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Office Tryst

My wife cheated on me

Thursday, February 4, 2016 7:57 PM by CuckMitch Rating: +32|-24

My wife and I have known each other for 22 years, been married for 19 of those years.  We have two children and a farily regular and satisfying sex life.  Over the past year I noticed she has been pre-occupied with her phone.  I never say anything about it due to two reasons.  I have been guilty of that in the past, and I trust her very much.  Sometimes I would ask who she is chatting to, and she would usually just brush me off.  A few times she would tell me she was chatting to a specific guy that I don't know.  When I inquired who he was, she volunteered the information freely.  She told me he had dome some contract work for a company she used to work with.  Her attitude didn't catch me off guard and it didn't seem like she was trying to hide anything.


We have a very open attitude when it comes to our computers/phones etc.  It's nothing for her, or I to go on each others device and use it.  I never thought anything of that.  One time, she read some e-mail from a friend of mine and took a bit of issue with the things we were talking about.  It was totally innocent, but she thought I overstepped some boundaries and I told her I understood and said that I would not overstep them again.  I continued on our normal routine until one day her phone bliped and she was in the shower, I told her someone sent her a text and she told me to read it to her.  It was a firend of hers and she wanted to go out for dinner.  When I swiped her messenging app closed, the app underneath was her e-mail.  I remember I was walking down the stairs when I noticed a few e-mails from the guy she talked about.  I could see the first few words in the e-mail and it said "I wish I had more time".  I put her phone down on the counter.  I tried really hard not to give in to my curiosity but it was futile.  I picked up her phone and opened the already read e-mail.


What I read kind of shocked me.  It was not great detail, but it was clear they had spent time together a few days earlier and he expressed that he wished he had more time to spend with her.  He lives out of town and was on a timeline that he couldn't "adjust".  I read down through the thread of the message and realized they had met in her office.  He commented that it was good that she has a very private office and that there was no one on the floor that could hear them.  She had one reply stating that she's not normally that vocal.  I didn't want to believe it, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt.  I did not confront her on it, thinking I was misconstueing the conversation.  


A few weeks went by and she had a trip to make for work.  It was not in the direction that he lives.  In fact, it was several hundred miles in the opposite direction.  It was during the week and she let on that she really didn't want to be on the trip.  When she travels for work we have a pretty predictable routine.  She will call in the morning when she arrives, then every night and morning she is gone she will call me just before bed, and just before she starts her day.  This trip was different.  Her calls were very short, and she seemed like she wanted to get off the phone with me, every time we talked.  I found this a little unsettling considering the e-mail I had read before.  I went to her office and fired up her personal laptop.  I logged in and fired up her e-mail.  I wish I had never done that.


Her e-mail had several messages from him.  They went over logistics of him meeting her while she was away.  They talked about what he would say to his wife.  They also talked about if they should get separate rooms as her room was covered by her company, but his wife does the accounting for his business and would find it odd if he didn't pay for a room.  The tone of the e-malls were very clear.  Again there was not the "smoking gun" in the traditional sense but it was clear they were meeting each other and more than likely spending a few nights together.  One of her comments was about her being vocal and that the neighbours might be able to hear them.


I went back in her history and there wasn't too much there.  I decided to look into her sent items.  There was a ton of e-mail in there.  I spent the night reading it.  A number of the e-mails were very explicit in what they wanted to do together.  There were several attachments from both him and her that were images of them in various poses etc.  There was even one totally naked of her, obviously taken by another person.  She had sent it to him saying "here you go, I can't believe I let you take this" but it seemed like it was cropped.  I searched her photo app and sure enough the uncropped version was there.  It was her in her office.  Her clothes were draped over a chair, and his were obviously there too.  I don't want to get too vulgar, but there were bodily fluids clearly visible in the pic.


The odd thing is, I got aroused.  I coudln't believe my prim and proper 6-figure income, very publc facing job wife was taking these types of risks and having obviously unprotected sex with him.  I know that she isn't on birth control either because I am fixed.  I spent the next few days feverishly reading her e-mail over and over.  I waited for new ones to come in, but none did.  I spent a lot of time planning what I was going to say to her.  I went through stages of anger, disgust, and extreme arousal.

When she did come home, she came through the door.  I thought I was well armed with what I would say but she kissed me passionately, took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom where we had explosive sex.  It was probably the hottest sex we've had in 10 years.  My emotions ran wild, I really wanted to confront her but it never happened.

It's been 4 months since that day and I still have not confronted her.  I have caught a few e-mails, but she deleted her sent items and I believe she deletes the e-mail from him as soon as she reads them.  I have seen a couple filter through her inbox but they are gone the next time I look.  I find myself very aroused by it and I often find myself masturbating while thinking of them together.  Our sex life has improved in both frequency and intensity.  It's almost like I want her more now that there is competition.  Her and I do a lot more together now too, and we aren't glued to our phones constantly.



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Friday, February 5, 2016 2:05 PM
I'm fair

hot story.  I get aroused thinking of my wife with other men too.  We agreed to do it though. She sometimes cheated and told me later which aroused me even more. I loved sex with her after she ha fucked another guy especially if she told me about it while I was fucking her. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016 4:11 PM

I know excactly how you feel. My wife cheated 5 years into our marriage but I didn't find out until 5 years later. She felt guilty and told me about the affair. She said it only happen once. She didn't go into any detail and I didn't push her. I was really gutted at the time but at the same time I was excited. My wife is beautiful and still is today after 32 years of marriage and 4 children. I honestly think it's the best thing that's happen to strengthen our marriage. She has been a great wife ever since, looks after me like a king. I still get very Horny today thinking about her getting fucked by another guy. As a result our sex life as been fantastic ever since. I get more from sex now than before I found out about the affair. The only regret is I didn't ask her for more detail. I've never brought it up since and we have never discussed it. I often think about it and wonder if she sucked him off, did he have a huge cock, dud he lick her pussy, did they do doggie position, did they kiss passionately etc. I'll never know. A part of me doesn't want to know because it may damped the excitement. It's better to imagine what may have happen. It allows my imagination go wild. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016 5:57 PM

This story and the subsequent comments are either total bull or these guys are the biggest beta bitches that have ever walked.

Sunday, February 7, 2016 4:13 PM

Great story great outcome and your the bigger person.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 6:42 AM

If your so aroused that your wife is cheating on you then shove a dick up your ass bitch or join the slut.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 6:56 AM

wow, the hate on this site is atrocious ... 


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