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wife cheated

My wife cheated on me

Monday, February 29, 2016 11:50 AM by chillguy Rating: +51|-9

So i met my wife Hannah in 2009 while in attendence at UCLA. We were both in the midts our junior years at the time. After being introduced through mutual friends it was clear that we were both into each other. Hannah was in a relationship at the time with a guy she had known since high school, and i was fresh off a year long relationship that had amicably come to an end due to a mutual decline in interest. (it was pretty casual so it really wasnt a big deal. we're still friends today and we blaze together on the regular.) From the first time we met we started hanging out, in groups of our friends and just the two of us. For a couple months we were really just friends doing what friends do. We'd go see shows, hit up the beach, go to cannabis expos, i mean whatever you know.. it was all good and all fun at the time. About 3 months after we had first met we were hanging out on my roof top with a few of our friends ejoying some beers and passing bowls around. It was a solid time for sure. Long story short we hooked up, she sucked my dick (didnt fuck) and she slept over. The next morning i let her know that what had happened was not cool becuase she already had a dude. I felt like an ass because i let her suck me off knowing she was dating this dude. Anyhow, jump ahead 2 more months. She breaks it off with her dude and we start hanging out even more. At this point we are still not "together" yet, but we were chilling pretty much all the time. One day im hanging out with a "kindafriend" (we were cool but not super close or anything) and this girl he was into. I get a call from Hannah inviting us all to come kick it at her place. When we got there we all took shots and hung out for a bit before hannah and i went upstairs and started hooking up. We were inturupted by Sarah (my buds girl downstairs) dropping and shattering a bottle of wine. So we went and helped them clean up. After we had soaked up the wine and the floor was once again clean my friend asked to use the bathroom. Hannah directed him upstairs because the downstairs bathroom was a temporary dog kennel for three labs Hannah was looking after for some friends. For a while Hannah, Sarah and i sat around drinking beer and talking about random shit. I had honestly forgot that Chris (my friend) was there. At this point its probably 2am and Hannah said she was going to lay down and asked me if i wanted to join her, i told her yeah, and that id meet her up there once i finish my beer and convo with Sarah. 20 or so minutes go by and i realize i left my phone up in Hannah's room. I ran upstairs to grab it real quick and once i walked into Hannah’s room i saw she was sucking Chris’s dick. I just grabbed my phone and went back downstairs, Sarah and i ended up falling asleep on the sofa. That was that i didn’t bring it up to her and she didn’t bring it up to me. Weeks passed and we kept chilling and getting closer until we finally started dating. A few years go by and we eventually get married in 2013. Since then life has been dope. I landed a lucrative contract with a label and stared producing for some rather big name artists. We live in a 2.5 million dream home in the bay area with our 16 month old son. Life has been good recently except for the fact I’m traveling frequently for my job. I have to fly all around the country on at the very least a biweekly basis, if not weekly for months at a time. So this past December i signed a deal to produce a record for an artist out of the Atlanta area. Since about 2 weeks into the month of January I’ve been flying to Atlanta every Monday morning and flying back home on Thursdays to spend the weekend back home. Lately when I’ve come home ill notice little things that will set off red flags in my mind. For example: a case of red wine in the wine cellar (Hannah HATES red wine), old prepaid burner phones in the trash with their batteries removed, a box which held a bottle of lube in the recycling bin, my wife's accounts on the computer have all been set to password protect, and i also saw she had purchased new lingerie which was in her closet but she had not debuted them for me yet. After a couple weeks of sketching the fuck out i purchased some hidden cameras that shoot HD and are motion activated. Set up 7 of them in total. Kitchen, Master bedroom and bathroom, living room, both her studio and mine, and the indoor porch where the hot tub it. The cool thing about the cameras is that i can both record and watch the live stream on a mobile device if i want. So anyways i set up the cameras and come that Monday hop on my flight to ATL and cross my fingers hoping I’m just sketching and that nothing will come of this. I was busy as hell the first few days so i didn’t have the time to check up on the videos but on Wednesday i found some time and decided to see if the cameras had captured anything. Sure enough they had. The kitchen camera was the first to be activated. The video revealed my wife walking into the kitchen with some guy who actually kind of looks like me. They are talking for a while then start kissing passionately and feeling each other all over. After making their way into my bedroom and striping themselves of their cloths my wife got on her knees and sucked this dude for a while. Once he had his oral fix he spun her around and fucked her doggie, her face was buried in my pillow. They proceeded to change positions and continue fucking in several different positions for about 20 minutes until she let him shoot in her mouth. She swallowed everything. During this time I’m feeling a combination of everything you can feel. Extreme rage, humiliation, sadness, confusion, betrayal, excitement…it was the strangest feeling in life. I couldn’t tell if i wanted to beat this dudes face in while verbally abusing my wife so badly she would never be the same, or if i wanted to grab her and fuck her silly treating her like the dirty little slut i was watching her be. Perhaps both. I Passed out and slept hard, i was so emotionally overloaded i didn’t know what to do. On the flight home the next day i considered my options, and as i was pondering my future with her i began to think back over the course of our whole relationship. Im a fucking idiot, how did i not see this coming. I mean, this is the girl that cheated on her boyfriend with me back when we first met. This is the girl that blew my friend in the next room over from me the same time she’s telling me how bad she wants me. I should have seen all this coming from tip off. Once i got home and our son was asleep i sat her down and told her everything i knew. I pulled up the videos and pointed out the cameras. She broke down and sobbed, telling me how sorry she was and that she didn’t want to ruin everything we have over a stupid decision she made. So thats the situation I’m in. Our relationship right now is probably what you would expect. We sleep in different rooms and act civil around our son but nothing is the same. I can no longer trust her and and i don’t know if i will ever be able to. If it wasn’t for our son i would have been gone. Not really sure what to do now but I’m thinking about seeing other women and just letting her do the same. we can stay married for our son but we can also be involved with other people. i just can’t take her seriously after all this shit, and the worst part is she spends so much of my money on the dumbest shit. new bags, and shoes, and jewlery. Like how often do you need a new version and the same thing.. I used to not mind but now that our trust is broken it just pisses me off. 

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Monday, February 29, 2016 4:43 PM

Side your son from this problem. Its your and her problwm, you have to face it and make your choice leave or not at all. 

Monday, February 29, 2016 7:08 PM

Once a cheater always a cheater 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 11:49 AM

Why do you have to stay married for your son's sake? I would do some research on the effect of divorce on young children if I was concerned. Do you really think it's better to live in the same house while you each both bring different one night stands where your son can see this?

Do you have a prenuptial agreement? If you do consider getting a divorce, keep the tapes, adultery is a fault and can affect how property will be distributed depending on which state you live in.

If you love her enough to forgive her, and want to stay together, see a marriage counselor. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 12:35 PM

How do you marry a bitch that you've seen sucking cock of someone else? So don't whine now. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 11:36 AM

Dude, check out MGTOW and the Red Pill. Enlightening for someone in your situation. Get out now is my suggestion.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 11:42 AM

This might be kind of fucked up to ask, but it doesn't hurt to try. Could you send me a copy of those videos if I give you my email? [email protected] I'm a fan of cheating wife porn and it's rare to see something that's real and not just actors.

Friday, March 4, 2016 12:38 AM

I'm a girl and I'm going to tell you to leave her. It's not fair for you to be faithful while she's out fucking around. That's not fair at all. Umm seeing other women and still staying with her is pointless. You need someone who will be truthful, greatful, and appreciate you. She does none of that. She is gross as hell leave that whore please do YOURSELF a favor you will be happy you can still have your son you aren't leaving him you are leaving her.

Sunday, March 6, 2016 8:50 PM
Stinky stinks

Dumbass. Leave her!

Thursday, March 24, 2016 10:24 PM

We are kind of in the same boat. Just differnt industries... once I saw it on camera though, it just made me furious. No excitment, I sent the video to her family and the wife of the other guy. Sorry man, it sucks that these women can be so ungrateful. If I dedicate my life, provide unconditionally, with love and faithfulness...only to get treated like that!? I don't think so bitch... she kept our daughter, but all the materials I wouldn't let her even think about it. She has no job because shes a stay at home Mom... my lawyers are the best. Go live with your parents at 31 yeara old because you're a whore. Now all her friends come over and her sister as well.... it's nice being single until that right woman comes along. I know shes out there. Get rid of that skank, and fuckin live it up until the woman hou deserve comes walking into your life.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 10:09 AM

The advice is always the same : DIVORCE. Your son cannot grow up in a place where the father and the mother are cheating on each other because in the future he will cheat on others too. Divorce now that you still have you honor (you didnt cheat). It can be tough for your son now, but when he has growed up enough you will be able to explain the cause of the divorce and he will be obliged to accept your explanation because of two things: YOU HAS THE RIGHT TO DIVORCE SINCE SHE CHEATED; AND YOU ARE TELLING THE TRUTH

Thursday, August 18, 2016 5:47 PM

This is one of the lamest hot wife stories I've ever read. A 12 year old could write a better story. 


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