IT!!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2015 3:16 AM

well your a douche and a racist. im glad your cheating whore of a wife is  fucking around on you.

i bet she takes black cumshots all over her face, and in her mouth, and then comes home and kisses you.

Thursday, November 12, 2015 9:41 PM
the truth

your wife is a whore, dump/divorce her instantly, she doesnt care about your feelings, shes a lier i bet she fucking loved taking that dick and you as a man should be furious with her not all ljke oh okay, and you shoul kick the shit out of any guy that fucks her also tell the bitch shes a stupid cheap whore n to go die pissing on herself, your a man and men take chare they dont let there women fuck around other guys they take charge, go find a faithful loyal girl that cares for you, go get em' ese and take charge like a soldier you only got one life dont waste it with a stupid slut!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 8:36 PM

Any woman get with a black is corrupt.PERIOD

Sunday, May 8, 2016 6:37 AM

I walked in to a brothel two years ago and found out my younger sister in law working as a prostitute. She was embrace to see me and I was shocked too. She looked so hot walking around in bra and gstring with heels. I took her in to the room had a chat too her and found out she is been addicted drugs for 6 months and doing it to buy drugs. She was highly toxicsted at the time too and acting horny. She's said she always had a crush for me and nothing happened until that day. She took of her bra and showed me her boobs and I couldn't believe she had silicone tits. She was laying on the middle of the bed with her legs spread rubbing her pussy over the gstring asking if I like was I see? I replied saying she looked so hot. Then she replied saying why don't you take me as you wife for the next hour and fuck me? My cock was rock hard and count control. I climbed the bed and started kissing her and ribbing her big boobs. I could tell from the taste from her lips she's been smoking and may be alcohol as well. She whispered in my ear please fuck and the shit out of me". When I heard that I was going to come there and then. I put my hand down her gstring and stared rubbing her pussy. It was so wet. And I was feeling her clit piercing. I asked her when she got that? She replied to me 6 months her go same time she got her pussy and belly pieced. I didn't want that hour I paid to fast as I wanted to explore each and every inch of her body. I started to lick and play with her tits and go down slowly to her stomach and then remove her tiny gstring. For the first time I so her beautiful 23 year old pussy with a pink stud clit piercing. I didn't think twice started licking her wet pussy and eat her while fingering her softly. She looked at me and told me in a low husky voice that today is your day and both holes are yours and you can do what ever you want with me. Fuck me... Please I like pain... Finger my pussy deep and harder .... Is as shocked. I started to finger her rough and she started mourning. Within minutes she had and orgasm. She then pushed me to Side and told me to stand on the bed. She went her knees and took my dick in her mouth. She lick around my dick and tasted my pre-cum and wicked at me and swollowed it. Then she lifted my shaft and licked my balls taking turns sucking on each on if them. I was in heaven. She the. Took my dick again in her mouth and hstarted sucking will taking it deep as she could. She kept gagging few times and I so spit dripping through the side her mouth and eyes water. I was so horny, I held her head and started to push my dick so deep till she couldn't breath. Third time did that she pushed me take a breath. Then she told me keep doing and don't stop. She was rubbing her pussy very hard while I gagged her. She came again and I couldn't hold any more and released the whole load deep in her throat. She swollowed all and cleaned my dick with her tongue. Then we doth fell on the bed next to each other and chat for few mins. She told me she has been jelous of my wife for having a guy like and and always wanted fuck me and have a baby from me. And she said don't tell her secret to anyone in her family and she would let me fuck her any time I want. she told me she always have safe sex with her clients and I don't have to worry about STD and if I want fuck her bare back cos she is on the pill. All this talk got me horny again and started kissing each other and did 69 for few mins. I licked her pussy and then started licking her pink as hole and started fingering her arse and pussy. Then I came back and started kissing each other for few mins. I asked her does she like anal. She said she's only done anal with her ex boy friend 9 months ago and she loves it. She told me I can pick what ever hole I want and I can do what ever sex I can't do with my wife with her. She said she loves to get fucked rough and nothing with hurt her and that's also one reason she is been a slut. She likes been treated like a slut and like to show her body. She said she fucks 10-20 guys on a good day she is still horny and she will never stop this job.  The. I went down and spreaded her milky thighs and pointed my dick for the very first time at their beautiful entrance. Rubbed my dick on the Pussy and clit ring and slowly entered in. It felt like hevean. I started pounding her deep and hard squeezing her siclicne tits. She kept mourning so loud I'm sure people from next room heard us. Then I told her I want to do doggy style. She turned around on her knees bending forward. Then for the first time I so her tattoo just above her back waist line. It was a beautiful view with her perfect round bum. I felt like a porn star. I bent don't and licked her pussy and her arse against and put my thumb in her bum hole. It was tighter than her pussy. Then I slowly tried to enter my dick. After few attempts I was able to put my head in and she was screaming in pain. I slowly moved and got my whole dick in and out and she was in heaven. I started fucking her rough wihile slapping her bum and squeezing her tits. After few mins I took my dick out and was going to enter pussy, just before that she came forward and cleaned my dick with her mouth and told me to fcuker again. I fucked her pussy so hard and squeezing her nipples she was loving it. She kept screaming fuck me fuck me fill my pussy with your cum. I could not hold any longer and burst in her pussy. I fell on her and we waited rapped in each other's arms for few mins. When I moved she asked me do you want to see your cum dripping fro. My pussy? She spread her legs and parted her pink pussy lips with her fingers. It started drilling and she collected with her nails and licked. She asked me do I like her being a slut? I was like I love it!!! Then she is like then one day you should Mary me and we can do this all night... Don't you like to fuck a dirty wife pussy? And also that she will be s good wife to me. I didn't want to say any thing to that.  After this I had a shower and cleaned my self and said good bye to her. She told me she finish in 3 hours and at least fuck another 5 guys. But also if I'm horny that night come fuck her. 

Ever since that I've fucked my sister  in law about 4 times and we hang out to gather lot more. I like her company and her slutty ways. We went to movies and she was wearing short dress like a hot bitch... I can't believe I never new her this side of her life for so long. It's been 4 months since the first time I fucked her. She has reduced taking drugs but still goes to work because she is horn


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