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My wife is my first love

My wife cheated on me

Thursday, June 30, 2016 11:27 PM by Guest Rating: +6|-7

My parents wanted me to get married. I searched on matrimonials and one day found a beautiful and innocent girl. Dropped her a message asking for details. Our parents spoke and found everything ok.we started chatting and found out that we had similar was in the air..i was so happy..finally we got married. I asked her before marriage if she had any past affairs because i was conservative about premarital affairs. I beleived that what is not right and anything your heart says is not ok is not ok. There may be a time when i see a hot girl on and feel like banging her but that does not mean i should actually try to do that.its all about self control. 

Now that i was married we were really happy and loved each other. 2 years later we were blessed with a son and i thanked god for his blessings. Once i saw the facebook profile of my wife and saw a strance message from her ex boss. She said its nothing and i was convinced. The message was " where are you i want to talk to you now that you are married at least we can talk". 

I was into my third year of marriage when i slowly started to feel change in her behaviour. I could not tell what it was but mu subconsious mind told me that there was something different about her. She was buying new dresses and going to the gym even though she was very slim. She was taking extra care of her looks but we were not spending time togather. Never did i think that there is something wrong because i trusted her. Once she told me that she wants to hang out with her friends girls..i said its ok . She went to her friends house for a night

Next time we had a small argument and she said she wants to go to her friends house..i was angry and said ok you may do whatever you want

I could feel that she did not want me to have access to her mobile and one day i checked her mobile and watsapp chats..i was shocked..she was chatting to a man in the same way she used to chat with me before we got married. This could not be just a friend i asked her late in the night and she first refused to any such thing but finally broke down and sad that she was chatting with this guy since the last two months. I argued that it seems like you both know each other since long.

She said that this is a married man who lives far away..later i found out that he was single and lived in the same city..i checked her mobile further and found semi nude pics of her without watsapp sent images...and finally a oic of her with him..a selfie taken on bed...that means she has also met this guy recently. I thought hard when did she meet her then i realized that she was recently out at night saying that she was going to her friends house. I called her friend and she told me that she had not been there. 

Also i saw her puc with her boss..the boss had his hand over her shoulder and cheeks were touching..i now thought wtf is she a slut who has multiple relationships. I recalled an instance when she went out of house in the afternoon and came back at night i asked her where she was on that day and she said at a job interview. I said ok take me to the place but she refused. Finally she told me that her boss was blackmailing her to meet him else he would disclose abou her past to me. 

Now here comes the big shock..i said ill fuck your boss no issue let me call him..she said i want to tell you boss is blackmailing me about some other guy he knows i was involved with..i said what the big fuck..

Facts:- my wife had an affair before marrige and also physicak relations. The relationship dint turn out well and they broke up. Her boss knew about the affair. Very soon after the affair she made friends with another guy but there was no physical relations. The second guy proposed her but she refused.

She got married to me

Three years after marriage she receives a mail from the second guy which says.." Sorry to say but missing you" she said its been 5 yrars and you are still struck there..move on..the next mail was a emotional bomb..words like..i felt like a child has been seperated from her mother when you left me..the affair began as my wife is very emotional.

She took our two year old son to his room and i asked her that you are wearing our wedding ring and carried our son to his room..did anytime you did not feel guilt..she said she was in some other zone. She told me that she did not get physical but he kissed her passionately while they were sleeping..i read my wifes mails and found out that they never taked abot me..the only time i was discussed was when we had an argument.

Even though i love my wife but whole episode has changed my perception towards life..i feel like killing myself..have taken doctors advice and medication..have lost 10 kg in 1.5 months ..i miss the girl i was in love with..those innocent eyes and beautiful face and smile.

She says she is releived that i now know about her past and no one could blackmail her..but my question is

She was in a relation ship before marriage

Then she had another man whome she refused to marry

Then she married me

Then again she went back to the second person

Now that she is caught she says give me one chance a made a mistake

I said only death can do us apart dont worry

..please help me to overcome this will i ever love and trust her again..will she cheat again..should i stop loving her and continue for the sake of our son..she says she loved me but does not know what happened

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Friday, July 1, 2016 8:13 PM

Leave her and try to take custody of your son. Get proof that she took hI'm to the guys face and maybe you'll win. Talk to a lawyer but leave her anyway.

Friday, July 1, 2016 10:15 PM

all her actions were to protect herself... not you or the relatiionship, that opportunity passed when she decided to lie and then take action to protect that lie(her past).. that trust will be hard to get back

Friday, July 1, 2016 11:58 PM

She says i dont expect to be forgiven but please dont harm good and sleep well.Dont smoke ..i was recently smoking 30 cigs a mind wont stop is this even possible...can a peron love two people at the same time? I read her mails and found out the live she had for the second guy..planning gifts for him....taking deep interest about what he ate in the morning..while she was with thing i feel is she is a child at heart and anyone especially someone known can exploit her feelings..just show care and some emotionally heavy dialogues..i was struck in a well and people shouting from above..i read that she said why did you come back im not able to controll myself. ..this is not what i want to do..the guy seems to be absessed..she rejected her in the pat and he could not get over her..came back and played a mindgame that she did not recognise..he kept on saying that you have done nothing wrong..i told her that its not about intercourse ..even thinking about someone is wrong when you are committed to me and our son..dont you think that going over to another mans room overnight is wrong and sleeping at his place is wrond..if this was not wrong why were you hiding all this.she says give one chance and if you ever find me doing me anything like this even though she says she will not..i have the right to everything..

Thursday, September 29, 2016 6:19 PM

She will cheat again. There are so many lies in what she told you. Please save yourself. 


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