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My wife cheated on me but I think I'm the one to blame

My wife cheated on me

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 2:53 AM by Guest Rating: +110|-36


My name is Carson.I'd like to narrate something that's made me lost all hope and belief in love.2 months ago,my wife cheated on me with a younger man.She had sex with him in our own apartment like a slut.I forgave her but I don't think I'll ever be able to get over the details so I think that I should end this marriage.

Me and my wife are both 42.We've been married for 18 years,together since High School.Our relationship was solely based on love.She had many boyfriends before me in High School as she was one of the prettiest and  popular girls in our class.When we were 15-16 she only dated the so called "cool boys" or football players or the best looking guys in school but when me and her got together she told me that she'd never felt happier and that she could picture us as a family some day.Our relationship grew over the years and we both changed tremendously(or so I thought).She changed her image.She wasn't that chick from

High school that only dated handsome boys and only cared about makeup and expensive jewelry.She became a great mother to our daughter that we had in 2008.She became responsible and more caring than ever.Things have always been great in our relationship.She turned out to be the romantic type just like me(or so I thought) because she enjoyed our nights out,our walks in the moonlight,our romantic dinners at restaurants and to be honest,after so many years of marriage,I never once neglected any of that.The one thing that I neglected though was sex because when we had our daughter I had to work 2 jobs in order to support our family and she wasn't allowed to work because she was obliged to take care of our child.Things got to be too much financially so I had to work all day literally all day so when I got home in the evenings I was in no mood for sex let alone that I was always exhausted.

My wife's always been a very sexual person.Even in high school,as rude as this will sound,a lot of guys bragged about sleeping with her.In the beginning of our marriage(pretty much like in most if not all marriages)we had lots of sex and it was amazing.I even remember having it almost every day during our honeymoon.After we had our daughter we stopped having sex that often and eventually we ended up having it once a month,not every month,for that matter.My wife was disappointed in me.At first she was trying to conceal her disappointment but in time she started complaining.We had many arguments about it.I told her that somebody had to pay the bills etc. Obviously,I knew she wasn't happy but despite all we loved each other(or so I thought).Ultimately,she stopped asking for sex at all so I thought that she'd finally come to terms with our situation but I also got suspicious a little bit so one day while she was showering i powered on her laptop and decided to look through her pictures,browser history and so on.What I saw was shocking to me.She had She had naked pictures of her-some not so naked,others-fully naked.I proceeded to check up on her browser history.When I came across Ashley Maddison link I knew she was cheating on me.I opened one of the links and thankfully she'd set her browser to remember passwords so I successfully logged in.She had unanswered messages in her inbox from this man.I found out they were exchanging pictures and dirty texts.I was so shocked,I couldn't believe this was happening to me,to us.I got so jealous.Since she got out of the shower I didn't have much time reading her messages so I decided not to confront her right away but to see how far she'd go.I took off for work that morning but I didn't go to work.I spent the most of the day in this cafe near my work.I pondered the situation through and through and at that point I couldn't really think rationally so since I had no one to turn to I googled something along the lines of:signs your wife is cheating.After browsing the Internet for awhile hoping to dig up some useful information I came across this website: where I didn't even hesitate to buy a camera and a voice recorder.The camera that I bought was really special because it was a lightbulb camera of some kind.I waited for a few days and before I set up the camera I decided to follow my wife around every time she stepped out of the apartment.She was seeing this man in real life.They were going out on dates and I saw

them with my very eyes.He gave her flowers every time they met.They mostly went for drinks etc. and yes,they were making out.At that point I was still hoping for that to turn out to be a short-term thing or something insignificant but when I told my wife I would be away for the weekend because my brother was getting married(I lied to her about it) she seemed happy and excited.On Saturday morning before I left,she was still sleeping so I decided to look through her Ashley Maddison account again.What I saw was what I thought would happen.She invited this man over saying I quote:"My husband will be away for the whole weekend and I can send the kid to her grandparents' chalking it up to me being sick and not wanting her to catch it.Do you wanna come over so we can finally....?" His answer was: "Can't wait,baby!" Then they arranged the time.Before I left I quickly installed the camera which wasn't hard to do at all.I tested it in my car.It was working,I could see the bedroom very well.I set up the voice recorder in the kitchen.Then I drove somewhere far from the area.At that moment all I had to do was wait.At around 2:30 pm I heard my daughter's voice and her mother saying:Mommy is sick,you have school on Monday,dear. or something along these lines as she was explaining to her why she was being sent to her grandparents'.A bit later I saw my wife putting on the same lingerie she puts on when we have sex.At around 3:50pm the other man was there and I saw them kissing and getting undressed.They had sex in the bedroom and I watched it all.I swear I was on the verge of a mental breakdown.What happened afterwards finished me off.She looked at him and said I quote: "I wanna suck your cock!"The man stood up on the bed and my wife indeed gave him a blowjob.As she was doing it she was talking dirty to him and even said that she hadn't done that since high school.The man said I quote:"It was so good.We should do it again,I'm starting to get jealous of your husband,baby" to which she responded:"Don't be,he never wants to have sex any more".I remember their conversation so well,it's been stuck in my head ever since.Then he said:"Why?Is he gonna croak?" And started laughing and so did my wife which was surprising to me.She said:"You're the only one I've sucked off since high school".He replied:"Why don't you blow your hubby,is he gonna croak from a blowjob?" Then my wife said:"Yeah he's old,so he probably is" and started giggling and added:"You're so bad,I love it!" as she kept blowing him.I felt angry at that time and felt like driving back home and killing both of them but that conversation pales in comparison to what I saw and I didn't even see it well because I could only see my wife's backside.He came in her mouth and she didn't hesitate to swallow it.They both laid down afterwards and started commenting their "best moments" so to speak.When it was time for him to go he she asked him if she could kiss him.He said: "No,save that one for your husband!" Then they both started laughing but he did kiss her.On Monday,I confronted my wife about it.Thankfully,she didn't deny a thing and said that she wanted to divorce me anyway because she didn't feel happy any more.I can't even believe what I did afterwards,I begged her not to leave me when she should've been in this position.

2 months later(now) I feel quite better and I feel like I should divorce her.I'd like to take custody of our child but I'm not sure whether or not I have the advantage here.I mean,she cheated but she's her mother.I feel much better having typed this and sharing it with you.I hope that my story taught you something.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015 6:47 PM

You totally betrayed your wife by not giving her the sex that you knew she needed. That is part of your duty as a husband. If you cannot fulfill your marital obligations, she has no obligation to fulfill hers. She did what any normal healthy woman would do. She went and found another man to give her the sex you wouldn't. It was your fault, not hers.

Thursday, September 24, 2015 12:21 PM

That's bullshit! Every marriage has problems and cheating is not the solution so stop gaslighting the man.

His wife behaved like a slut and he should end the marriage on his terms.

If it was me, I would out the slut to her family, friends, churce and let the kids know too.

Saturday, September 26, 2015 10:52 PM

Someone doesn't have advantage of a kid by being more near to the kids, it's financially whose, who has the better degree to support the child.

Sunday, September 27, 2015 6:34 PM

Your wife does not love you and she does not care about your daughter. She will fight for custody just to get her hands on the child support money. That is the way it always plays out. Even though your wife's actions speak volumes about her low character and despiste the fact she is a terrible mother and horrible role model, the sexist court system will likely grant her custody of your daughter. If it goes that way, you will be out of daily contact with your child, she will be exposed the the POS mother of her's and whoever the dirtbag finds on the internet. If you stay, you might wind up in jail due to this crazy bitch. So, you are in a hard spot. Try to get something more on her that might overcome the court's predjudice. If she has a diagnosable mental health issue or a substance abuse issue, that will do the trick. Good luck.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 10:57 AM

Man, that's extremely fucked up. You should really get divorced. That doesn't mean the emotional rollercoaster you are in will end soon. First of all IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. Get that idea out of your mind. Get yourself together for the legal process and think about your daughter's wellbeing. I know that probably ( more often than not) you see your wife as an extremely sexy woman and you want to bang her (you're not losing your mind, I've been there) don't do it. You are about to enter a war, be prepared.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 11:17 PM

Well honestly....

I would have come home in the middle of the act, and thrown her ass out. After beating the shit out of her boytoy.

Get her out of your life.

If you can't deliver the sex she needs, then you need to work on that as well. Not saying you should take her back but, you need to accept your flaws and try to rectify them as well. Work is tough, i get it.

Try talking to a doctor to increase your sex drive. There are alway options. Testosterone supplements, viagra, dietary changes, even working out will increase your sex drive.

If you want to stay with her and make it work, then you need to let her know that you will try your best to rectify you "inadequecies"... however you need to let HER know that this will NEVER happen again, and if it does you will make her regret it with every fibre of her being.

She is pushing you around, because you aren't acting like a man. You're letting her walk all over you, while you support her cheating ass.

I mean, again if it was me, i would have come home and done some serious damage. You should not have let it happen or go down like that.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 11:19 PM

Or, if you don't want to divorce, but dont want her either, then go out and get some for yourself. Find yourself a cute 20 year old and fuck her brains out.

If its all out in the open then you might as well go for it.

Friday, October 2, 2015 1:14 PM

You deserve better than this. You're wife's a horny disrespectful bitch. Leave her. I know it doesn't feel that easy but there a plenty a woman out there who are looking for faithful and commited husbands. Leave the bitch, let her get old whilst you age with grace and become better with women.

Friday, October 9, 2015 5:47 AM

Yeah agreed total bullshit! man get you someone thats mature, all these woman out here this guy had to get with a married one. It takes 2 to tangle she should know better, her needs seems more like being selfish to me , if she lost the love she sould have let the man know instead of snaking around real talk you need to send her packing brah be there for your kid but give her ass nothing, the grass might not greener on the other side she will see what she lost a hard working man  trying to provive for his family she need to let high school go.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 2:27 PM

You made the whole thing up, and you forgot to mention that she has a huge ass and looks like a man.

You didnt fuck her much cause shes fully disgusting and shewont take in in the should have uploaded the home video...that woukd hzve been a sweet revenge. Plenty more dumb sluts in the world who wont fuck you after your married a few years.

Try getting a penis extension 

Good luck



Sunday, November 29, 2015 9:47 AM

I have some advice, take it or not. I would actually like to help you if you would want it. I was in the same situation and don't listen to these idiots they know nothing. My wife did the same thing and he was half our age. I'm 46 and she's 44 and the new boyfriend is 21! I'm a millionaire and he works in a fast food restaurant but she says she wants him. I give her child support a lot of it. She calls all the time asking for money and I say get some from your boyfriend. We have a daughter and she's my best friend and my special amazing little girl, she comes first before anything. I would like to help you get a good lawyer and help you get custody of your child. I've done this several times because the court system looks as women are the better parent, they are not always right. The following is my email address [email protected] let's get you on the right path and put this slut in her place. I'm more than happy to help anyone that truly needs it. Be the better parent and blow this slut off. Enjoy your day 

Monday, June 20, 2016 8:53 PM

You let her get away with too much. You need to fall out of love with her. If you stay in that relationship you will be a cockold bitch. Demand a divorce you should never allow a woman to do that shit. You were too passive be more dominant. Best way to do that let her catch you fucking a chick in the house and ask her if she can forgive you. If she saysno then tell her now you know how it feels.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 1:17 PM

Not half as bad as what my wife is doing to me. I was working she was visiting her ex. I found pictures of then having sex, and she was giving him b********. It wasn't so bad because I expected it and was getting ready to end it anyway till I found a little video of her with 2 Guys both of them or coming inside of her. That was an evening she wanted to do a little bondage with me. She tied me up and proceeded to sit on my face. That was exactly what she said she was going to do when she was with those two guys. She actually told them she would tie me up and then push their c** in my mouth. She bragged about having done it many times before. She did all this because her daughter my stepdaughter climbed in bed with me while I was sleeping and pretended to be her. I didn't know it was her until after I came inside of her. I'm rolling over to kiss her when I realized it was my stepdaughter. One good thing came out of it. My stepdaughter still comes to visit me now she doesn't have to sneak in the bed. But she made me swear never to tell her mother. I guess I got the last laugh

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 4:55 PM

20 years ago my wife was 24 and i was 28 and we didnt know shit about life. we were married 1 year and i was never home. away at meetings and retreats with self help groups. my wife got very lonely and befriened a man in our apartment in his 60's. he knew all the right things to say and how to comfort. one weekend when i was gone on this dumbass group retreat he got her all wasted on tequilla. he ended up taking pictures and movies of her on his lap then had her spread wide on used my wife for his pleasurea chair in her undies with no top on. alot more pictures of her looking real raunchy. he handed me the pictures and movie the day he was moving to hawaii a year later and never told me what they were. when i viewed them i thought i would be pissed off, i actually got really turned on and had one of the hardest hardons i ever had. my wife never said anything and we are happily married to this day. i still pull them out on occasion when alone and get so turned on knowing this. she loves me and has clung to me ever since that year. i think she chalked it up as a mistake. but i loved that some older guy used my wife for his perverted pleasure

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 4:52 PM

having your wife loving on someone else is not the end of the world . seek a marraige counselor if you love her and work it out .

Sunday, March 5, 2017 11:07 PM

You're wife is a dumb cunt. Divorce her, she doesn't love you or your kids. You are busting your balls to support your family and she does this to you. Divorce her. You even have evidence, but if you goto court be careful because you could get wiretapping charges against you depending on state and party consent laws.


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