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She cheated but I want my child

My wife cheated on me

Sunday, November 1, 2015 5:44 AM by Guest Rating: +44|-9

Me(40 years old) and my wife(42) have been married for 21 years.We have a daughter(13).In the beginning our marriage was going great.Eventually,though,me and her became distant.Recently,she's been acting suspicious.I've been suspecting her of having an affair.I decided to talk to her about it.She laughed it off and said:Honey,don't be silly.I only have eyes for you.I believed her.She's a stay at home mom and I'm an Uber driver.2 weeks ago,on Thursday,I got home early and accidentally overheard her conversation on the phone.She called someone sexy and when she heard me coming in she hung up saying-"I gotta go".At that moment I knew something was going on so I confronted her about it.She said it was her girlfriend and that she was helping her surprise her husband etc.Obviously I didn't believe that.On Saturday,she came home very late chalking it up to celebrating someone's birthday.No house work was done that day,no dinner was cooked,our bed wasn't made.I decided I couldn't put up with this any longer.I hired a person to spy on my wife secretly.Long story short up until Sunday night that person showed me pictures of my wife meeting another man in several different places including them walking in a hotel together.I was furious and thought I'd confront her with the pictures but the person I hired to catch her red handed told me to catch her in the act because this way I'd have the upper hand in case I decide to divorce her.I listened to him.I let him in my house on Monday(I took a day off) and him and his "team" set up cameras in each and every room as well as recorders and so on.He told me to be patient and that they'd catch her.3 days later there were no updates.I called them every day to see if they caught my wife in the act but it was to no avail.I got mad and started accusing them of "robbing me" but they told me to be patient and came up with this idea-They told me to make sure my wife thought I was away for at least one day because this way she wouldn't spend money going to a hotel with the other man.I thought that made sense and I was willing to try so in the evening while having dinner I told my wife my colleague was getting married so I had to go and asked her if she wanted to come with me.She said she was feeling sick so she fell right into the trap.The following day went normal.I was away but she didn't cheat.She did housework and didn't even leave the house but 2 days later we finally got her.It was supposed to be the day I was coming home.What I watched was devastating.She had sex with our neighbor who's a man in his 30s(younger than us).She gave him a blowjob(something she doesn't do for me as she told me she believes it's degrading).They had sex in our own marital bed and she even let him come in her mouth.He came a lot and some landed on her boobs and got in her hair and some dripped on the bedsheets.She continued to suck his dick and was talking dirty to him.What she did and said in the end nearly finished me off.She put on one of my shirts,wiped the cum off of her tits with it and said I quote:Alright,I need to make

My husband dinner. Then she kissed his penis and attempted to kiss the man on his lips before he left but he backed off so she said: You're right,I should keep this one for hubby when he gets home and giggled.Then she called him a naughty boy and that was basically it.I confronted her with the video footage the same night and now I'm filing for divorce.I just wish there was a way to take full custody of our daughter.

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Friday, November 6, 2015 1:47 AM

Sadly,just because she cheated doesn't mean she's a bad parent in the eyes of the law so it's gonna be hard even impossible to take full custody as for the dirty talk,don't worry I presume she was spicing up things with her lover,just trying to feel naughty.


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