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Need some advice

I cheated on my husband

Thursday, April 21, 2016 2:27 AM by Annon Rating: +11|-13


i need some advice please , im 24 years old been dating my hubby for 7 years now we married for 2 and lately we just dont get along i love him to bits and i am the one that have fought for us over the years to get where we are ,,,,, he lies and keeps things from me and everytime i find out and confront him about it he always has a story and me being the woman i am i alsways forgive him regardless..... and he always promises it wont happen again and then he does it again and again and now i am so insecure i go tru his phone i know its wrong of me but i just cant help it anymore ,,,,,,,, i trust he has never cheated and maybe never will cause he proclaims his love for me daily but now im in a situation where i met someone well his also married i know that makes me a slut but we havent slept together we only kissed we always chat he makes me feel good and when we kissed there was someything the thing is i dont want to break up his happy home and dont want to break up mine aswell so i asked him to keep it professional we havent spoken for awhile now but i cant stop thinking of him and i keep praying and asking God to forgive me for the adultery i commit with this man and to help me forget him but the fact is my husband doesnt make it easy with his lies and secrets he just makes me fee alone and lonely and he is always tired i know he works hard but so do i have as job take care of the kids the house and all i so it alone no help no nanny nothing but i also need some affection 


please help i need help i really want my marriage to work and be my only , but my husband is so hard headed and never admits his wrongs never says sorry when he has too and thinks a 5 minute intimacy is enough 

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Thursday, April 21, 2016 10:13 AM

Ok. First you did the right thing by cutting communication  with the guy. You made a mistake  but it doesn't  make you a slut. Other guy is married and if you were to get in a relationship  with him he would of done the same to you. He can't  respect  his wife why would he respect  you. He showing you intrest  so you are confusing  your feeling for something  real when it's not. You may want to forget your marriage and move on. Be honest with him. Tell him your leaving. When he ask why say you are not a man to me and because your not I almost cheated. You made me into a women I don't ever want to be.  End it with a fuckyou. If he truly loves you he will fight as hard as he can. If he shows no interest in wanting to be with you then you got your answer. Be at peace and leave. It takes two for a marriage  to work. Don't fight alone.  The other guy is trouble leave him alone for good. You are no where near a slut.  

Friday, April 22, 2016 11:48 PM

she is a dirty hoe😍😍when can we meet😂😂😂😂

Saturday, April 23, 2016 2:33 AM

To:  Annon


"So you're putting 100% into your marriage, but your husband is not? Am I getting this right so far?  What is your husband lying about?  You're not telling us everything, the full story. We are only hearing your side, sorry but that's how this story that you posted, is sounding like.  Okay again, you're forgiving him for what, tell us what he did, hello... Sounds fake to me so far.  And what is he promising you that he won't  do anymore, or again? You're not telling us the whole story.  Yes your absolutely right! You are very, very insecure, especially going through his phone without asking permission first.  Don't get me wrong, I think you should (ask him), if you can go through his phone, you have a right, as his wife.  Vice versa, though.. but remember, so does he... okay.  Something doesn't sound (I'm thinking), sound right....  I don't understand, you just admitted that he hasn't cheated on you, well... that you know of, correct?  But he loves you dearly!  So you met a married man now, blah, blah, blah....  Look, whether you kissed, held hands, hugged, or anything with this married man, it's cheating! Hello, it's cheating.... no matter what, okay!  If it makes you a slut (your saying), right? So to me, this means you are (now), sleeping with him (married man), because in my opinion, that's what a slut does.. A slut would, or would be sleeping with someone... especially at the time their with eachother, correct?  That's why your calling yourself a slut.  Sorry.... you said it, not me.  


《I don't want to break each other's family up》 


but you want to keep it professional?  What!....  that doesn't make sense! You do know, by doing (both of you), doing this and cheating that, you are going to end up, or taking the  chance (at least), the chance on breaking up both families.  You guys need to wise up, grow up as well!  Yes your soooo right, you need to keep praying and asking God for forgiveness,  pray for forgiveness, for this adultery you guys are committing.  You're only going to hurt each other's families, if ever caught!  Okay again, his (your husband's), his lies and secrets, and ......


《he just makes me fee alone or lonely》   


You haven't said or written about, or what he's doing or lying about.  Now.... He's always tired, yes... because he works hard, but so do you.  Plus both of you also take care of the kids, the house, and more.  Good for you guys, but that's normal in a good marriage.  What do you need help with?  Your cheating... and to top it off, your taking a chance on ruining your marriage, your family, plus losing your home as well.  All this by cheating?  Your going to end up going through a divorce, if this keeps happening, so end it with this married man, and come clean with your husband.  Good luck"!



Saturday, September 17, 2016 6:34 PM

So if I understood it correctly, he works hard so you can stay home and take care of the house and kids and you don't have a nanny to help you. Is that right?  But if you had a nanny then she could stay with the kids and you could work and bring in more money for the household. Except you wouldn't would you.  But you would then have time to go to the gym everyday and hang out with your friends. It must be torture to take care of the house and kids yourself and not have any help.

i think you should leave him right away. At least he could start o form a relationship with someone be could be happy with.

In terms of what you should really do, you need to think about what part of the problems you cause and start working on those.  Then once you have fixed yourself sit him down and tell him what you hav to have from him if you are to stay in the relationship.  But start working on fixing yourself first.



Thursday, April 27, 2017 11:09 AM

annon just dont cheat its that simple and update please


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