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Was she cheating

My wife cheated on me

Thursday, November 5, 2015 8:44 AM by Keri Rating: +37|-34

I ask my wife about some numbers on the cell phone bill. One number I knew and the other I didn't  One was suppose be my best friend wife number and the other she said was a girl she worked with.  But when I called it, it was my best friend wife answered.  I spoof my number and it showed it was my best friend wife number when she answered.  When I ask my wife she said that wasn't my best friend wife number anymore and when I asked my best friend, he said it was her number. So when I told my wife, she said I didn't tell you that wasn't her number.  Then my wife left and filed for divorce.  I haven't talked my best friend in about 6 months and use to talk him about three times a week.  But I checked my wife voicemail and he had left a message on there.  So was my wife cheating with my best friend because it very odd if she wasn't.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015 1:48 PM

My wife did not realize one night I had put a program I wrote as a lark at first, but I left it on my windows based phone. It was both a tracker program and as soon as it was used i could remotly turn it back on. I did it as an anti theft tryout, But one morning she said she was going to be with her old roomate from college and I knew she had gone to an all female school in the 70s, she did not bring the woman in to intropduce us like i had asked she thought the muscle relaxer I was sent home from rehab with was enough to keep me asleep when she left. I had watched her put four of them int my drink the night before. I watched as the Sostic pulled out but could not see who was driving it. I owned a PT at the time. She finally answered the phone at about 6 that evening and with a punch of one key on my keboard here I activated the software I had installed. I found out she was with a man at a csaino about 40 miles away. i traked them to the downtown Hyatt at about 1030. she called and said her and her friend were still tallking. at that point i sent the signal to keep listening. I heard her tell the other guy that i would be taking my meds and be sleeping when they got back the next morning. that was the first time i heard the guy telling her I must be a pathetic specimin.

   I listened as they had their laugh at my expense. had their lovemaking time and the sound of them sleeping . At just short of nine the next morning I heard my wife say OMG is that the time I have to get home before he wakes up. I knew exactly when that solstic pulled in. she said good i was probably out at micky ds geting my breakfast he should leave and she could make some xcuse about loosing track of time about that point i blocked them in. Went up to the passenger side and taped my cane on the window. It rolled down She said i know how it looks. I said i know exactly how it looked. And my wife said do we have to have the coming discussion on the street, can't we go inside. I said yes there were several things i needed him and her to sign. I had the Guardianship the state had issued on her in 1985, I wanted him to take it. I had an inventory list for her and what i wase going to ship to her. I wanted a quit claim on the rest. I unblocked the drive and followed them in and heard watch this. The next thing I knew was i was face first on the floor after my cane was swept.

   I heard the other man start laughing and calling me pathetic, I rolled over with my cane still in my hand. I had made this cane to acomodat my hieght and to give me a workout when I walked trying to gain strenght without feeling in my legs, It weighed over 13 pounds and was four feet long. I took the tip of and threw it as hard as I could like a spear. I was hoping that I had thrown it hard enough to drive through her scull into his I missed her and fractured his scull. When the police arrived I was stting in front of him hittiung him in the face and everytime screaming who's pathetic now. I was hauled of to a stress center i had not realized i had knock several teet out in the fall i was bleeding pretty good. My wife was crying in the corner where I swatted her when she tried stoping me.

   A week latter my father comes out in the day room after talking to my doctor and starts yelling at me how could i do what i did to my wife and him telling my therapist about what should have been considered a private family matter. He did not tell my mother that my father and my wife were being sent to family social services for long term abuse of an adult. He was chased out of the day room by the wheel chair i was allowed to use as a walker. I was put in the jacket and the cool off room the second time after the wheel chai went through the glass doors after my father. My wife took my cane and wallet with her as well as my heavy coat. A week later I was schedualed to be released. It was a very cold day with windchills in the -40 range. I did not have my cane, any gloves nothing to protect my face. my shoes had no shoe strings. about all I had to wear outside was a hoody. My jeans shirt and sweater, My wife doesnt drive so they called my father to come get me. He told them to shove me out the door and let me walk the 20 miles home he said it would build my charecter, Give me the lesson that needed to be reenforced about looking to my betters. I listened to the whole conversation with the ward nurse. She said was there any one else she could call. I knew my sister worked on Saturday and i had been kept pretty much isolated the last 31 years before mrsa at work, Insurance was not going to let me stay, and the staff thought they would take up a collection until they diuscovered my insurance had a transportation clause.

I was loaded in a taxi 15 minutes latter, The driver helped me up the steps, i apologised for not having a tip for him and i thought i was going to have to hammer on the Patio door to be let in bu8t discovered it was unlocked. I went in and my wife came out of the bedroom dressed to kill and wanting help with a clasp. She was totaly shocked i was home. I said good i haven't been out since before our wedding it was time for me to go to a movie or somthing. She was backing off saying my father told her that i would not be able to get home until at least the next day, She said she was not dressed to go out with me she had a promise to keep to my father and his best friend about a fund raiser.

It was supposed to be my mother, father, and my leacher best friend of my fathers. to go to a fund raising dinner. I looked at her and said i don't care what promise she made to any one, she had broken so many to me over our marriage they may as well get used to broken promises, because from that second I came first, Under our roof I was the final Judge and Arbitor of were she went and with who. I told her as of that night she was going to be a real wife and I was not taking second place to any one else. She screamed Help and took off for the door, I turned her dress into confeti Then turned the rest of what little she wore into nothing also and said you can go stand on the street and scream for help now. I said I wonder how long she would survive with nothing on in -40 degree wind chills I estemated less than two minutes. She tried a negotiation next. backing into the house farther, She grabbed her purse and handed me my wallet and keys, she said I will tell you what just pick a place everyone can meet. And we will get my grievances on the table she talked about we will decide what i would be allowed. I was not letting her or any one else decide what I was allowed. I was not going to look at the glass half full and I was not going to wait for anthor day.

I did not give her the choice the next half hour about deciding she was going to be a real wife, She got up. I handed her the phone and said it's 911 don't clean up and don't clean her riped up cloths up. The police would want a rape kit on her and crime scene pictures. She just sat crying that all I had to do was wait a few more years. She finally went to the DA to file a complant at my fathers pushing. I again pulled thier teeth by handing scaned copies of her and my journals for the last 31 years to them to put into evidence.

I had thrown my fathers best friend off my porch intending for him to go through my fathers windshield he smashed face first into the ice covered drive, and the last three years any armed or otherwise interference in my houshold rule of where my wife is invited i will be considered invited has met with me hurting my father twice the last toiime breaking his neck. the first time his jaw. two of his friends ended up with my cane laying their faces open to the jawbone after they pointed pistools at me and did not kill me.

I feel your pain sir, I don't wish this discovery on any one, me her AP would never be wanted by a woman not even his wife. I would talk to his wife and see what she is doing, see how I could arrange for your wifes and lovers pain to be increased ten fold, I would tell their church and friends what they had been up to and try and get like the amish say shuned. But as My wife says I am one vengful SOB with no human feelings.

Sunday, November 15, 2015 7:33 PM

Men yes that would be odd.  She may be cheating on you with both of them.  Hard to say not knowing more, but most likely she was cheating or something they was doing to hide from you.  Is she on drugs.

Sunday, November 22, 2015 3:21 AM

grammar and sentence structure was so horrible i literally could not understand anything that was going on.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 2:20 AM

Sounds like she was a drama queen and didn't care who or what she screwed over or up for anything.  Karma a bitch and a day she will understand it then.  As bad as you hate just let the bitch go and move on. She nothing but self centered whore that gets her way.


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