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Needing advice

My boyfriend cheated on me

Thursday, May 19, 2016 4:40 AM by Guest Rating: +4|-4

well, I'm 20 my boyfriend is 24 We have been together for a few years now(he was my first love/boyfriend) and he's addicted to Facebook. Facebook is how we met. Our relationship is a long distance relationship but we have met up a few times now. A few years back when we first started dating i would log onto my Facebook and I would check on his profile. I would see " the top 10 cutest girls who liked my status " I wouldn't like that at all but as long as he wasn't meeting these girls I thought I wouldn't ask him about this because I was happy and I trusted him. One night I texted him and I got curious and asked him for his Facebook log in info and he lied a few times about it giving me the wrong email or password and when he finally did give up his real fb info I logged onto his account and was really really surprised to see 0 messages and I got a little mad knowing he deleted those messages but I didn't let it bother me I logged off of his Facebook. A few months later I decide I want to play a prank on him to see what he would do. So  I asked my cousin to text him on her number because he didn't know her number at the time and I became curious to see what he would do about the prank. I forgot what the prank was because this was a few years ago but after playing the prank he started asking about the person who was texting him. She would tell him little things about her. I asked her to delete his number and I went home. I thought it wasn't going to be a big deal because it was just a prank and I thought she did end up deleting his number but nope a few months later I find out from my brother that she was still talking to my boyfriend. I got angry and started asking questions about what my brother knows and the next thing he said shocked me and I can never forget this. He said she had told him that she sent him naked pictures of herself. She was pregnant at the time, 8 months pregnant. I got angry and went to my cousins house holding back my tears wondering why she would ever do this to me. She told me that she was sorry and she deleted his number in front of me but I still didn't forgive her and i went home and texted my boyfriend telling him that I know what my cousin did and he replied back with excuses like " we didn't meet " " I deleted her number " " I don't even like her anymore ". I really really wanted to leave him I thought about it for hours and I still loved him so I forgave him. Not even a year later i went on his Facebook profile and I looked at his wall. I read a status I would never forget. The status was from one of his friends he went out with the night before and the friend said in the status that he had gotten his " first lap dance ". I decided to text him and question him about that status and he lied to me saying his friends were just playing around I thought why would his friends play around like that? Just to make me upset? I questioned him more about that status and he finally admitted he had went to a strip club with his friends the night before and got a lap dance from a stripper. I was furious and we had a fight and I didn't text him until hours later. I didn't like the fact that some nasty bitch was rubbing her ass on him and he even admitted to me that he was moaning! He said that the stripper covered his mouth and he began to feel bad for himself saying that his moan is ugly and he didn't even care that I was hurt and crying so hard. I decided to stay with him after all the lies and all the fights we had after that. We fight almost every day now. He complains about his life and he feels soooo bad for himself and thinks his life is so bad when it's really not. He still lives with his mom and he doesn't have to pay any bills and he works I don't see why he feels soooo bad for himself when there's people that are homeless, starving, people that have a way worse life than his. He doesn't make me feel pretty or good about myself like he used to when we first got together. I thought he was going to be the one. I honestly don't know what to do. I don't know if I should leave him and move on or stay with him. I do still love him but it's slowly fading away. I feel like I cannot be happy unless he is happy. I feel like he controls my emotions. I've been thinking about leaving him recently but I feel like if I do leave him I feel like I will be alone and single for a while... I don't know what to do.. 

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Thursday, May 19, 2016 9:52 AM

Sounds like you have some insecurities going on. Once you mentioned facebook I knew where this was going. First give yourself some credit i'm sure your pretty and smart. Dont ever put yourself down over a boyfriend that probably wont be around in the near future. Regardless if he's talking to other girls thats something that you have no control of. You seem controlling and nosy by asking for his private account information and playing games. If there's no trust then say good bye now while you can. We may think that one person is the only one that can make us happy and in love but that's not true there will always be someone out there that will make you fall in love all over again. Especialy someone that cares about your feelings. At this time relax and get away from everyone involved especially your facebook. What you don't know won't hurt. Best of luck

Monday, May 23, 2016 9:57 PM

Fuck u


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