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Seven Year Itch

I cheated on my husband

Thursday, September 29, 2016 11:43 PM by Jane Rating: +139|-50

My husband and I had been married for seven years and we were not really communicating very much. We had settled into a comfortable place but yet I felt so alone. We had two daughters and I started going to the local community college three times a week. My husband and I were still having lots of sex but I still wasn't get my needs met. When I started back to school I would take the car and drive my husband to work then drop the kids off at my parents and go to school. It wasn't long before I started talking with my first boyfriend. Then I started seeing him after class as he wasn't far away. He and I talked alot and it wasn't long before things were getting hot and I found myself wanting to be with him.

So one day when I went to see him we had lunch eating Burger King food he got. We were sitting on his sofa at his apartment and we began to kiss. I was so turned on I felt myself ready to give my body to him. We made out with lots of rubbing and touching. Oh it felt so right and I new what I was doing was wrong but I wanted to do it even more. He picked me up and carried me to his bedroom. We kept kissing and he removed my top and then I unzipped my jeans. I removed them and was standing there in my bra and panties. I helped him out of his shirt and then his jeans. I took my top off and let it drop to the floor. He squeezed my breast and kissed them as I rubbed his head and ran my fingers through his hair.

Oh my how good it felt to be with him. Then I removed his underwear and we continued to kiss as he laid me down on the bed. I kept making out with him and I felt his penis pressing against me. I took it in my hand and stroked it. I decided to perform oral sex on him something I almost never did with my husband. I enjoyed going down on him and he played with my ass rubbing me through my panties. Then he slid my panties off and rubbed my legs as he did. It felt so good and I was so arroused and excited. Next he spread my thighs and got between them. I helped center his hard penis in my opening and rubbed the tip back and forth. I was so wet and his penis was leaking. Then I felt as he entered me. Oh God he felt so good. Better even than my husband. Probably because I was so turned on doing what I knew was bad for a married woman to be participating in.

I enjoyed what he was doing to me and we kissed and made out while he was thrusting. After a bit we switched and I got on top of him. I loved this position as this is what my husband and I did for our first time. Next I got on all fours and I enjoyed being taken from behind. It went on for close to forty minutes with Kevin finishing in the missonary position. We had not discussed what to do when the time came and he pulled out when he climaxed ejaculating on my tummy. He then continued making love to me for a little while. I told him that I was on the pill and he should have came inside me. I used my fingers dipping them into his semen and licking them off. I was seing Kevin a couple times each week and then going home and picking up my husband from work. I would even make love to him after being with my lover. I always took a shower cleaning myself up.

On time afterwards I didn't have time and was running late. I tried to get out of doing it but my husband just wouldn't let me. He said that I felt really wet and not as tight as usual and asked if I had been with another man. I told him no and he continued to make love to me. He asked me again if I had been with another guy. But I reassured him this wasn't the case. I knew that he might find out the truth and I actually wanted to get caught. It was tearing me apart but I didn't want to hurt him. So I kept quiet. I kept seeing Kevin for close to nine months before my husband dicovered the truth. I had always kept a diary since a young teen girl. My husband knew this. I kept it in the compartment on my side of the headboard but moved it to a slit inside the foam of one of the sofa seat cushions.

It just so happens my husband was looking for something he lost and felt the book inside the cushion. He told me that when he found the diary inside the cushion he had a sinking feeling. It couldn't be good why I was hidding it. So I was at a Boston concert when he found it and he read in my writing my own hand about what I was doing. He was crushed and freaking out. He actually called the areana where the concert was and told them to contact me to come home. They had a screen that they could put messages and such things on. I saw it and called home. He told me that he found my diary. I felt so bad and I told him I was leaving to come home. I told my girlfriend that I really messed up and needed to go home so we left. All the way home I figured he would throuh me out and we were finished. When I goy home he was really quiet and he took my hand and sat on the sofa.

He handed me the diary. I asked him how much did he read. He said just enough and what place. I knew he hand't read the worst. So I tore out o good portion of the pages. He asked to read them and I told him that he shouldn't. I hid them and sat back down. He wanted to know about how it started and what I did. He asked if I performed oral sex on him and I lied. He wanted to know how long and I told him about six months when it was closer to nine. He asked if Kevin's penis was bigger. I told him the same size. That too was a lie but I didn't want to have him question his love making skills. He wanted to know if I enjoyed making love to him. I told him the truth that I enjoyed the hell out of the sex. I knew he would never believe it if I said that I didn't, would you? He wanted to hear about it all including the first time. He even asked if he came inside me. Again I told him the truth about Kevin pulling out the first time.

After talking for a bit he told me that he forgave me and all he wanted to do was make love to me. I couldn't believe it that he still wanted me. He asked if I still wanted him. I told him yes and was relieved. We stripped each other and got naked. He went down on me and I performed oral sex on him. Then we made love all night long. He wore me out doing it four times. The first time lasted well over an hour. We slept a bit and at it again. So we are still together. Can you believe he asked me again about Kevin's size. I told him the truth figuring he could handle it. He asked who felt better. I told him what do you think. Kevin's bigger penis felt better. That's just the way it is. Now he asks me while making love what feels better bigger or smaller. I always tell him what in the hell do you think, Bigger does. I think he gets off knowing Kevin is bigger and felt so good and that I loved the sex with him. I like the sex with my husband but it was really awesome with Kevin. Maybe I should say just different. The hubby even tells me he is glad today that I did what I did cause we are closer than ever. I guess he is right we are closer. He asked me if I wanted to fuck Kevin. I told him no I have no interest in doing that. I was telling the truth. I have only been with my husband since that affair. We have been married now for thirty three years and I am glad we are together cause I don't want to be with anyone else. I love only him not even my first love Kevin. Bigger isn't always better. There is more to love and relationships than the size of the man's penis. It doesn't hurt though it sure doesn't.

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Thursday, November 24, 2016 9:42 PM

Tell me this isn't real... Did you really did this to him? And you think it's okay? You think that if he forgave you, everything is fine, that what you did was worth doing?


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