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She's the perfect liar

My wife cheated on me

Saturday, May 14, 2016 6:22 PM by DoubleAgents Rating: +42|-52

My wife and I have been married 10 years. A few years back we were very close with a black couple, my wife met him at work. She started asking to hang out with them at their house which was only 5 minutes away. Soon, we're doing almost everything with Felicia and Jay. Every weekend they'd invite us to their place (we had a smaller condo), we'd meet other couples, play party games and drink.

I never thought much of it at the time, but there were even a few nights that Jay took Jocelyn out, since I was working overnight. "What'd you guys do last night?" I would ask. "We just hung out here." Since I am the super geek I wasn't buying that answer. A few days go by and I call Felicia, I ask why she wasn't with Jay. "I didn't know we had plans, since you were working." We flirt a little while on the phone, but her ignorance and flirtatious manner actually makes me feel worse. During the time that we are spending time with Jay and Felicia, my sexlife with Jocelyn dwindled down to a couple times a week, and it's mostly her going down on me. it was mostly due to my night schedule, or so I thought. Which I didn't think about at the time, having my wife suck me off wasn't really a flag though in hindsight maybe it should've been.

Fast forward, and we go on a cruise with them to Italy. It's a great trip, for the most part. Jay gets hammered most nights, he and Felicia bicker a lot, there are even a few nights when Jocelyn asks me to spend time with Felicia while she hangs with Jay. On the return trip to Rome I hear about Jay getting sloppy drunk and making out with a white girl on deck. I ask him about it, he admits it and tells me the girl wanted his large cock. I don't need to hear or know anything about his cock. I ask if he and Felicia are staying together, he tells me he's not sure. He then tells me the white chick is married, her husband is on the ship. Wow, it's like high school all over. Jocelyn tells me she'll be with Felicia, shopping in the next port. I look for Jay but can't find him, so I try to catch up with my wife and Felicia.

2 hours later I find Felicia at a bar in town, she dressed showing off her hot body. She's got men buying her drinks, but when she sees me she comes over. She's drunk, Inask what happened to Jocelyn. Felicia tells me that she bailed at the last minute. On the walk back to the ship, I have Felicia close, she's so drunk I practically carry her back. I ask her if Jay would ever try anything with my wife. She tells me she wouldn't put it past him, he's stepped out on her before. I hold her close wondering if Jay has been fucking my wife. Felicia's hard body and thin sundress are too much for me. She begs me to fuck her, "Jay hadn't touch me once this whole trip. I fuck her once in a dark alley, then just before we get aboard the ship, I fuck her in the ass -I can't help but think that my wife has been cheating on me with Jay. I get angry and fuck Felicia's ass punishing her with a rough ass fuck, strangely she tells me that she enjoyed it. Then she confesses that Jay had asked her back when he first met Jocelyn if she would be interested in swinging with another couple, or if they should try an open marriage. I think back to the overnight deadlines that they would spend at their office. I ask everyone on the crew what they know, there's spotty information. I spend the night on deck, later I will hear Jocelyn come to a screaming climax. She'll later confess that she was just masturbating with her BBC dildo. 

"Are you and Jay fucking." I'm not into black guys, besides we're good. I setup a hidden spy cam when she's in the restroom, I don't tell her about Felicia or the cam. I leave my wife in our cabin and check on Jay and Felicia. Felicia is alone, crying, she tells me Jay's been cheating on her for at least a year. Let me know if there's anything you need or that I can do for her, she undressed in their stateroom. While Felicia is in the restroom, Jocelyn calls me by accident. But I can only hear heavy breathing. Felicia comes out, and though I am excited and attracted very much to her, I am wrapped up with the thought of Jay fucking my Jocelyn. I use Felicia's body, I fuck her mouth, her pussy and her asshole -she loves it, I make her climax more that night than she had in a year, she feels so much that she wants to try hooking up a couple times a week when we get back home, anywhere I want. I tell her sure. 

I call my wife on her cell phone but don't get an answer. I try again 15 minutes later this time I can hear her speaking with someone. When I get back to my stateroom Jocelyn is already in bed, she tells me she had too much to drink. Once she really falls asleep I retrieve the camera, but don't review it. 

I don't review it until I get home a week later. I also review footage from the condo, the nights I was working. I stop before anything happens and decide to store it in my safety deposit box. 6 months later Jay and I have a heated argument, we walk outside I lay him out. From the ground he looks up at me and confesses that he has been fucking my wife behind my back. Then he drops a bomb, she's such a slut he's been trading her. I tell Jay if I see him again I will kill him, he should move. I eventually get the video I should've watched sooner. I determine that I have over 8 hours of footage of my wife cheating on me with 6 different guys. I never saw Jay again, Felicia calls whenever she has the urge. I stay married with Jocelyn, but she's more of a whore than ever, I am more of a pimp. Life is strange.


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Sunday, May 15, 2016 9:49 PM

damn you have a crazy life. 


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