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Wasted life

My wife cheated on me

Thursday, November 5, 2015 7:34 AM by Guest Rating: +1|-9

I have been married for 33 years now, tired worn out, and sick. When i met my wife I was a submarine sailor older than mst sailor because i had served in the army from 1972 to 1976, and started working in A big three auto manufacturing company represented by the UAW, I remained in the Gaurd while working there, When I saw that the economy was going to tank in 1979 I took a Military leave of absense and went into the NAVY Where six months latter i met my wife. We married in early Janurary 1981, Almost as the ink was applied to the license. Our life was torn to shreds when A boat going out the next morning needed a replacent crew because most the depatment in was in was busted in a urinalisys. The day we married i was loaded into a COD and flown to catch the boats sailing.

I was basically gone either at schools or at sea the next three and a half years When i arrived back and decided to discharge and go back to my civilian job. Whe i came home my father was angry i did not reup, i was handed a Guardianship on my wife because she is bi polar my second day home, My father had screamed me back to work yelling that I wanted to come back i could go back an hour after getting home, The second day back I had him pinned to the ceiling already tired of his interference. We were yelling back and fourth about gettingh my wife out of the room she was in and letting he do a new home search with me. My father was screaming I did not have time to deal with her. I was yelling that  i would have if he had not been screaming at me about reinstating. I was considering punching his clock, when my wife came out and begged me with my mother to let him down.

The next day I went and arranged to the get things she left in chatrles town and i got picked up during my out prossecing delivered to the house we chose. Took her back to my fathers so i could go to work. My father was waiting with a girl and her mother. and my father again lite into me about i could not wait for a couple of years to starte disrupting lives. I had put my shift preference in She had six months to my over 8 years, he turned to my wife and said these last three days enogh to convince her. She tells me that I would have to wait another two years to get our marriage started, She wanted it to start in peace, couldn't i just stay where i was at for a while and starte things without rancor, let people just get used to my return. I looked at my father and told him that this was his idea wasn't it. he said yes i had to have something to control me, I grabed the keys to the house we had just taken. Got my old sleeping bag and air mattres out of the garage. And she runs up and asked why was i angry, it was just going to be two years until we could have a life in peace.

Basicaly as far as I was concerned she had started our life by betrayal, I wanted the same greeting other wives gave their husbands, Instead I was back at work 12 hours a day seven days a week, i even did not tak a vacation and worked the holidays the next two years. Got to when my wife got us on the same group trip to Rome two years latter. The week before My father was at it again He wanted me to give my vacation upo to the same girl  that had six months two years before, if i took my vacation slot she could not go with her mother, father, and her fiance' This time i was ready. I pulled her bible out and said if i do as you ask the day you return you wont say a word about the vacation i want, or the marrital bed.

She swore on it that whatever i wanted when they got back i could take, i wanted to talk about it when i was taking them to the airport, My father said we will talk in private about my danm vacation, don't ruin theres by being angry. I told him one more word i was dumping him on the interstate and lets see him catch his flight. I was ther at six thirty to collect them two weeks latter, They piled off the plane talking about what they had seen and done, I pulled the van up and opened the backMy wife spoted my packed duffle in the back, She asked why was it packed and why was I in such a hurry to get everyone home I had seven hours befor needing to be back at work. I said I planed for us to be in kansas by 3 that after noon because we were going to Yosemitee on my half of the vacation money and the return of the finds for my ticket that I refused to just giver as a gift.

MY fathers screaming we just got back can't you just wait until we catch our breath and we will tell you when You need to take your vacation, Its seven months in january or february. I asked him why he thought he had any thing to say. My wife was crying now and said I bought a new pair of boots as a peace offering. Cant i just wat seven more months. I said that time was useless. She would blow the budget on christmas and a road trip was not feasable because i was not ice skatting across country, I said you swore on a bible that anything i choose and any place and ant time. She said well its like i was holding them up at gun point. She said if i took off down the road with her she would have the police on me. I said fine and left the interstate for the bus station. I pulled her luggage out bought her ticket to her mothers, Told her i was returning her in the same condition i recieved her seven years before. Handed her 13000.00 out of the accounts and mad her cash 1000.00. I asslo signed the divorce filing I went to the cklerks office the day before put it into effect. A minute latter my mother told my father he had better back away slowly because i told him if he laid one finger on me he would need a headstone where he stood. My father went to the phone and called someone and by the time i deliverd my mother and father home, i was met by one of my fathers friends, a judge.
  Haded me a court order to keep my present rate of earning at the level it was and send my wife a normal 40 hours pay  I was to live off the rest.

 This took me down to less than i made in the NAVY since i had too pay taxes out of my end, I moved into an old 12 x 50 mobile home everything went into a storage shed I basically Lived on a foam mattess in the kitchen with a sppace heater. With all the OT i worked out of it I recieved only 1 10th of my pay for two years. WQhemn my wife and her mother came back for the dissolution hearing I found out the Guardianship issued in 1985 did not allowe a divorce without more money than i could ever get. My father on the courthouse steps said did i get the court order removed to make me work , THe judge said he was leaving that in place for a while to ensure i did not cause trouble. In 2009 I was to sick to work any longer, the order had hit the end in 2007 and i was going on the orient express trip that year, I Was looking through my laptop bag for the passes, When my wife said I took them out three datys ago, She said I was not going she had traded my ticket back, She said its just to keep the peace. I told her then she was not going, I took her purs and headed back to my truck. I had TSA and a sheriffs deputy asking were i was taking her purse I said she was not leaving on the trip eoither since she stole from me. All the sudden my union steward was there The union president Asking me to please just go to work I had 34 years seniority and if i went to jail i could loose my retiirement. I threw her purse at her knocking her flat on the floor and said I wanter only a quater of the money she had in her purse left. She was saying why did i have to cause trouble. I had only six days off from Juen 1st 1985 To october 24 2009, when both times i was on an operating table. @009 meant three years of hard trehab and other medical surgeries after mrsa got into my spine. one heart surgery and 3 stroks also happened after that spinal fusion. When I came home in January 2013 My wife had been in an affair with an old Boy Friend for over a year.

He thought humiliating the cripple would be funny when I caught them, What happened after i hit the floor when my cane was sweept by him and he started laughing calling me pathetic My cane slammed into the side of his head fracturing his scull, The police found me hiting him yelling whoes pathetic now. I came home to my wife going to a fund raising dinner as a promise to my father. She Was begging me to meet them after the event when i ripped every stich off her, She thought that talking all my grievances through was going to calm me down, She asked me if I wanted my father to come down on me with his friends, I told her thats precicly what i wanted to line them up in the same damn hole and start puting dirt over them, I owed thenm nothing and was going to take what she owed me for 31 years of marrital abuse. This time I was not letting her try and use the promise of sex as a tool to back me down. about 45 minutes later I was done. My fathers best friend was blleding in the drive where he hit face first. I had given my wife the phone to dial 911 told her not to clean up the police would want a rape kit. I left my father in the drive helping his friend. My mother was sitting next to my wife, She said the next day she knows i wanted to use that night as a way to nail everones hide to the barn door but she had an alternate solution. My wife and I were move 1230 miles to the west.

This years trip my father felt my defiance was beyondre the limite he would stand and got his neck broken for it. Some people think that for having to work so much at times being pushed in at shotgun point, That my resentment over that is badly misplaced, I have been told if i did not like the way i was treated why didn't I just vanish. I don't know anyone that lives a life like that. My father askes was my getting even with them worth the people broken, the broken families, Was my not haveing the marriage and time off i wanted worththe terror I created.

 I am leaving it up to the courts So far they have been behind me. I finally got thinfgs so bad it had to come to the notice of officials.

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