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More than a wife

My wife cheated on me

Saturday, January 21, 2017 3:03 PM by Guest Rating: +56|-30

I broke up with my long term gf and wasn't dating for 2 years. Then one night I was at the club with my friends and my ex gfs younger sister who I met only few times. We started chit chat nothing about my ex. Then we danced switched numbers and that's how it started. I started seeing Natasha for 2 yrs. during that time I got to know that she doesn't speak to my ex or her parents that much. She was independent and worked as a nurse doing night shift. We moved in to gather after 1 year and got married 2 years ago. She has a busy life always night shift and come early hours. Most days she looked fucked  up after she shifts. Our sex life was great in the beginning and the it kind of slow down cos her hours. Natasha has a great body she is a pocket rocket, she is a size 6 and great pair of boobs. She always buy new lingerie for me and when we do have Wednesdays it was great. Allnthis changed when we try to buy a house 4 months ago. The mortgage broker asked for payslips and banks statements for me and her. I got mine ready the next day but she took her sweet time. I kept on asking for her payslips but never got them. Always an excuse. Then she got me the bank statements. While she is gone to work I went through statements and found out there are salary credit for her in to her account. But weekly large sums of cash deposits at our local branch. Then I got bit suspicious and rang the hospital that she is working and no one knew her. So then next day I decided to follow her to her work. She left 7.30 pm as usual and Went in my car behind her. She drove for 30 mins and turned in to an industrial area. Now I'm fully confused. She then drove a bit more and tuned in to a building that has all colourful lights. I couldn't go any further so I stopped my car bit further and walked where I can see. She walked into the building. I was thinking maybe she is working in a factory and embarrassed to tell me. I googled the address and then all my world came crashing. It was an adult parlour. I was hoping that maybe she is just the receptionist. I went through all the girls and then i so her pics face covered. Her stage name was cindy. I call the place up to go in and confront her. Then the lady said she is fully booked today for an out call. So I went home. Next day was Saturday and she came to bed around 5 am I was half a sleep. She can in the room just wearing gstring and i was half a sleep. She pulled my pants down and started giving me a blow job. I had no words coming out of my mouth. We started kissing and before I get my thoughts to gather she started riding me. My mind was running everywhere, thinking this women as just slept with multiple men and I'm fucking her with no condom. Within minutes I came all over her. I asked her how was work? She reply  to me saying very busy. I told her i followed her and I know everything. She was shocked and speechless. She was very apologetic and started confessing. She told me she worked in the adult parlour when she was 18 and then quit. Then again when she moved out of home she got addicted drugs and had to do it. She told me she's had sex with countless number of men within all ages. She's been doing it before we got married. She told me she only does it for money and she just fucks them and no emotions attached. She told me she didn't want to tell me because she was scared that she will loose me. She told me it's hard for her to connect off the drug addiction and needs the job. She told me she will reduce the days that she work and try to get off her drug habit. I love this girl and not sure what to do. It's been 1 month now she only work 3 nights. After work she does the same thing drags me to have sex with her. Sex with her is great and not sure if she doing this job make me turn on weirdly. She has been tested for diseases and she is healthy so far. No she has been telling me everything happens at work, who fucked her, how they fucked it's starting to turn me on. Please help what do I do?

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Monday, January 23, 2017 10:43 AM

Hot story.. aside from the drugs.. let her keep her job n keep fucking lots of men n tell u all about it when she comes home to fuck you. That really hot!!! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 9:18 PM
Honest Husband

Good Lord, brother!  Wacky situation you've been pulled into.  My wife is a night shift nurse,,,, at least i think so.  I don't know how this could possibly work out.  What do you say when she goes to work?  "Hope you have a good night.  Break a leg."  WTF man.  How do you sleep knowing your WIFE is being ridden while you're sitting at home watching TV?  Only working 3 nights a week??? I don't care if it's 1st a week thats still too much.  I'm trying to be open to this but damn,,,,, just damn.  It's one thing if it was something she did before you got married.  It's an entirely different thing now.  Do you have children with this woman one day?  How does that work out when the kids get older?  "Say goodnight to mom kids,,,,, she has a long night of plowing to do." 

Good luck man.  Honestly.  I wish you the best. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 7:32 AM

jeez dude your letting your wife cheat and break the law at the same time you do realize that american law basicly make prostitutes register as sex offenders when they get caught which meens if you guys have kids then the courts will take them from you my god grow a set and stop her before both of your lives are ruined

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 7:32 AM

 and please give a update


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