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My wife cheated on me

Sunday, August 14, 2016 12:54 PM by sam Rating: +7|-6

Hello.I have been married to this person name Ella for 4 years and we have been tighter for 5 Years. She has a daughter from her previous marriage and now she is 11 years old. I have provide everything to her and her daughter since then and I love them so much. Her daughter think of me as her real dad and she love me very much. I can go on and go on what I have done for my wife all the good things. Recently she start working for Herbalife because she want to. Then she meet this guy 10 years old younger than me. At the beginning she keep tell me he is just a friend. She keep going out at night and coming home late.  She decided to get her one apartment and move out from my house. And I told her what she is doing is wrong to move out. She took her daughter with her. And moved. Now she has freer dome to see this guy. Few time I went there to visit. To see how thigs going and I saw his car there overnight and I ask her why his car here and she respond nothing.  Finally I went for daughter b-day party to help her and walk to my wife bed room and saw condo setting next to her bed. Was so mad and I told her and she told me she doesn’t know anything about it. Then I left the apartment. Now that guy is sleeping with her at her place with her daughter being there. I feel sorry for the kid and her mother do such a thing. I tried so hard to make things work. And don’t know what to do any longer. I do love her and willing to forgive her. I hate that guy and I want to call him and let him have it she cannot even pay for rent now and too much overhead. I don’t know what to do any more. Please help

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Monday, August 15, 2016 10:06 AM

So Sam what's the update. Is she asking you for your help with bills while that jerk is living with her? I would tell her that the man she sleeps with is the man thats responsible for her. As long as she's sleeping with that dude she needs to look to him for help. 2ndly if she's your wife you need that divorce now. Don't let it drag on because she can still get you especially if you have to evidence of her cheating 

Monday, August 15, 2016 12:30 PM

Hi Sam. You have a difficult choice and dude, it suckssuck but how you handle it will affect both you and your daughter. 

At this point, your marriage is over but being a dad means putting your child first, even if she's not your biological daughter, she is your daughter. Remind her that you love her and are there for her and make sure you are. It will mean accepting the humiliation that you lost your wife but no one said being a man was easy. Make sure you take time for yourself and never lets our (ex) wife's actions affect your happiness set seeing your daughter. 


They say say the best revenge is living well, then live well. 

Monday, August 15, 2016 3:33 PM

You have no self respect. If you cannot move past this ungrateful slut, you will die a miserable person.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 7:15 AM

Hey buddy, firstly got to say for you to take on another mans child as your own any is a huge gesture for any woman or child. That takes a lot to do and by the sounds of it you have a lot of love to give well done on that front.

However reality check as much time and effort you put into that child ultimately that child is NOT yours and is basically an extension of your (hopefully) soon-to-be ex-wife!

Who is (unless that child's father is around) is solely responsible for her child the fact that you have a void in you that this child fills is something you will need to address. But the way to do that is to leave this woman and HER child alone she left you which basically means she does not want you in her life. And if she is telling you her financial issues then basically you are her pimp her sugar daddy her toy thing as she is trying to use your loving nature to trap you into providing for her. Dude if you have that much to give then I would say she is the one that ultimately losted out.

Walk away fon her and her child. It sounds like you should really be a woman who loves you unconditionally who wants you to be the father of her kids and well this ex-wife is stopping you from finding that person and starting your own uncomplicated family.

Dude regardless of how you feel that mother, that woman and that child should no longer be in your life.

Its a hard fact to swallow but you need to move on block her from your social life and your heart in order to heal your only setting yourself up. If you stayed who is to say if this slut has another child that it will actually be yours. What happens if you stay with this slut then come to your senses and start blaming this innocent child for being a strong reason for you staying. 

It is such an unhealthy situation to be in I hope with space and time you see that moving on was the best thing to do. 


And sorry but this chat about oh I want to talk to this guy look he never sucked his own dick she did with her eyes open and fully knowing the consequences to both you and her. And her daughter too but I'm guessing she knows how soft you are on her daughter and the idea of a family. 


Dude I hope you leave and find a real woman and have your own child that bond you share with this woman's child is nice but with your own child and loving wife will greatly surpass this slut and all her heartache


updates please

Thursday, September 1, 2016 6:36 PM

You need to have her served. You can always stop the proceedings. Also you need to 180 her.  Do not do the pick me dance. She will lose all respect for you.  This may shock her out of her affair fog.

Saturday, September 17, 2016 8:42 AM

I wish you could see how your story sounds to everyone in the world who is not you. Then your decision would be easy. Best of luck to you. 


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