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My boyfriend cheated on me?!

My boyfriend cheated on me

Thursday, February 4, 2016 6:49 PM by Someone Rating: +2|-5

My boyfriend basically cheated on me. :(

I just need somehwere to vent, and this is where I'll do it. (Keep in mind we're in highschool). So, back in Decemeber (it's February now), a guy I was friends with asked me out. He was cute, funny, and a tall, blond-haired-blue-eyed football player. What was there not to like? After a little bit of hesitation, I thought, "why not?" and said yes. He was really delighted and sweet about it, and it made me feel happy too. Later that day, I told my four closest friends that I was now dating him. They all didn't like my decision, which I was surprised about. They said "He's a fuckboy" "He just has trophy girlfriends" "Ew, why him?" "He just wants someone to call his girlfriend". He was funny and nice; I didn't think what they said was all that true. I brushed it off.

  As the days passed, him and I began to stop talking. Our seats in the one class we shared were reassigned, so he no longer sat behind me (in which we did the most of our talking). We have lunch together, but he's always sitting at a table with his friends (and I'm sitting with mine). And as we leave that class and head to lunch, his loud and rowdy best friend is always hanging around him so I don't get a chance to talk to him. Every time. Even if I attempt to, his best friend gets in the way so it's no use. We smile at each other as we pass in the hall, but that's about it. It made me sad and worried. We'd go days without a single word. I didn't have his phone number, so we couldn't talk over texting either.

Then, finally, we began to talk again. He started walking with me to the cafeteria, and approached me in the class room. It made me really happy I just felt so joyful the whole rest of the day. But today, I saw him walking in the hall with another girl (whom I knew mutally). He was laughing and seemed really interested in her, which of course made me a little jealous. As I passed them in the hall, he called me over and said "You're my girlfriend, aren't you? She doesn't believe you are." I said hi to the other girl and agreed with him. "Yes, we're dating." I told her. And I acted proud, because I was. She look surprised, then left. My boyfriend talked for a minute or two after that, and then we went to class. I was happy.

Afterwards, in the track lockerroom, I went up to the other girl (who was in track too) and we started talking. I asked why she didn't believe I was his girlfriend. That's when I found out he was flirting with her. Over text messages. I was really shocked when she showed me the screen shots. He was saying things like "my friend asked me who my crush was, and I said you" and "Tell me what you want and I'll buy it for you" and "every kiss begins with K" and "you're my motivation to get up every morning" (plus other things). He was saying this to HER while WE were still dating. I was shocked and furious.

When I got home, she texted me his number and sent me all the screenshots. I then confronted him over text. He denied it all, saying "that was before we were dating". But the other girl said it was only last week. And there was another witness (my sister, who is that girl's best friend). She confirmed that the flirting has been over the course of a month. I broke up with him, but he refuses to let go. He denies it all, and sees nothing that he did wrong. Now, he wants to talk things over at school tomorrow, thinking he'll get me back. He's being sweet and all, and though it may be tempting, I will NOT fall for him again. It really hurt to see him texting my friend like that, when I believed he was loyal. This is my first break up like this, so I don't know what to do. I hope I can be strong.

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Monday, March 28, 2016 11:23 PM

Someone, you are so young, and I do not discredit your feelings, because im going through the same thing, and Im 49. Ive been with him for 3 years.  I just found out last week that he's been sexting with another woman, and wanting to be with her for the past 30 years! Him and his family think there is nothing wrong with this. Ha, I beg to differ. What I want to say is, get out now, he's never going to change. You are so young, and you really don't need this kind of disrespectful kind of treatment by anybody, and neither do I. Things are going to  change for both of us, positively!!!! Good luck my dear, positive energy be with you



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