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Wife had a one night stand

My wife cheated on me

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 6:19 PM by Guest Rating: +234|-88

My wife is a very attractive sociable lady in her late 30’s and we have been married for just over 10 years with two children. The company I work for sometimes has social events in London and usually my wife and I go down together to attend. However, for the most recent last weekend, we couldn’t find baby sitters and so I offered to stay at home while my wife travelled on her own to the event, staying overnight in a hotel. She has made friends with some of my colleagues and prefers these events to me.

One of the guys who works in the London office is called Rob (not his real name), and although our work paths never cross, I have met him in the past. He’s a clean cut young lad of 24 with male-model looks and a reputation of being a lady’s man. His life seems to be a series of one night stands and he seems to know all the moves needed to get girls into bed. He claims “there’s always a way” to persuade even the most resistant of women to succumb.  He’s also got a reputation for knowing how to please the ladies in bed, and it’s rumoured that he has had one night stands with some of the married women at work, unbeknown to their husbands. The men at work don’t trust him near their partners, but the women love him and I get the impression some are virtually queuing to share his bed! 

My wife has never met him, but she knows about his reputation and when shown a picture of him by one of his conquests recently remarked that she “wouldn’t say no”. Also, she found the fact that he’s bedded some married girls as rather amusing!

Anyhow at the event she met Rob and proved no more able to resist his charms than the other girls and they ended up together in her hotel room for the night. However, despite them being discreet, she thought people might have suspected and therefore tearfully confessed to me when she got back 2 days ago. She doesn’t drink, so that wasn’t a reason, but claimed she couldn’t resist his looks and charm. When I pressed her she admitted that she enjoyed it, saying he had a great body and was a real gentleman both in and out of bed. Also, that being unfaithful and naked with a new man after 12 years, she found dangerous and exciting. She said it will only be a one night stand and that she’s never cheated before.


I’m a calm person, so I didn’t really react. Instead we agreed to reflect and talk again after a few days. I find it helps to put it down in writing, so any advice welcome!

Thank you for voting.


Thursday, January 26, 2017 7:11 PM
Honest Husband

Sounds like "Rob" needs to be reminded why it should be a no-no to mess with a married woman,,,, because that woman husband will beet some a$$.  I'd take him down a peg or two first if possible.  If physical violence isn't your thing a couple slashed tires is always a pain in the butt to deal with.  

As for your wife,,,,, tough call my friend.  People are flawed. We make mistakes.  Maybe she's being honest and this was a one and done deal,,,, but what concerns me about your story is her acknowledging the thrill of cheating.  If cheating is like a drug and she's now addicted to this feeling you could have a real problem on your hands.  I say let time be the judge.  You didn't kick her to the curb after hearing her confession and she was up front and honest with you without you having to become a private eye so again maybe everything will be ok.

Saturday, January 28, 2017 7:21 AM

Well you don't sound upset and she was honest with you. Maybe you can use this opportunity to open up your marriage. You would need to have some rules though, but maybe you both could enjoy this new adventure. 

Monday, January 30, 2017 3:45 AM

Your wife goes off to an event by herself, ends up shagging "Rob" without the benefit of alcohol, and her story is she couldn't resist his looks and charm?!?  If that's the case, she's going to be dropping panties at any other events she attends alone where good looking charmers will be present.  The plain fact that good looks and charm overrode her love for you shows that she has little respect for you and your marriage.  She has a character flaw that will manifest itself in such sitiuations, and will eventually prove destructive to your marriage.  I'm not going to say kick her to the curb, but I do recommend that you tread lightly until she earns trust back.  The only reason she told you anything at all was because she thought others had seen her, and that they would tell you.  Not because she felt and guilt or remorse.  I would also suggest that you tell her she needs to seek individual counseling to find out what misfire took place to make her do this in the first place.  And no more going alone to events.  Best of luck to you dude.

Monday, January 30, 2017 6:30 PM


Must be so harsh for you. I would personally dump her because I could not take such behavior a sex is a crucial part in love relationship for me. But that's me. What you need to do is focus on yourself for a while, and now what YOU want in this relationship. Then talk to her and react accordingly.

Best luck to you.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 1:54 PM
George Henderson

Just wondering about her encounter with Rob (Not his real name), do you know if he gave your wife a CreamPie?

Sunday, February 5, 2017 10:02 PM

You are so beta male, and the "Rob"guy is an alpha male. It seems you dont have a self esteem and your wife, the mother of your children, want a better lad sexually, you are just now a provider for her.  Neverless, I cant feel pity for you, you are the portray of why women cheat so much of their spouses, It only takes a "charming dude" to have one night stands with married women without them feeling any remorse since the husband will surely forgive them and they will pretend that it will not happen again, but deep down, both know that is not true . You are doomed from now on.

Saturday, February 11, 2017 4:06 PM

She cheated on you, she needs to go.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 1:17 AM
Selina Gomez

I was wondering the same thing as what George Henderson had asked; did she get a CreamPie from Rob?

Sunday, February 26, 2017 6:07 AM

You are a beta male sapling. Get out of here with your vile open marriage garbage. I'm sure while the author is a beta, he isn't beta enough to stoop that low. People like you are disgusting beings with a lack of morals and sense. I hope you suffer true carnage by your spouse or whoever your with. May despair come your way deuce.

Monday, February 27, 2017 6:45 AM
Richie Rich

You are now a cuckold. You are beta and Rob is alpha. You might as well learn to enjoy it. She can tell you all about it when she gets home or she can invite you to watch. you might even be able to eat his gream pie.

Thursday, April 20, 2017 11:29 AM

well thisis a tough one it was only once but she enjoyed it so much that can lead to more times if I where you I would remove him from the picture and have him fired so I would not leave her but make sure he gets fired because it sound like he will not stop trying to bed your wife our other wifes he must go for the sake of your home and family there just conguest for him he will continue and succeed thats what guys like him do

Thursday, April 20, 2017 11:29 AM

 and update please

Thursday, May 18, 2017 5:48 AM

Can't believe that you are allowing this like it's acceptable. Also, how has nobody kicked this Rob guy's ass yet? Who would put up with a kid banging married women in a company and the wives of the men? You guys are a bunch of pussies.

Thursday, May 18, 2017 6:51 PM

let her know it's okay and if things like that happen to never be afraid to tell you.  Let her know you understand sexual urges and it's okay if she slips up as long as she tells you soon thereafter. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 5:47 PM


S if she can fuck a couch bag disease exposed naccistist asshole then t bar bar pretty da low to preven her fro hav an affair.

But mos importantly , all you idiots (I think one) settling and wasting your life with someo who can't possible be 'in love' with you so so f'ing sad. Dying at 80 a she's going 'thank God that's over'

Would you steal from your child? Would you screw your adult child's friend? Why not?

Because you love them and because you love them you would never hurt them, the thought is crazy to cheat your kids.

That's love.

She cheated or he, you were never meant to be together.

Marriage is work when two non soulmate are together and at death, with nothing left (sorry my little mammals friends, there was no creator to go home to).

Nope, you wasted your life. And so did she.

My ex cheated and 5 years later after oldest graduated I left her just about everything and so much happier. My cabin with worth one tenth our old house and I couldn't be happier with my soulmate. Cheat on her?? I would rather die. And being a divorced, fit well respected leader, I have had women 20 years younger, successful and considered gorgeous and yet I think of my soulmate eyes and don't notice her 50 year old breasts or the laugh lines around her eyes. Love making is about pleasing each other and not caring if we orgasm.

Please never settle. Don't screw yourself financially but realize that person who cheated will feel about as badly about your death as a close coworker will and any extra tears will be for the fear of the unknown future without you, not because they lost there soulmate.

Guaranteed they will be in a relationship in less than six months unless ove

Sunday, January 7, 2018 1:17 PM

Sounds like your wife expected to cheat on you going into this . I could never trust her again. Then there's the thought of another man's coc k inside her and how do you feel about having sex with now . She most likely has oral sex as well and his fluids have been left in both her mouth and vagina and maybe get ass. Every time you have sex will she be thinking of him. Your relationship is forever discredited

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 3:38 AM

I would advice you to leave her.

Saturday, December 8, 2018 11:35 PM

my wife cheated with the neighbor, and said it was exciting and different, and said it turned her on because he fucked her in his daughters room and it was all hot and her room smelled real strong of wet pee and it made her super horny for some strange reason, then i fucked her sloppy pussy until i made her pee all over herself and i came real hard too!


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