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RE: Depression helped me cheat

I cheated on my boyfriend

Saturday, December 10, 2016 12:15 AM by Lilly Rating: +2|-5

Hello everyone,

   It's been a year since I wrote the post about my depression driving me to cheat, so I'd like to put up an update just in case anybody wants to know what life is like after cheating. Just as a summary for anyone who hasn't read my other post, I was suffering from severe depression, and as a result I started looking for happiness through sexual encounters with other men, one being in the summer and one in the winter:

After that last post, I cheated with Dexter once more. This made me truly click and got it through my thick skull that I needed help, because I never break my promises and I did. So I got a new therapist and spilled my guts out. He took me off of all my medications (found out they were actually making my depression worse, to the point where I attempted to jump off a bridge and kill myself.) and just worked with him and focused on the Lord (my therapist is also a priest). It has helped so much. I get dips, but they aren't as bad, and even when they do get bad I now understand what I need to do in order to get myself back up again. I told Micheal (my boyfriend) about everything. He said he knew what was going on and he forgave me. Everyday I feel so blessed that I have Micheal in my life. I feel like I do not deserve him because of what I have done, and always try to be a better girlfriend because of it. Since getting treatment back in January I have not cheated again, nor do I ever plan to. My life still has many struggles, it is not a happly ever after, but it is much better. 

Thanks for reading

With love,


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