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Was she cheating

My wife cheated on me

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 8:34 AM by Corey Rating: +14|-34

Well I had my suspicious, about my wife cheating on me.  Over the years at different times I think something up. But I tell myself that she the goodie good girl and didn't have anytime to cheat.  With her work and picking up the kids in all.  I worked 16 to 18 hrs a day most time but I still wanted as much sex as possible, when I came home at night.  And for long peroid of time I get nothing. Her head hit pillow she was out of it.  I lay there mad and alot of night I would just get back up and go work on something.  Then they were times I act like I asleep and maybe 30 min later, my wife would start playing with herself and making little sounds.  She do that for a long time but if I try to put my hand on her she act like she asleep and roll over.  So when I figured out how to use Google maps and had her gmail account.  It tracks her travel and stamp the time for over 2 yrs.  It had track me to.  I was shocked, when we be together going so where. It tracking would be the same and not show up at odd places.  But when she was at work, some days it showed her over 3 yrs a day away from where she worked at different odd location. Houses, hotel, and stores which I had no idea of.  We kept our Walmart receipts and the time of checkout stamp on it with the date too. On the Google maps I could pull up that date and it would show her in Walmart at that time.  So then I gotten cell phone and they alot numbers I never seen before.  But they was one or more got my attention.  When I ask her about them, she said that a girl I work with. I ask how much she talk to her and she said not muvh, but the cell phone record showed that over three years that she had talked to that number more than anyone.  I said what you'll talking about she said work.  And left the room and said you don't trust me and want me to stop digging. She wasn't interested in me asking anymore questions either.  So I compared the maps time with phone record time and with bank statements.  It appears like she hiding something after that.  So one night I pick up her phone and it had Snapchat on it.  It best a picture of my best friend baby.  I never said anything about it for week or better.  Our number and his wife number was on there to much at the same time as that other number.  But they wasn't suppose to know each other.  But the Snapchat came from suppose to be the girl she worked with but it was my best friend baby. Odd.  So when I said something about it, she said I crazy and when she came home from work one day she said this is the baby you saw dress up like this.  It totally wasn't.  So few more weeks go by and I still was looking and one night I pick her phone up and called that number, she went off and hit me in the chest about the time they answer the phone.  But it was a girl answer the phone and at that same time I drop the phone real hit against the floor.  She going around in circles holloring and going crazy.  I pick up the phone walk to another room and she's stay going off acting crazier than me and I busted the phone on the on the floor and walk to living and sit down with my seven years old.  She came in there with her broken phone and started running her mouth and hit me three times besides the head and I said you hit me one more time , I will something to you. My seven saw it all and our three just got out bath tub.  She and the three yr old left and the seven yr old stay with me.  I don't know where she went but she stopped by my dad's and use the phone.  My three yr old told me months later that mommy stop by pa's and called Jamie.  But when I ask her she said she called Ashley the girl she worked with and was the number I call when I broke her phone.  But one time I called that number, Jamie answer it and it was Jamie baby was the Snapchat picture that day.  Jamie was my best friend wife.  Next day after she had left I took my little seven yr old to his double header ball game but met her going to the house.  Her sister and her boyfriend was at the game. He was talking on the phone to someone about broken phone.  I knew it was her, but when he hang up, he said a boy he work with had a broken phone. I knew he was lying but I didn't say nothing.  She had showed up yet and before the first game was over I had all I could take and left and went home.  She had gotten more of her stuff but not all of the important stuff.  I called her sister phone and finally got her and said you going play like this you need come right now and get the rest.  Or I going throw it out and burn it.  So later on that afternoon I called down her parents house to talk to my boy and her dad said there not here yet and game was over hours before then.  Called back at 9:36 and she answered I said let me talk to our son. I talked him about his game and hung up.  The next morning I loaded I guess 20000 dollars worth jewerel up and went by her work she wasn't there. She was at her parents either but when I went back by her work she was setting in the car.  I stop got out and unloaded the jewerel in the parking lot. Walk up to the passage side door open it and said there it is, but a phone was in the passage sit, I got it and put in my pocket. She didn't see me. I got in truck started driving off, I swip the screen on phone and went to call log.  Three number on it. Her sister, her mother and our neighbor which is a cop.  I turn around and got out and said you are doing him. And the look on her face was shocked. That I knew now.  I got key and card and left.  I called him from that phone and said why you talking to my wife, he didn't even know what to say. I hung up and met him driving fast to her.  I sent home and my mother come and got the keys and phone later and took to her. She got epo and fell to tell about her hitting me and fall to say I bring jewerel to her and said I pull in the first time and threaten her which was a lie.  After 5 weeks of going to court it got drop.  I said who told you get the epo, I said our neighbor did she said know he never told me to that someone come out no where and made her go get it.  Over 5 month she told me five different stories about it and the last one was what I said from the stsrt. The one I accuse her of, our neighbor.  She says she never been unfaithful or lied. But she filed for divorced right on the start.  Am I crazy or was she cheating

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015 4:39 AM

I beleive she cheated with the fucken pig next door. If your wife is not giving it up then she's getting it somewhere else buddy. Solve your court issues and continue with the divorce. Nobody deserves to be cheated on and once it happens game over things will NEVER be the same. I cant stand Ho's and pigs. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 8:45 AM

Yes, she was cheating. Something to think about though. You were working 16-18 hours a day then coming home and wanting sex, right? Thats doesnt sound like a great relationship for your wife. My guess is shes want more than to be just a sexual relief for you. Again, Im guessing, but she probably started an emotion relaitonship with someone else because, most likely, you weren't able to provide that. Once the emotional relationship starts it quickly turns into a physical one. WIth that said, next time around, work a bit less and invest in your relationship with you wife. Im not blaming you for anything though, in the end your wife should have came to you with any issues she was having and not to someone else, which is not what happened.


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