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Military Life

I cheated on my husband

Saturday, May 6, 2017 2:29 AM by Abbie Rating: +205|-103

When we first moved to Ft Bragg I was a naive, inexperienced and unqualified married school leaver. He went on AIT and I struggled with fitting in, missing him (my world) and having no idea what to do. I soon got involved with an officer who was so different to my hubby.I never intended to but the combination of loneliness, fitting in (yes it happens a lot) and this older and so confident man. Anyway that affair ended after a few months. I did see him while hubby was back.

After that when he went away again I actively sought other men. I have been invited to deployment parties (those who know will know about them). I’ve been doing this for 6 years now and I'd guess about 20 men.

I last/still dated a dentist who I saw for 4 months. I actually got to temp for. him His house was his practice so we stayed in after working hours.I still see him but it is difficult.

Why am I sharing this? - I guess its a confession. I guess its nice to be able to share somewhere.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017 3:54 PM

That's so hot. You have your sexual needs and it's nice seeing that you know how to satisfy them even if with other men! 

Sunday, June 4, 2017 11:42 PM

That is one patriotic pussy you have there. Your husband should be proud how your serve your country. My dick salutes you

Monday, June 12, 2017 11:42 AM

So if your husband cheated on you while he was away, would you be okay with it?

Friday, June 23, 2017 6:49 AM

At least your fully admiting and coming to terms that your a full on thot.

Thursday, June 29, 2017 9:48 AM

My dick HAS probably saluted you LOL

well trained bragg wife

Sunday, July 2, 2017 11:05 PM

What a poor bloke, I hope your husbands bang shit tons of hoes while he's away.

Friday, July 7, 2017 10:52 PM

take a girl from high school, then leave her alone with horny guys and get shocked she becomes another mattress

Friday, September 1, 2017 2:08 PM

Cannot agree more. Totally ridiculous to marry, then leave your young wife unattended and unsated. This was was probably on base considering the officer. Guess is he was shafting her within a week of GI Joe leaving. They keep great eyes on the new recruits and they really have no time to do anything. The officers on the other hand live close to the digs and fuck these wives with impunity.

Monday, November 20, 2017 11:56 PM



Sunday, January 9, 2022 10:08 AM
I say he already knows what goes on and he’s probably already done the same to other wives in the past. So just enjoy the times when he leaves and then when he’s home bang the crap out of him. He may want to share you with his buddies
Tuesday, January 18, 2022 6:07 PM
I was a military wife of a sailor that served on submarines. I did not know the day we married that he was not going to get to go to the duty station we thought he was going to due to the needs of the navy, first being one of five replacements for men caught in urinalysis drug sweeps. It was on the day we married. His father an air force retiree and Veit Nam vet, Told the senior chief Shore patrolman where to find my husband instead of pulling another sailor from my husband's class out of a concert plus the four in his class that attended the wedding with my husband that day. My husband was the fifth when we were intercepted at the hotel, we were spending our wedding night at until he picked up his orders the next Monday to Drive us first to Wyoming to see his grandparents and introduce me to everyone in the family out there then back to the Midwest and my husband's parents and then to Western Virginia to see the other set of grandparents, aunts and uncles before he was supposed to check into the school command he was going to for the next year in Charleston SC. Move into the apartment downtown we had selected the prior thanksgiving on a four day liberty. The senior chief told him he could refuse the orders and he would just hand them back and he was still boarding the Carier on Board delivery aircraft going to Jacksonville then a van ride to Kings Bay and his new boat. When he boarded and was given his qual cards My mother was taking me down there to put me in my apartment the next week and my husband had already started his Qualls in both submarines and his nuclear weapons technical rate. He was what they called a hot runner qualifying both in the next 100 days. He was so good he was made to cross deck to another boat on the next off crew as a replacement for a man that missed movement and that was how it was until I had a bi polar break a year and a half latter.' My affair partner at the time was an air force Flight officer and when they got into my status as married to an enlisted man, he was threatened with losing his wings If he did not accept the transfer of his COs choice and leave me. I had my bipolar break then for the first time, my mother came from Norfolk helped me get packed out of my apartment into a self-storage and I went to Norfolk with her 35 days later, the navy would not even send my or his mother's family grams the next two years. In November 1984 I was back at the group going with other wives with the instruction that I was to only talk to him about reenlisting. His parents arrived and they made sure he was not allowed liberty off the boat for missile and guidance testing he was flying to another patrol out of Banger Washington. It was seven months later he was discharging and going back to the job On a UAW auto plant he was on a military leave from. By the time he came back he suffered from what was termed exhaustive paranoia. They had worked him the prior refit so hard when his division Chief had him taking his duty while he went ashore with his new wife in the refit, and on top of his missile control center watch's he stood nuclear weapons security and something called tiger team in ships maintenance, from what we were told in the Midwest was that he went sort of nuts first pointing a shotgun at the commodores head because he stepped into a nuclear weapons security exclusion zone because he would not produce his ID to the entry guard, the next day he went to his chief after 90 hours without sleep to get a part flown in and a signature was needed before he came back on board for the start of the cruise. My husband flattened him when he would not sign the chit 103 days later the ships ombudsman handed him the key to the storge and told him I was already in the Midwest and he started his discharge. He had the things in storage picked up, debriefed and got his pay and allowances from the last 8 months since he did not sign everything when he was upped in rank. He did not even know he had been advanced, while I was in the Midwest at his fathers all I heard were arguments between his mother and father about how his return from the navy was not going to be the same as 11 years before when he came back from his first service the Army. That was all I heard about from his father and his friends was how in high school and after the army my husband constantly defied those in the society and community according to his father to the point he was ready to bring it crashing down for his own interests. I just wanted things to be peaceful with his return within three days he was going to kill his father first wanting the UAWs contract provision of 30 days to return to the plant after his date of effective discharge. He wanted the 30 days he had been denied three and a half years before. that first day it was his mother declare. Just do as his father wanted and reinstate in the plant. She said he would see me when things were done, and he came home latter there was no way they would put him on the floor until he had a chance to settle in. She was wrong his father had already arranged with friends that knew him in the plants personnel office and I heard my husband arrive to the same note he had when he came home at the same time the morning before. The next morning, he had his father trapped against the ceiling one-handed threatening him with using him as a wreaking bar to tear bulkheads out His father ran like Satan was after him I was tugging on my husband's t shirt pleading with him I would go home hunting with him if he did not kill his father who he had run out the door and I just backed away after hearing the stories of his time in the army and after even though I did not know him then. I went with him to find a place to live and get a breakfast after the over 20000 he had received at discharge in 8 months travel, allowance, and pay, as well as what the airline gave him for being bumped off the flight while traveling under orders. The next day using his seniority that was not taken from him when he left for the navy but under the contract actually continued to build with his honorable discharge to 9 and a half years, More than 60 percent of the plant. Within that first day on second shift, he put his shift preference in and was going to bump a girl that had just recently been the homecoming queen in her school since she only had a half year in the plant. Her mother was the director of admissions in the large university and worked with patients in the medical facility his father worked in, her father got her on in the plant as a area manager. On the third day we arranged for the house and the things from South Carolina to be delivered to the house we chose that Friday June the first. His effective date of discharge. He had expected to get home and get a little rest but since he was forced back into the plant the first day. We got back to his father's house that third day The mother and girl were waiting with his father who was yelling he was going to be a gentleman for that little girl and pull his bump so she could keep her social life intact. I ended up telling my husband to pull his bid and in two years we would have our honeymoon without the community strife he was causing with his return. He actually picked up his mother's oak dining room table and threw it at us. If it would have fit through the back door, we all dove out of it would not have turned into firewood. He told his mother to send me home to my mothers. He would pay for the trip and the annulment since I did not want to be his wife. There was a bad fight between his parents that evening about his father's interference to look like he was in charge of his sons and the world and should advance politically in the community because his oldest was not giving him that control. The next day the union and the county stepped in the union refusing to get involved with what was termed a civil matter and the first order holding my husband on second shift was issued by the county court. It also made him work the weekends and holidays. My husband felt the local president was a spinless man and started getting grievances wrote to be sent to the regional union, they were never transmitted the next 15 years. He was nearly always argumentized and just would not try the options we presented for time off after the new year when the rest of the plant's personnel with less seniority were getting the vacation slots and the holidays and weekends my husband should have had off. In 1987 over the vacation to Rome that was his to take I was begging he let the same girl and her fiancé' go to get married and have their honeymoon I signed, and the promise was notarized that upon our return I would be the sex partner that a wife should be, any time, any place and any way he wanted his vacation and our honeymoon. I returned after being the matron of honor to him Planning to leave the same day on a western road trip that included his grandfathers in Wyoming. There was no regard for the plans of lesser seniority just his want to be off the next six weeks as was his right under the contract. His father had asked me to keep him from taking other vacation slots for himself that summer and get him to wait to take his time after December to the first of march then go someplace nice and tropical. He was already packed to head west in our van just as soon as he dropped everyone else in the group at his fathers. I just could not let him do other families out of their vacations just because he had not had a day off in nearly seven years. I found myself on a bus to my mother's 45 minutes after landing because I again was refusing to keep my promise. He filed for divorce and had sent me there with the savings account and moved everything into a storage. Bought a new foam mat, was again under a court order keeping him at work until something he would accept as time off and worked out with his father and society. He sold the van, bought a Junker pickup to get to work. I was back two years later I had saved most of the maintenance he was made to pay added that to the 23 thousand he had sent from savings I came back with nearly 50000 when the judge his father's friend on the bench who he helped campaign for We were in the court when the judge denied my husband's petition based upon my bipolar and his very good medical insurance as well as making over 100000 a year the last 4 years. Our offer when we came back from Rome was that he just go ahead and work till January 4th, 198, just another six months he could use his holiday triple and double time that would pay for a flight to a nice resort out of the Midwest cold. He would not have to bump his departments vacations the rest of that summer into the fall just so he could go back to what he considered home in Wyoming and just keep the peace with his father and the community. He dared the judge to arrest him and put him in jail for contempt. After he was let out, he would not have a job and would hit the road to any where we weren't, Instead the union would not interfere in the court's decision and until December 23rd, 1999, armed with a federal cease and desist order against the county. His father his two friends the sheriff and others decided that my husband of 19 years was still not going to simply walk all over the younger seniority to get what the contract said was his to have Like the millennial holiday. I was going to Munich and in a bad shouting match with his father he showed he already had his passport and a ticket on the flight in the seat next to mine and was going to sleep in the same bed and in my room or since he had earned the money I was staying with him and going where he wanted instead of to Germany and with his parents brothers and sister, A good old boys agreement was made and the judge and sheriff sent two deputies to take him into custody on the 23rd of December just to hold him till he could not go to Germany blowing everyone else's plans to dust, He held a 3rd dan black belt he used to flatten two deputies forcing the other two to Tass him to his knees and put him in Custody until we came back on his 45th birthday and let us find a holiday and vacation time and place he would take in exchange for the actual Holiday. We had tried to call him on both Christmas and on New Year's Day to try and find out besides escorting us to hell what he would consider since he was not supposed to work the holidays as an exchange for the trip to Munich and the celebrations there and the next two months and somehow, we could find a way to end the last 15 years of hell everyone had been subject to holding him from time off work. We knew money paid back for his share was not going to work. He would not speak to us on either day when security went to him and plead with him as did his shift manager working that year who was pleading, he should not punish the community for having the same wants as he had but seek mental health help in trying to find a solution without the hell of argument and grievance that got everyone in major trouble on the job just over time, he was due off. It was after all the season for people to forgive. Why couldn't he at least try forgiving instead of offer battle, or the supervisory staff trudging onto the company shuttle for another rear end chewing in Detroit and possible firing because they had found no solution that was acceptable to him. On New Year's Eve his committeeman had arranged four hours on Union business at the union hall for everyone in the plant that was working, about 35 in total to go and have a small celebration and meal at the hall then watch the Community fireworks being launched from the field behind the hall at midnight then back on the job at 2AM He went tom my husband and offered a ride to the hall since deputies were bringing him from the county jail to the plant on a daily basis just to keep him on the job after he flattened two before we left and cussed us out wishing for our deaths as we waited for the airport shuttle. We were told of the turmoil he was creating before we returned with threats of suing the county into bankruptcy unless the sheriff and the judge were gone from government as of his birthday since the judge had not been jailed as of Christmas with what he had discovered and given the state to do something about. The state was just getting charges against the judge ready to arrest him on the third. Charges included taking bribes, Evidence tampering to support his cocaine habit and use of an illegal substance, and malfeasance in his office. The sheriff was called into the county council the same day and asked why he had the right to incarcerate a man without warrant or cause. just to have him made to work out of the jail and did not get him a arraignment in the required 48 hours nor have the counties DA get charges ready to prefer. Nor was he read or offered Miranda rights. The county council said that the judge and sheriff had effectively shot their political time in the foot, and they were not running again for office. We were returning to everyone angry for just trying to get my husband to consider taking the two months he had coming in vacation and personal time left as his new century and millennium time off. Instead of staying angry we had made him work that time instead of being mad about working since it had come and gone all he had to do was forgive things, let us come home. take the two months and the replacement time the company and union worked out with the large amount of money thrown at him as recompence for being made to work those last 15 years without a day off. It would have just been so easy to take what we had planned instead to start the 2 and a half months and then the Bahamas or someplace like the new resorts in Cancun. I would have gone back to Greece or the eastern med, Rio. or the Virgin Islands to have a hope of a peaceful solution to the last 15 years. He was just not going to be anything that was resembling a civil attitude when we returned on his 45th birthday. Or waking him up at 830 AM in the arrivals parking lot at the Airport just about got a apport police officer killed for doing it since he had less than 2 hours sleep. As we loaded the Suburban, he drove to go home I noticed a nicely wrapped box with my name on the tag and got in the front seat asking if I could open it, he angrily said go ahead, it was worth more than anything I had ever offered in our marriage. I asked if I could open it and see what it was since we had bought a gift for him after hearing about the lives he was tearing apart, we hoped to start a way to peaceful understanding about why he was stopped the last 15 years from doing as he pleased about holidays and vacations his seniority said he could have. Find some way to a solution with him about it and maybe find other solutions with other people who also felt just because of their hire in dates why did it have to be time over the needs of other people and start a dialog within the workforce that would stop the arguments that were occurring as well as the crying of younger seniority. His gift was gathered that morning with a shovel into a box lined with a plastic bag out of yards then wrapped that morning when I opened it, I was nearly sick to my stomach seeing it and had to dump it in the nearest trash dumpster. I was crying and his father was yelling was that insult really necessary. After all I was supposed to be his wife. His mother was asking when had any one ever tried to talk things out instead of just yell at each other before hitting the court and denying him the right to do as he wanted. I tried pointing out since 1987 we had tried to find something he could do after the new year, hadn't we actually begged those years just to try the offered options for that time and all he thought of it was we were holding him hostage to the community, and he had said he was not paying our ransom for his freedom because the next time we wanted something from him that's all he would get just pay some more and he would never have anything he wanted in life. I sat there in the seat next to his crying that was never how it was meant, we just needed him to try one certain time frame, and not cause problems on his job over shifts and jobs. Just stay on seconds where he was put why did he want to change everyone's lives just over the things he wanted. He said he was not remaining enslaved to us unless we paid in pain. We arrived at his father's house driving through a crowd yelling what kind of racists were we. He had set up a embarrassing demonstration as to what he thought of everyone in the community thinking of us as nothing more than KKK slavers tom anyone that did not kiss their a**. He offered to let his father whip him tied to a wagon wheel like slaves were whipped. It ws hardest on his mother who had hoped until that moment to find some solution that would create a solution to peace with my husband. She knew on his 45th birthday that there was no way to that peace without the pain my husband was promising in exchange for interfering with him. The next 9 years was watching bleeding people and ruined lives when he was interfered with and kept without a day off or the marriage he wanted. For me every time I begged to be heard was met with being tossed out of the house and twice badly hurt once for trying to get him to stay on second shift instead of transfer to a better job in a new plant on third shift. I was promising a sex life and children. The holidays and vacations he wanted without any interference that we could do anything he wanted until the 15th of February and the interference would stop in its tracks with a wait to put his bid in on the next list in two weeks. I said I would promise anything to stop the impasse in our marriage. He said more promises to for me to break and prove how much of a liar I was. I had never even kept my vows of marriage and had had other men while keeping him in a celibate condition. The next morning four men were out front dying the door and frame was on top of me and my leg broken. He was not letting me tell him to wait to get off second shift nor was he going to do anything we tried to get him to do without the threat he would die by gunfire. Even then there was after every holiday siren screaming to parts of the county when he caught someone that had held him at gunpoint and bear them senseless or broke something so bad it had to be amputated. Like one man who had held him at shotgun point he caught getting ready for church after the 2002 holidays, He used a machinist sledge to beat him and shatter his right arm yelling tries shooting if he could not fire without a right hand. Two years later he was out of rehab and divorced after his wife found out why my husband had targeted her husband. He had left pictures of her husband and others with shotguns at his back taken by the security cams at the gate. the same year his father came home after his own son beat up on him yelling to stop getting in his way to impress his society scum friends. Forget him ever cooperating and letting us choose how he would have his way Things in 2003 were not any better when I gave his passport to his father to lock in his safe deposit, to keep him home for the Ireland vacation. it was to let a coworker in his department take his kids on a summer vacation to Scotland at the same time to meet their great grandparents. I did not ask why my husband was expected to give up his slot for them, I just did not object after seeing my husband damage people over his rights. We left with my husband saying we had no right stealing his passport and he quoted the US code that said holding it was against the law and subject to heavy fines after 2001 and 2 his father simply did not care; he just wanted his oldest son to shut up and do as he was told and stop arguing his liberal BS about rights over what his father felt was responsibility to the community. And that did not include a union contract. Employers gave the orders, and he was to follow them at any cost just like the Army and Navy. My husband felt different that he did not owe his life to the employers, but they owed him for his time and nothing more. The final act on his job when again he was denied the time off, he was due. It was in Early June 2009 and the orient express. He was training a man to take his place the whole summer with two years seniority to his 34. The 24-year-old had made a mistake and had unprotected sex with his 19-year-old girlfriend, and she got pregnant. His father was the president of the county council and asked a favor of us to find a way to get my husband let his trainee take his bride on the express, I had very small hope after the way things went down in 2003 and 2006my husband would understand it was just to get the younger couple a good start in their marriage we expected to again find him ready to hurt us somehow for canceling his summer off in the name of doing what was best for all in the community when we returned and we were going to have a police negotiating team ready to try and talk him out of tearing into us over the canceled trip and hopefully just go on a five week vacation I had set up The next January first a five week vacation rental apartment and then the rest of the 3 months he could use any way he wanted after that until the entire three months he was due was done, I just wanted one last try to prove to him that the society needed to be paid some kind of heed. That time we held back the fact he was not going until the boarding agent told him his flight was not going to be honored and he was to meet us in a conference room for the explanation. I was at the door starting off that we knew it had been 28 years since his last day off. but it was his own stubborn nature that he had the right to choose over the needs that other people had. He said hand over the money that he had paid for the double berth on the Orient Express he had another flight to catch to Paris where he had a Porche rental waiting and was going to be taking the direct flight to meet us stepping off our flight to have us jailed for fraud since he had not been the one to cancel his reservations. TSA officials heard his threat and called state to get him confined to the US to not cause trouble in Europe, He was denied his boarding to Paris after they told him he was not going to be Allowed to Cause trouble for us in Europe just because we canceled his trip, it was just damned time off and could be replaced so nobody wanted to hear about rights. several were suspended later that year including the TSA supervisor and the courthouse State department official who told them to pull my husband's right to travel, his mother refused to board and went back home with my husband going to work at 1130 pm sending 12 grievances off the second he arrived at work, and that time his steward, committeeman and union president and vice president for the local were called to explain why they had not found a way in 28 years to get a man the vacations or holidays and vacations or days he had the seniority to take off. They came back from those meeting scared out of their minds that they were under the microscope from both ends of the union spectrum, The community side with the social implications if they did not get along with the society conservative and church side and the political hierarchy which. His father agreed my husband was not properly respectful to. We arrived back to no pickup My shoulder was badly swollen from when he threw me across the conference room his father could only croak after nearly being strangled to death by his own son before we left over the stupidity of not getting the vacation he had set up, when we got home to his fathers all I wanted to do was have a talk about how to find a solution to the hate and time off he wanted. I felt the place and time in six months was adequate as a fair exchange for the Summer off and the Orient express trip. I was just trying to find a way that was to keep everyone happy. . He would not come and pick us up but had gone to court with his Unions legal services and had gathered proof beyond the statute of limitations as to the interference in his decisions as a pattern of abuse. His father and I were charged that evening with acting as false agents when we went to the Union travel agent and told her that my husband had to cancel so we were turning the double berth over to the younger man and I would take a single. The judge wanted to send both of us to prison for at least 7 years but could not act on the federal civil rights charges and sentence the two of us to a year in the county jail after we plead guilty at the arraignment. I had hopes again when we got out of the jail three months later that some kind of negotiation would happen that a solution for the society setup could be found. I burned my orange and white striped Scrubbs on Labor Day. Tried to see if my husband went to the picnic at the union hall since he would not talk to anyone in the family nor was, he at home that Friday and the locks had been changed. We could see his camping gear gathered over the last 25 years in hopes of a day off was gone. He was driving 25 miles to work and back to the state forest he had gone to telling coworkers it was more comfortable than a bivouac mat on the floor of his room Even the conservation officers that worked in the forest could not find his camp sight. He just stopped and paid the fees every month and did not catch anything on fire, The could smell him cooking but could not find the sight. I could not get in the house or the bank accounts so staying with his parents we set up a meeting with him with the unions blessing and hope that somehow the next union meeting would not be my husband's coworkers crying when they found out that they were not getting the holidays and weekends from that point off because my husband was getting the choices of his seniority If he wanted them off and said no, he was getting them off. His father called me on a regular basis and asked if I was able to change his mind, The answer was the same, I had not even talked to him after the post Labor Day meeting. His father was yelling his friends were having to workdays that were planned for football and tailgates because he refused to work the third weekends and as far as he was concerned, he just should never have been taught how to read or that he had any damn rights because he was taking everything, he was due and leaving no body any room to breath. His mother told him and when did we ever leave him any room except tell him to take the worst months of the year off. His father screamed back there were people who had rights and people that should never have any. Just do as they were told. On October 24th 2009 his father was waiting to be taken to a football game and tailgate when his foreman called and told us in the Inventory My husband would not answer the issuing window and was found on the floor behind his receiving desk crying by a skilled tradesman climbing through the window to find him to get a repair part laying on the floor crying curled up unable to straighten his legs or move without screaming in pain. telling the hospital Er his father would deny any other treatment to get him back on the job. When we were called, he had already had a Full body CT scan done, had signed the treatment forms and added other forms that would be required for treatment anywhere else, they started a Morphine drip there and when his sister arrived to take us to the main campus where surgery was going to start. His father had told us to stop any procedure and get him back on the job, we just saw him being wheeled into surgery already under propanol flat on his chest with his back covered in bacitracin he did not come back out for 26 hours and when he did he was going to be in an induced coma the next three days We were told by a virologist that he was very ill and that for the next three months he was going to be under a bad antibiotic that often caused as many problems as it solved called vancomiasin and he still might not live through that time. His father was extremely angry his son had interrupted his weekend getting one of his friends taking him to the game made to work in his place and was not going back those three days, His mother yelled at his father who was screaming he was disrupting to many plans over his back and bellyache Three days later he was screaming at my husband's surgeon that he was to be woke up for work that evening. the surgeon asked if the plant was a isolation place for my husband because that was where he was going to be the next year at least. e had woken up and heard his father's rant about the communities need and dropped the rails threw his legs over the edge of the bed and tried to stand. All that happened was his legs folded and he went straight to the floor. They got him back ub the bed and the doctors hid his face from watching a needle nerve test They knew he no longer had nerve impulse from leg tops sown. We were allowed to go in to talk to him. He was snide and sarcastic telling us thank you, you succeeded in stealing a man's life and the fortune he had earned with nothing ever given in fair exchange. he managed to roll over away from us letting us see the nearly 400 staples in his back. The next week I tried to explain what we had felt were good reasons we had for trying to get him compliant with the society but that even went nowhere. He had anything or anyone that said society or our want to have been a part of it. He felt we had denied him his rights to impress friends and keep him as a slave to what we wanted not what he had earned through his work and time. He was retired in the room he was in isolation in, no retirement party just handed timekeeping and records from 34 years since he had hired in in 1976 the day he returned from the Army. His final pays were listed as 32.54 an hour average workweek was over 80 hours Had no record of a authorized vacation or holiday taken. Just clocking in and working through both. He also had written apologies from both the company and the union telling him they were sorry for the treatment he had received in both in not getting him a day off in those 34 years. His father said he deserved nothing for fighting with his betters about it. He j8ust should have shut up and accepted our options we wanted him to at least try. His rehab Director in 2010 A catholic priest told us it would be a big help to come home for Christmas to improve his outlook on life and help with his recovery. His crying father begged me not to sign the permissions to bring him home in the rehab's wheelchair van to many of our guests remembered the nasty run ins they had had at work when my husband ended up working in their places when he had turned the canvas down by seniority rules. In December 2010 I refused to sign on that basis and the new fight started going after the holidays with the sandwiches we took him at his work gate as we started to try and find a way to a peaceful return when he finally came home Christmas 2011 was my least try to find that peace when I left his room on January 2nd covered in his urine from a thrown urine bottle. His father was out cold from a thrown bed pan hitting him in the face for telling him again to start being a man and not expect to have his way even in his own home when he came back, He would simply have to do what, when and how he was told he was going to be treated and damn well like it. We were told we were not to return and all I could do was try and imagine his homecoming and how to keep them at arm's length from the other without my death as the result. In the next year I went to the holy lands on money that was in the savings, then posting it on Facebook a old boyfriend got in touch with me. He came on business to my Midwest city and asked me to a dinner in May 2012. I was sleeping with him the next week just wanting the touch that was not in total anger from another human after several times because my husband was done out of what he wanted by his father and me like sex, holidays, vacations even weekends that he was stopped from taking off I had felt it was in the best interests of all that could eventually build good will and stop the violence over his rights. Over Christmas 2012 his brother sister and mother walked in and took the dinner I had prepared in the oven and put it in a hot box, and it was transported to the rehab. For my husband's dinner and the staff as well as other patients there that Christmas and their families Leaving nothing for me and his father to serve the guests we had invited. We took them to a Dennys instead saying we were sorry, but things had changed It was my husband getting the dinner that was planned to happen that evening. His father cried latter asking his mother why things just could not be done separately from what my husband wanted, and she said he had paid for everything so why shouldn't he get what he paid for; for once. I had worked hard on that meal and found it snatched away just as it was done. I felt over a bruised ego I was doing without. Then forced to make do., On January 28th, 2013, I was telling my affair partner that was the last night for us because I thought my husband would be home soon, I did not know my husband's case manager had bought him home a bit after we left and left him. My husband is an expert in networking and computers, and I had asked him in 2011 to set it up for me to use over the net. Within a half hour after he was home, he had my locations and who I was with and even opened the phone t listen in on my night with him not caring that it was invading our privacy, he had worse in store when I came home the next morning tracking my phone to the drive as he waited in the HHR down the street to trap us in the drive pulling across in back of the rental Pontiac Solstice we were in I was mortified when he started tapping on the passenger window with his dragon headed cane and just wanted to take the last 24 hours back and stay home like I should have but Hes yelling to get out of that car and face him or get the windows in our face and laps My friend had done enough and heard enough to know my husband liked to ruin the lives of others to teach his father and me he was going to harm us if we continued to harm him. He knew my husband already knew who he was and where he was from, even his family status who my friend knew was going to be used to hurt him and there for me. I talked him into taking things off the street and stop making it embarrass and continue in the house 35 minutes later my friend was in a siren wailing ambulance, my husband on his way to the regional mental health and the cool off room and sedative in a strait jacket and his father was screaming at his mother my husband should have just let well enough alone and just let his better have his minor victory when he swept my husband's cane since he was my husband's superior in the social order. My friend's wife found out and waited till she was told he was on his way home with her daughter's softball bat and he used my friends head as the ball when he came home still in a upper body cast from the hellish beating my husband gave. His father and I were bought into the regional mental health directors office a week later and shown transcripts of what my husband described from the last 31 years II stood there crying telling him that nothing had ever been meant to drag out like that. His father just screamed that we were only trying tio get him to recognize his place in the community when that doctor told us he was sending his findings of adult abuse of my husband to the DA and from there we would get civil rights charges pressed in the federal court, all because we just wanted him to try other options before just saying no that was not what he wanted in his life, or what he had earned. I was going out to a community dinner thinking probably the last time a week later with my husband's parents and his father's best friend I had a new cocktail dress and heels. I expected him to be sent home the next Friday and his mother sister and I had planned a nice dinner and rented a hall to have it to try and come up with a common ground nobody could feel cheated about. It was just goingto be a talk over dinner after that evening's dinner at a community dinner. Again, I was not expecting him to come home without being notified, the mental health sent him home by insurance voucher taxi since I had his walker, cane and wallet, I was getting ready for the community dinner and stepped out of my room with my head down trying ti fasten a clasp running square into my husband's chest. He was standing there with his cane already looking angry asking why I was dressed to go out, another affair perhaps, I started crying when he said since did not answer it was to go out with him. He had not even been to a movie in 31 years, where was I taking him. As I cried, I told him that evening dinner had been planned for six months and I had promised his father that I would go with him, his mother and his father's best friend. I told him I was sure that evening's dinner was just going to be four hours I had over 100 in my purse, and he could get his own dinner and tell us where we could meet then to try and find a solution that would finally bring peace I the community and with his father I was crying nobody else had to be badly hurt over stinking decisions about his rights, I knew we had abused him but could find no other way to get everyone their needs met. even though he had been hurt and denied his rights it did not give him the right to do the same to us when he could have tried other things instead. As I cried, I asked hadn't there been to many badly hurt and too much blood spilled because he would just not try to go along to get along in the interest of community peace. I said we could come to a separate agreement about our sexless marriage latter without other but ins that I should not have listened to since his return home in 1985. but I had so there an ounce of forgiving about those decades. That evening's dinner was the last time I would stand for what his father wanted for the community. And when I talked to him in four hours, I had hoped that a negotiated peace could be had with him, He wasn't going to negotiate a thing, feeling I had denied him his own family had cheated him out of all that he had earned the last 31 years. And as of that second, he was taking what he had been cheated out of first tearing my dress off me then as I plead things did not have to be that way I would even go to the door and tell his father when him and his friend arrived that evening was his to decide. I knew if I chose not t6 go it was going to make his father very angry. Instead, he chose to force me to have the sex I has tried to blackmail him with for decades. He simply cared less about the community, or the promise i made to his father. When He was done, he neutralized any way for me to try and claim marital sexual assault by tossing me the phone and telling me go ahead the number is 911 He gad scanned all the 31 years of journals I had kept onto disk go ahead and make the charges and I would also serve just as much or more in prison time since he could prove things like fraud. civil rights violations, marital theft of funds out of the accounts without him getting the same considerations even though he had earned the funds. and I had done nothing that added to them as he was putting his cloths on his father's friend was at the door hammering on it and he went and started a argument with him telling the friend that I was indisposed and not going to the dinner so totter off and meet them there if they arrived, they would get told the same I just was not going, and he could just get out of his door. As usual I was crying and wishing things did not go to defiance towards his father and his friends' I was looking at the phone knowing my husband was willing to ruin everyone's life including his own as long as all were taken down. He knew my charges might get him a few days and probably nothing after the journals were presented. It was his father and me that faced real time, since we plead guilty in 2009 to acting as false agents. I was listening with my dressing gown on and hearing his father's friend demand entry saying he had the right since he worked in the mayor's office. My husband demanded a badge and warrant in return with his Identification number, He tried forcing his way past saying get his crippled a** out of the way. We felt my husband used his arm strength to take aim at his arriving father's windshield and throw him off the deck. His friend slammed face first into the concrete drive I was sitting there listening as his crying father asked why he always had to be a hardnosed a** instead of trying and talk things through and find agreement over what he wanted, now he needed help with his badly hurt friend. My husband said he hoped the friend bleed out since he did not know legal boundaries, All I could do was continue to cry thinking my husband simply did not care that what he had just done was reverse blackmail throwing it all back in our face. His mother asked if she would get the same if she came in just to see that I was still alive He let her as I sat on the bed crying and thought she at least would be on my side in that day. Then when she saw my dress shredded in the living room. Knew that I was crying and bleeding a bit and pointedly asked before MRSA when the last sex was I had permitted, Crying I said three days before our wedding in 1982 and suddenly her fist hit me in my face and she's screaming and her son kept me but was sure it was not his idea since his father had wanted him to be put on a string, he controlled then she hit me again for allowing it and she was going to get on his father next. I just did not understand how his own parents could be so on the opposite sides when it came to their oldest son In 1999, she had put stiches in his head over my husband's jailing without charge just to get him to stay and work building a parts bank for assembly startup even though he had the highest department seniority, She just about brained him for setting up the jailing and make him work out of the jail. It was only two weeks shutdown for the millennials and on top of that he had two months he could use after our return on his 45th birthday to try something besides the trip to Germany After that he took the gloves off and started hurting people that kept getting in his way even his father was hurt several times as was I. I was of the opinion that he just was not listening. He was just simply not going to negotiate his rights outside a union contract. Try and get along with the people of influence in the area. In 2013 he just had. He did not care what community position someone held they better have rule pf law behind them and the constitution because he had enough of being ordered to shut his mouth and do as he was told. He was 55, retired and was telling us all that interfering in his life was going to get us killed. He told his father when he returned to get out of his face or suffer the same fate as his friend, he had no say under his roof and neither did any of his lackeys. To keep his father alive his mother stepped out and full fisted his father in his mouth and told him get in the car the evening was done and so was the dinner. He had so much to answer for in interfering with his oldest son's life. My mother called and asked me to come pick her and my sister up just an hour before his mother came back with his sister and told me to have a bunch of boxes ready to pack for the. A decision was arrived at to get my husband and his father as well as the community as far apart as could be arranged in a move west to NEast Wyoming to his dead uncle's last place It was a deal that traded our properties with his cousins, all we had to do was come back and sell our home in the Midwest. My husband felt we were getting the better deal since his uncle's house was way out in the countryside, and he was getting to hate the city life. My mother and sister landed, and we picked them up and we had three stacks of medium small and several dish and wardrobe packs built and ready to fill. I wanted to wait for a house I owed on the east coast to be vacant from tenants, but the lease still had over a year, but it was felt to many in the Midwest had too much of a grudge that was not going to be settled. So, we were moving west at the end of February, My husband bought a used 4x4 Dakota in good condition and put new tires and plugs as well as oil change in, the HHR was nearly new so my mother and sister were driving that following us west. I found my husband did not need his maps they were there for my use we stopped once in central Iowa for the night and the next stop was Chamberlin South Dakota, both places my mother pushed me into the same room as my husband saying that I was no longer going to think I had different rights from my husband In Chamberlin He went shopping for A new coat several pairs of jeans and wellingtons and a Stetson. He told me to do the same since he felt what I wore was to light for where we were going. We stopped outside where my husband was born at Ellsworth AFB where the B1s leaving, and landing were loud as the B 52s we passed Sturgis went towards the north though Bell Fourches and met the moving van at the turnoff to his uncles it took the movers a hour and a half to unload the van into the pole barn and the 16x85 3 bedroom we were moving into My three cats were hiding and my sister staked out in front of the corner fireplace to sleep my husband hooked up the direct tv boxes for the bedrooms and living room before bed and also cooked four steaks in the fire pit out front. I cooked Larry's and corn to go with them and tea or diet coke and went to sleep with coyotes howling, heading for a shower and starting the dishwasher. My husband slept like he was dead but through the night the three cats a kept nudging me telling me they were scared hearing other animals nearby. My mother and sister loved it there not hearing a siren or car all night just the wolves in the distance and other animals in the wild. I think it was the first time my husband slept a whole night since he was back from the Army. My sister and mother decided they loved the fresh air and wide-open spaces but wanted to be near me and bought a parcel of land by the stream across the road. I however had my head in the sink or toilet losing everything in my stomach daily. My mother took me to a specialist in Cheyann thinking that it was because of the altitude I was sick. I was installed in the hospital for tests, they came back that I was pregnant at 48 years old. My mother decided that I was going back east and my husband was taking his bays and going up to his uncle's old-line cabin in the mountains start the repairs to the power systems and cabin since he had a ham operator's license from his time in the army he took a 2 meter fm set for communications, He also did not trust the child was his and sent a thermos cooled blood sample back for DNA analysis the blood test immediately after the delivery came back at over 97 percent probable the boy I had was his. That was on December 8th 2013 he was notified through ham set relays up at the cabin where he had been at repairing and fixing the old systems there for power put in another direct tv dish and box as well as a point-to-point cell dish that he had just about finished setting up on the 1st. Hosted a fire crew there that was surveying the fire potential and let the cats roam free through the cabin and outside until they refused to go out in the first heavy snows in October the day after I delivered he was riding with the cats in their carriers and the horses going through heavy snow On the 15th of December was setting up a nursery In the small room a bed for my mother moved into the mid-sized room and on the day I bought his son home on the 3rdof January my mother and I were bought into the canyon house by a hired station wagon from the airport. My husband was riding his horse and looked like a mountain man with long hair a rawhide coat and breaches and a grey and red bearded. My husband sent my mother and me in and my cats just wanted attention until Ray our son started crying then their attention went to him My husband came in and she put our son in my husband's hands he sat with him and put him on one leg where he fell asleep with the cats on both sides. I did not understand the reason why the cats had to be near my child. My husband had also acquired a border Collie pup Who was always trying to steal human food so when he was named, I asked my husband why he like a larcenous dog my husband said that now his name, larceny, When Ray started trying to walk that dog was right there letting him hold onto him and is always at his right hand even now. On June the 3rd 2019 we heard the dog howling and my little boy had come down by himself from the upper deck and said daddy had fallen off his seat and would not wake up The last stage of Parkinson's and the heavy neural damage my husband had since 2000 just stopped the signal to his heart at 64 years old and he just died in front of his 5 year old son I was up at the cabin talking to the woman that cared for him the last 8 months. My last affair partner showed up wanting to talk to me and my husband left both his son and me and rode off with both horses for the cabin at the end of August 2018 telling Ray to be a good boy and do well in school. My best friend had been in high school together with my husband and I knew she had been in love with him since she met him in her freshman year of high school, he had just come back from Army basic and his first school in the military before completing high school. then as she said it was her greatest regret in letting her and his father break them up after he discharged from the army. His father felt he did not have the right to touch a white woman after being engaged to a half Hawaiian half Oriental woman at fort Hood in 1974. His father was in the KKK and was a racial purity nut case who felt his oldest son had dirtied himself with a nonwhite and had made himself ineligible to touch a white woman. In 2001 I found several pictures of my husband's time in the army about 20 where of him and her on the beach in Texas. I thought I was following a goddess named Pele and the Valkerie blond goddess that was my best friend I was a five-foot five-inch-tall Burnett with a nice figure of 34 20 32 with nice legs that men stared at but compared to my 6 foot tall 38 20 36 figured friend I felt like nothing the simple brown-haired girl after the return on 1989 from my mothers I started a mail room position with my Nordic friend, TThat was where we met and she was going to Nursing school to get her LPN. One night there was a bad storm that took out the downtown transformers sending us home My husband still had 8 more hours at work in the usual 12 hours he worked since there was always someone calling off and his department was always on him to fill on either end of 2nd shift, We went to a amateur night at a topless dance club and I was getting everything from ones to 100s tucked into the waist band of my panties and did not pay for the first drink I was not very good on the pole but my friend was the pro and both of us walked out with contracts in the club. I loved the attention that I was given after I broke my word in 1987 trying to simply get my husband to deal with people in a more civil manor about their needs. I was not the chaste partner in the marriage, My husband worked 12 hours a day, either from 11,00 to 11.30 or 3 to 330 Am, every third 100 percent weekend he was refusing under the contract but found himself called at home to come in several times with company security hammering on the door saying he had to work becaus someone did not show for the shift I did sleep with other men because there just was not any cooperation with my husband and the judge his father helped get put on his bench kept him under a judicial order to work until the court said he could have off since he had nothing but contempt for the lot of us when he was denied a divorce then the same judge decided he was not getting out from under the courts. If he was not taking after the new year for holiday replacement or vacation he was getting nothing off, sometime in the mid 90s he went after the local court using training, he had in intelligence in the army gathering information on the judge and other his society in the community, By the time anyone noticed he was gathering information on the judges' decisions and the reasons they were made my husband had presented it to the state judicial review board. It was a good old boy group that decided that they did not care the county court had no say under a federal restraining order the three consisting of his father, the sheriff, and the judge deciding he still was not disrupting the lowest seniority in his department to take from the 23rd of December to the 7th off in 1999. They were just going to make him work without charges laid. He was just going to sleep in the jail for three days and be let loose on Christmas morning too late to get the holidays off and go ahead and make everyone's life hell because of it flying in after the Arrivals in Germany, not that they were not already that way on Christmas eve when his father screamed, he was going to start being respecting of the decisions of others regardless of seniority status. Just shut his trap and do as he was told just once; He was at the US airbase with a two-inch cut on his head from the ashtray his mother hit him with then she clocked me for not standing with my husband We found out on the 3rd that my husband was making what should have been a season of peace and forgiving hell on earth for coworkers, the county and the judicial system there since the two times we called both were refused. On the third we called his union hall knowing things were probably bad there. We were sent straight to the locals president whose holidays were disrupted when he was called north to answer why a man had returned in 1985 from military leave had been multiple times denied a vacation holiday or even a day off and why the local union had not sent the multiple grievances up the ladder for the national or international union to club everyone over the head about rights denied for 15 years, they wanted the Unions leadership at the local level to lose their heads. for not securing my husband's rights by seniority. When we returned, he was not going to forgive me because I did not back him against the deputies he knocked out and his father and other friends that had arranged to stop him from going and work the county had to redo several elections for judge the sheriff, county and city council, my husband was going to war against us for a few weeks he did not get the time he wanted off. I saw his father crying that over his rights and not being willing to just try anything else to help out in the community needs since he was apparently not going to ever put anyone else before himself. His mother said that was because he never put his oldest son before anyone else to impress his society friends, When I met my husband at 4am on the6th of January I asked hadn't the offer that was made to try and make up for those two weeks been transmitted to him, it was an equal amount of time plus three days. I said it was our attempt to make up for the last fifteen years. I did have plans until the way we were met to go north on the seventh and spend the next two weeks being on the honeymoon we had not had in 19 years because he just wanted to be stubborn about seniority and just as hard as the steel he worked with and had served on, Crying I said it might have been fireworks and beer halls in Munich but wasn't there some way he could just have considered the next two and a half months paid as his replacement and done something that did not ruin the lives of others Like he had done over his right to do as he wanted. . Thed next nine years I just tried to stay out of both sides of the society question and my husband's union rights and every time his father and others interfered; I was usually begging just try some other way I was sure it could be arranged as some kind of one for one. The rest of the world did not see the big deal about whether or not it was his choice, Time off was time off why couldn't he just take what he was told by those outside the plant to take as the best and easiest way to maintain a peace After the first of any year he could have had vacations, replacement for the holidays, and as far as jobs and shifts why was one shift of eight to 12 hours so different than a day or midnight shift of the same time. It would have been a better way to make me a golf widow if he had the times he wanted. Would have caused problems with other families and their children and sporting as well as other events, why did his day that he hired in have to hit someone else over the head in their lives then it literally started hitting people's lives where it hurt badly. Marriages ruined because I used sex as a control People walked into work busted up. In 2003 after taking his passport and his father locked it in his safe deposit to hold till the New year, we returned from Ireland to being kicked and slapped until it was returned the day we flew in and for promising if he would stop he could have that years holidays off since his seniority was the highest in the plant I was trying anything to get him to stop hitting his father and then bouncing me off the bank walls because I had given his father his passport to lock away. On Christmas morning I was pleading all that time after the new year was available without causing any hurt. Just please forget he had union seniority and just work and take those 2 and a half months off that would not take from someone else, I cried we could try a nice resort in the Bahamas or Mexico for that time. He just looked at me and asked when the last time was, he was in the sun, He told me over Christmas 1983 standing nuclear weapons security and he burned to blistering through his shirt What did I think would happen on a beach 20 year's latter since he was either working seconds for 12 hours a day or the last three years midnights the same he was always in need of sleep since he was not getting any time off, because we felt he owed the society, which he did not. I had not done anything to earn what he had supplied I did not keep promises but once again pointed out the worst time and place at the most uncomfortable times to take off, He said and now our deacon, his father and that stupid no nothing rent a foreman and committeeman conspired to again make him work, He said we knew he was refusing the canvas and had turned his week before the holidays in to have off over to younger seniority even though they did not have the time left to take off. On the 23rd of December it was a substitute committeeman thar went to our church that decided my husband would shut up and try the time after the new year off and leave the holidays for religion. not because he was made to stay home from a summer vacation Just start cooperating with the community. On Christmas morning I was in the kitchen watching him have his holiday breakfast of a bowl of rice chex. I said he could take all those months off after the new year, there had to be something he would like to do then. He just read me the riot act and left with his middle finger up to jump on his father's car hood and urinate on the windshield cracking it in the cold yelling that what I think of you His mother had us leave her at their house with her sister who called us other unflattering things. his father was telling the pastor all his oldest son should consider was what was best for everyone not that he had not had a day off in years. He should be grateful he had a roof over his head when he slept and anything else was everyone's decision, not his. My husband got even with the younger seniority deacon who had colluded with his father and the substitute committeeman to make him work the 22nd year without a day off. The show my husband promised at church was the deacons wife storming out with the kid telling the deacon not to come home until the new year, what my husband did was truly mean in leaving pictures of the deacon going into a motel with another woman with the negatives as proof of infidelity the day after the plants return his foreman walked out of the plant asking where his car was. It was almost falling off the roof of the plant and had to be craned down then three weeks later he was recalled to his parent company and put to pulling parts taking a huge pay cut causing his fiancé to cancel their wedding. Our deacon lasted two years until the divorce his wife filed was final a week later he was dead from suicide. He caught his father again in the open the next day and beat him half to a pulp for again holding him from a summer vacation. in the next vacation I was not given even the chance to go home before he just about took his father's head off and drop kicked me in my belly as I stood there pleading Ok we did not have the right to stop him from going to Scandinavia, but he did not have to use his fists any and feet any longer just do as he wanted, Please don't hurt me. In 2009 My arm was in a sling from the dislocation my husband caused throwing me across a conference room for turning our double berth over to a man with 32 years less seniority and his 4-month pregnant bride. Both his father and II left badly hurt for once again trying to get him to just take his time off in the winter and when we returned, we ended up in jail. When we were released Labor Day I just wanted one more chance to try a vacation in the winter after 28 years. I was arranged when his father and I canceled the orient express for the far younger trainee. He was no longer working in the plant being terminated the day he walked into the plant getting back from the express, His wife delivered in Early November and her mother and father paid her RNs degree with the help of ROTC She graduated a year and a half later and left for Officers training in the NAVY and four months later came home Just to collect her daughter from her parents tell her husband to go back to school or join the military Make something of himself to support their daughter instead of stay working in fast food 25 hours a week and using pot the rest of the time. She took their daughter and left for Guam I heard years later she remarried a doctor and her daughter and her are still in the Marianas, Her ex-husband was nailed with others selling drugs. By then his father and I had other problems in dealing with my husband after his depression caused his immune system to colapse and allowed MRSA to enter his spine Leaving my husband mostly without nerve impulse/

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