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Thursday, April 14, 2016 12:51 AM by Rooter235 Rating: +2|-3

I am in a happy healthy relationship since 2 years. My girlfriend is cute, sexy, mature, loving, caring and most of all she's a great truthful soul. I don't mind admitting it, I like sex a lot, more than she does. She's a really true person. She speaks what she has in her heart and i love that about her. But to be honest, it has started to get a little lonely now because she doesn't think beyond what she speaks in front of me. She doesn't feel making that extra 10% effort in a relationship is necessary. I have done everything what i could do for my queen in this time. She has been kept with a lot of honour. I might have given her too much that it has made her very needy now. I think of her smiles 18 hours awake and 6 hours sleeping. I crave to make her suprise, But i dont see that in her. I really love her but I have grown a side which keeps telling me that I want to have sex outside my relationship to stop this urge. I don't have any other targets or options except her. I only have her and i have only her these 2 years. I think of giving this urge a little more time to let it settle on its own. But i dont know what should i do when it doesn't go away. Should i consider cheating. I can't ask her. She'll kill me if she knew I was thinking about cheating. It'll kill her if she knew i did. But i don't want to screw my relationship just because of my urge. I tend to get a little irritated when it gets very dissatisfying.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016 12:15 AM

What you need is friends with benefits horny boy XD

Sunday, April 17, 2016 9:53 PM

Don't do it dude.  If you love her you wouldn't. That shit hurts so bad and she sounds so innocent.  It would plague her day and night for years.  Come out with it.  Tell her you're fighting your demons, and you need her to understand and help you.  Hell,  like star wars? Roll play that shit. Then your banging princess leia, and you love get all the more for coming out and trying to help in your brief time of weakness.  Rise above todays standard.  Cheating has become such a norm.  Hold onto your morals like your did cheat and now she's coming after your balls with a hedge trimmer!! Good luck to you and yours.  Proud of ya.

Monday, April 18, 2016 11:01 AM

I agree with the other comment. You should definitely hold back on those temptations and desires to find sex elsewhere. I tell you this because I was in a similar situation and I took the other road. I met a girl at a club and ended up up having a very intimate 3 months where I would lie about where i was going and who I was with. I would even sleep at the other girls house and hide the fact that I was not at home. Anyways, things got pretty intense with the girl I had met and I found myself falling for her while having this innocent devoted girl just eating up all of my lies. Both of them were innocent and did not know about eachother. The girl I had been seeing found out she had cancer and left the country for treatment. I then went back to being steady with my girlfriend. She then returned after her treatments had been completed several months later and she had beat the cancer. We saw eachother a few more times but not as intense because her mom was staying with her. I had to make a decision and I told her that I had been seeing my "ex girlfriend". She was devastated and asked me if I started to see her as soon as she left for treatment. Little to her knowledge, this was not an ex but someone I had been with the whole time. She was in the middle of deciding whether she would stay in the city to continue her shcooling. The news I delivered made her decision very easy. She left the country and now studies abroad and I havent talked to her since. I am currently with my girlfriend and I will always have this situation haunt me. I wish I never went and looked for something else. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016 10:58 PM

I have the same situation. I love my wife but I enjoy sex too much than what she wanted. So, I occasionally have some fun outside the marriage to ease the urge. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016 6:32 PM

You sound really beta. Women don't want to be in a relationship with another woman. They want to be in a relationship with a man. If you make a woman your queen she can't have any respect for you. If you don't understand this, Google is your friend. 



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