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Two faced fake friend

My husband cheated on me

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 5:10 AM by Emy10284 Rating: +2|-7

my husband had a buddy named mark who owned a truck shop named mark. My husband started working for him so naturally I felt hey I'm living in a new state we both have kids the same age let me become fitness with his wife. So we are friendly hang out, text , our kids play together. My husband before couldn't stand her. She is very hillbilly like uneducated and tried to have a hand in running the shop. My husband would constantly complain how annoying it was she would screw things up and he could stand her . Well the second time around my husband working for mark she was working as a receptionist and he was like a shop Forman so he spent more time working in the office and guess what ! He wasn't complaining about her so much any more . Surprise surprise. I noticed she started calling and texting my Husband more and more after hours with "work" issues and he had to work late. Then it becomes that they are playing phone games suddenly and she eventually starts to text with randomly with lame excuses. I guess this was a distraction thing like I won't notice them texting. I question the issue and she says oh sorry I guess I shouldn't bother him after hours with work . He finally says they are just friends and he likes talking to her ! What ?! You hated this bitch and we use to make fun of how backwoods ignorant she was . Well I guess pussy doesn't need an iq. So I start snooping in his work phone and the dumbass has unknowingly been backing up all this instant messaging conversations. It's all there saying I love you , setting up meetings after work during work talking about noti letting me catch them . I even found the convos in their damn games . I knew that bitch was so stupid to play scrabble. She tried to tell her husband I'm crazy but I email him everything. My husband screams and cries I'm sorry . I kick him out for a little while . Unfortunately I felt bad for my kids and let him come back on condition he gets a new job , counseling and no secrets left no passwords new email. The whore here basically turns out to love the fact I'm upset she rubs it all in my face , laughs about it . Tells me she fucked him in my car. Tells me they didn't use protection could be pregnant. Tired to continue the affair with my husband and made his last day there picking up his tool insane . He turned the camera in the shop awash from him and she flips out calling up there asking other mechanis where he is ! It was crazy. 

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