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Que Sera, Sera

My girlfriend cheated on me

Thursday, June 9, 2016 12:56 AM by Brandon Montano Rating: +4|-12

I just found this site and I think it's helped me. Here's my story


My girlfriend of nearly one year cheatedcheated on me with my former real good friend.I had just picked my former bud up from work, he was letting me and her stay with him at his house for a while until we got up on our feet. we had been there about a month and a half maybe 2 months, and for a while me and my girlfriend were happy then about 3 weeks ago we started having problems. I have Low T, I've been depressed about not being able to support her and us not having much income, which severely crushed my sex drive and made me even deny sex multiple times. I was unfortunately working out of town until I could be transferred over to a closer location so I had to stay out of town, with her mom mind you, for 4 days at a time, but it was my last week up there, the transfer had gone through, I only had to work 2 days then I could go back and be with my girlfriend. During these two days, after about 3 weeks of not having sex, she cheated on me. I came back home and I could feel tensions were high but I played it off and kicked it like usual. I started noticing that her and another roomates were always at near vicious odds, when they used to be playfully mean.I didn't ask, I just figured one of their jokes went too far. Turns out he had heard her cheating on me with the household leader. Apparently her noises woke him up and he noticed that one of the rooms was locked. 

Weeks went on and he springs a trip on me begging me to take him 300 miles to go see his long distance girlfriend he paid me of course. So I ask my girlfriend to use her jeep, knowing that my car is less dependable and in no way is ready for a 600 mile road trip. She agreed, I had to go without her because she was in the process of getting hired to a good job in town so I reluctantly left her and set on about the trip. On the way back the roomates is just going on and on about how shirt of a person my girlfriend is and that I deserve better, now mind you me and her had been fighting on/off a week prior until I kinda got my drive back and we got back in the sack. I told him that me and her were getting better, but he kept saying off things about her (to my ears). Now back to 3 days ago. 

I had just picked up my bud (head of household) from work and brought him home,  my girlfriend was away at work and the other roomate was staying with his sister for a couple days. It was just me and him. When we got to the house he went about making breakfast for me and him, we played some black ops 3 and after about an hour of playing her turned the system off and sat in silence. When I asked him what was going on he told me that he couldn't do it anymore, bust into tears and told me what he had done. I punched him in his face and he urged me to talk to him more before doing anything rash so I did. I can't remember what he said, I was too drunk on rage to remember. But in the end I passed out. I was awoken by my girlfriend on her lunch break, happy to see me, totally unaware of my conversation with the head of house. I couldn't talk. It took her going to leave for me to confront her. We yelled at each other for a good while after that, I even dropped her back off at work so that I could keep yelling my rage unto her. Then I sat there. I picked her up after work and began yelling at her again. I had to go to work now, so I drove to my work told her to sit in the car and think while I went in. I came back out on my break. We talked for a good long while, so long that I even got in trouble yesterday for taking such a long break. After work I had her drive. We went somewhere totally secluded from the world and kept talking. After discussing everything about this month that has happened so far and about our relationship. I came to a decision to stay with her. 

Trust me I know alright you don't need to comment "oh you're just giving her power now she can do it again and again without fear of losing you because you forgave her once you'll forgive her again and you'll die inside every day" trust me I know. She has been the Only one I've made this decision about. I've been cheated on 6 times now and every girl before her I have dropped and never even reconsidered them as a sentient being ever again.  But yeah I decided to stay with her, by no means does that mean I've forgiven her,nor do I trust her anymore. But she is willing to make up for it any b means necessary. Needless to say I've been testing that and thus far She has been successful. Me and her have since left my former friends house and are moving into an apartment tomorrow. I'm not asking for advice just what you think. I love her and she is willing to do anything for me to earn back my trust and  has thus far.


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Thursday, June 9, 2016 6:59 AM

Dude, it is your decision! You take it and live with it. The future could say you were wrong, but if this happends you need to move on. Still she is a bitch and your best friend....not a friend.

Thursday, June 9, 2016 9:25 AM

If I were You, I would start sharing 

Her with a total stranger once in a while. 

Take Her to a bar or a club & get some 

guy to notice Her. Ask Him to join You 

at your table buy Her some drinks 

if necessary. Tell Him You want to 

Get a Room so You guys can relax. 

Start talking about how hot looking 

She is & get them flirting. 

Then get on the Bed. 

Put Her in the middle, so both of 

You can put Your hands on Her. 

Share Her with Him. 

Now She will know that You Think 

Her Sex is great. Especially if You

Talk about what a great piece of ass 

She really is. Start doing this occasionally. 

Different Guy every time. 

Now She will start loving You more. 

You are getting Her needs met, but 

On Yout terms. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016 10:47 AM

The guy above me is right if your a pimp and want stds do what he said. Fucking pervs in this site. CULKHOLD are for beta dogs....

Thursday, June 9, 2016 10:52 AM

      Look at what you wrote you don't forgive or trust her. Then why stay. She created a wall that will cause you problems  In   the future. The house mate must know more  about the situation  then you think. If they were telling you  she was no good there might be more  to the story then you know. But it's your life and your mistake.

Sunday, June 12, 2016 8:42 AM

Yes, the trust is gone, but that doesn't mean she can't rebuild it, and she's been keeping up with it every day. Again I'm not defending her because what happened is deplorable. And no guest at 9:25 am that's not going to make her love me more nor is that going to do anything for me. That's honestly a really moronic way to go about this type of situation. I'm not a welcome mat.

And yeah diud, I've cut my ties with him, I respect that he told me about it, but as my best friend and roomate, he should've said no. Plain and simple

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 5:39 PM

Man! respect yourself! Once a cheater always a cheater. I also have been cheated by my ex. So I know how it might be hard for you this stiuation. But you have to understand that in real love there are no such things like this and the stiuation is temporary, just try to find someone to get over it, it helps a lot.  But leave her anyway and build a real realionship on a trust. If you countunie in this position after some time later your mind can give you bad messages about this memory and can cause you to ruin the relationship plus that the possiblity of cheater can contunie with her work. Best thing is to do to care yourself and think for yourself. She was selfish once. Now its your time to think for yourself. (it doesnt mean to say cheat her, just think whats best for you)


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