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Part 2: Still Want To Have Fun

Want to Cheat

Thursday, January 7, 2016 7:07 PM by Mademoiselle Rating: +1|-3

Hello, Guest! (I'm referring to the first one to comment on my story)

I just wanted the adventures. I really want to do them with my boyfriend but it seems like he's not interested. This sounds funny but I sometimes think that he doesn't love me enough cos he's not willing to make time for my interests while I, on the other hand, always asks him about his day, his job, what he has been up to lately and I always show interest in everything he shares to me. He never even asks how my day was, how am I doing in my job, what have I been up to lately and he rarely shows interest in what I am doing and what my likes, hobbies and interests are. It's like, I should be the one to initiate a topic just so he can ask how my day was. And whenever we talk about my day, my interests and etc. he's always occuppied. I mean, he's sometimes on his phone, computer, doing something and just answer me, "Wow, that's great" or if ever I'm asking for his opinion, he'll just answer me "It's up to you."

I can tell that he loves me so much cos there are already countless times that I break-up with him whenever we argue and fight. I always do that. But no matter what the situation is, he'll always apologize and ask me to stay even if sometimes it's not his fault that caused our fight. He never ever let me go even for once. He loves me so much.. but I realized, LOVE alone isn't enough. You have to make time to cater each others needs. He does, but he's not mentally and spiritually present. He's always there when I need him but only his PHYSICAL PRESENCE. His mind and soul, it's not there.

Being loyal for almost 4 years, it's a great satisfaction and an achievement. I am proud of that. But I ended up thinking that there's more to life rather than always being with your partner every single day. I learned to get out of my comfort zone. I travelled with friends and enjoyed a lot. He never complained about me travelling with different people because he trusts me a lot just like how I trust myself not cheat. I HAVEN'T CHEATED ON HIM SO FAR. Just this little crush on his colleague that I am really into now.

I am really torn between taking a break from our relationship and involving into an open one since I want to enjoy life cos I'm just 21, or just stay with him since he's the only one I want to marry sooner. I am afraid to lose him, I'm a super complicated woman and he's the only one who understands my attitude, my flaw. He's the most patient person in the world to deal with my super complicated brain. Sometimes I come to think of the thought that, "Do I really love him? Or do I just love the feeling of being loved and understood that's why I stayed with him?"



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Friday, January 8, 2016 9:32 PM

  2nd response. You are going through a time of tuff decision. Listen to what you are saying. I love my boyfriend BUT he doesn't show intrest in me. I agree he is in the wrong. We will get to him later. Your words " I don't  want to loose him because only he understands me".BUT he is   not spiritually present.😦  How can someone know you and understand you if your not spiritually connected? He let's me do all the thing I want. So he trust you right? Four years I have yet (YET, this one is dangerous) to cheat on him. First thing, you not cheating is not an award is a morality issue. You make it sound like it's a hard accomplishment. Red flag for any guy. You did cheat just not physically. How will you feel if your man was thinking of cheating with your friend? Go off with his and see how fast the trust ends. You question if you love him. trust me that's not hard to figure out. when did this click in your head? (🙋 I know) when the other  guy came in to play. Sit and analyze  if the situation  was flipped in reverse. your mind is being clouded by the illusion  of this other man. Stop it. You will loose him.  Sit and talk to him and let him know your feelings. Be honest. If you can talk to a stranger  like me you can do it with your man. Tell him your attraction to this guy and why. I promise things will change. who cares about  his reaction in that moment. A switch will turn on inside of him. Talk now or you will cheat. There is no going back from that. I'm 38 and I'm still living my life having the best moments. You say your just 21 and  you want to live life. 😣 life doesn't stop because you get older. I have more fun now then I ever did. trust me I was wild at your age. It got me nowherebut I grew up faster then most. Sex is even better at this age. Trust me.  Choose love or your Fantasy. I  wish you could  see my ex girlfriend  she lived life because she was young. her 37 years look more like 48. I look like I'm 25. Open relationship  is a false love. To many women are spreading there legs in the name on independance but they are slaves to the idea of what a wo en should be. No originality.  Monogamy  is for two people who truly love each other and become one.  Talk to him. I will reply on your boyfriend selfishness  later. Wife needs attention. 

Saturday, January 9, 2016 5:54 AM

Your young, go and enjoy your life before you commit to someone. There are a lot of guys that will understand and communicate great with you. I beleieve your missing a few things in your relationship and if things havent changed then take a break and clear your mind from all men. You need to be more independant and take care of your needs especially if your boyfriend isnt making much of an effort to make you feel better. His lack of communication will eventualy break your relationship. Marriage should be completely out of the equation for now. Dont cheat it will make things worse just take a break for a while. I would set some goals and focus on my education, career, finances, then find a person that will give you the world. Lifes to short to live unhappy.

Saturday, January 9, 2016 7:11 AM

     Mr 2nd response. Another your to young moment brought to  you  by Mr. Love. Nothing wrong with commitment  at a young age. Mr. love must be depress now. It sounds like his life was over once he married. your young live your life. What! did it end 😂😂😂😂. By the way even bill Gates couldn't  give his woman the world. But he is right lack of  communication  will distroy your  relationship . If you communicate with him about your feelings  and he doesn't  acknowledge  it then he is a selfish  asshole. Sometimes no! most of the time men are dumb. We don't  really  understand  how to communicate  especially  at a young age. He has to take time out of his life to do the things you like or he is not caring about your needs. Relationship  should be 100/100 not 50 /50 for it to work. Talk and let him know your feelings. Tell him about the attraction  and why.   If your boyfriend  doesn't  respond  by fixing the situation  then leave. it may be he doesn't  really  love you. But what ever decision you make stay away from his friend. Lust  can only  get you  in trouble. update us after your conversation.

Sunday, January 10, 2016 3:16 AM

    Mr 2nd response .      

            So did you talk? what happen?  

Monday, January 11, 2016 2:06 AM

Hello, "Mr. 2nd response" and other people who gave their advices!

It was really really nice talking to you. I've learned A LOT. I have been looking for a website like this wherein I can share my problems and take advices from different people. I've been so lost and I don't know what to do and here I am, some kind of crying and smiling at the same time reading all your advices.

Anyway, there's nothing to worry about my boyfriend's friend since I got a mutual rejection from him. Hahaha! I followed him on instagram and he only liked a single photo and never followed me back. I felt really awful and sad. HAHAHAHA! (I find it really funny too) So I'm here feeling discouraged about him. I couldn't even look at him on instagram and facebook anymore. Lol!

Uhmm. About my boyfriend and I, we got into a small fight yesterday. I have been really tired of him not making time for me. I mean, I asked him to always sleep with me at the same time so we could talk life conversations or just talk about random stuff while waiting to fall asleep. But he just couldn't do it. He always wants to sleep late and everytime I come home from work, we seldom talk and have leisure time cos he always has anything to do (school/work related stuff) and I also am busy cos I have a sideline which is an online job. ALL I WANTED WAS A LITTLE BIT OF TIME TALKING TO HIM but IDK he just seem so busy all the time.  He even slept late last night and everytime he goes to bed, he always faces his phone while I'm talking to him about life, love and etc. and I always get a senseless response bcos yaah, he's facing his damn phone. I feel like I'm catering some 10 y/o child.

I even tried talking to him about these problems I got about him but it seems like he doesn't even change a thing. I'M TIRED begging for his spiritual and mental attention.

Monday, January 11, 2016 5:41 AM

Mr 2nd response. Sorry but this will hurt. He doesn't  love you. Think about it he has no time for you but his phone. Get up and leave. Do not tell him. Change your number. Put him on a no contact  list. Listen you, no! sorry all women are to be chased. You deserve it. You women are making  it far too easy for man. Then you wonder  why  men don't  comit and why they don't care too. You get involve with men like this and then feel unappreciated. Your desire of feeling wanted are ignored  and you and all women fall for the next good looks who show little interest in you. Why the other ignored you. Simple you wasn't a quick fuck. That's a good thing. If he new you were interested he would of play you like a violine. If your man loves you let him chase you. Do as I say. If he wants to be with you he will find you. Let him work for it. He is like a kid you say. simple take two kidz ( boys ) Give one boy an Xbox and makes the other one work for it. Then wait and find out who takes more care of the xbox.😉. 

Monday, January 11, 2016 6:13 AM

second part. if you would have made the mistake in cheating you would've  lived with regret. Stay honest and loyal even if he's  not.  Life does  not end with commitmenthe Nor does it get boring. True love always exite. Many marriages fail because they married some one they love but are not inlove with. Love will not be questioned. You will know. 

Monday, January 11, 2016 6:14 AM

part 3. He deserve no explanation  on why you left. If he wants one let him come fiND you. If he doesn't  you were saved  by  the  biggest mistake  of  your  life . Just because someone is marriage material doesn't  mean you should  marry him. Many people have opinions  but are always selfish  in the way they reason. Be careful on who's  advice you take. question all advice including  mines. Sorry for the💔. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016 3:34 AM

Cheat on his ass, dear, but don't do it just yet. Flirt with that one guy first. Make sure to keep me updated! :D



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