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Wifes Night Out with Her Single Friend

My wife cheated on me

Sunday, November 22, 2015 12:16 PM by Robert Rating: +39|-37

My first wife and I had a good sexual relationship. When I met her she was living with her friend Kim, Kims boyfriend travels a lot with his job. So Debbie, my then gf would go to work Saturday mornings and at some point Debbie told Kim to go ahead and enjoy a morning with me. Kim got it started with coming from her bed room in a very sweet night gown. Very shear but sensual. (By the way, Debbie had not told me that Kim was there for my pleasures while she worked) Kim comes close and she is smelling so sweet and I am like thinking of Debbie and feel my cock growing harder as Kim kisses me and begins to rub my cock through my pj's. When Debbie comes home we are still in bed naked and Debbie takes her shower and joins us. No complaints. 

 Debbie and I talked about this and she was turned on by watching me fuck Kim. So I suggsted we get a second guy for her. That really turned her on so I arranged it with one of my closer friends. We met at his house and after a few minutes she was naked and on her knees slurping on two cocks at once. It was nice to see the two heads shoved up in her mouth and watch her lips as they traveled up and down both shafts at once. Soon we were in his bed and we were both fuckiing her. 

 More conversations about group sex and the decision was made that we dont engage in sex without the other being in the room while it happened. Fair request I think. 

 About this time we married and bought our house which was better then doing our shit in Kims house. Kim, while she was fucking me was not into fucking all these strange men I was bringing into her house

 Now Debbie was bringing home girls from work, young girls about 21 I guesed since they were being served at the bars. One was a sweet blonde who was so very easy after her first glass of wine. Debbie would suck me until I was good and hard while I was licking and sucking the girls clit before fucking her. She might have brought 4 girls home from different departments at work.

 I was bringing the first guy and two others home for her. Sometimes I would sit and watch her fuck these guys. Other times I would join in, whatever she wanted to make her time special to her as she did for me.

 Then one night she call as tells me her and Kim are going out on a boat with two guys that she knew. I knew these guys and was suspicious right away. It was summer so it was warm out that night. At four AM I get a call that they just got back up on land, the engine had stopped running. Finally they got a tow in. Once home she was telling that while they waited Kim went up front with Tony and she saw Kim suckiing his cock. Debbie swore up and down that nothing happened between her and Mario. OK, so now we are at a Halloween party that happened that October after that summer in the boat. Everyone is in costume. I was playing pool and standing by an open doorway when I heard Kim and her friend talking about that night on the boat. Kim was describing how Debbie was undressing infront Mario to change from her swim suit into her clothes and how Mario reached out and caressed her ass and pulled her down and they started to play and then fuck.

 So she breaks our pac of the two of us always being together when we fucked others and she lies now. I asked her about this news and Debbie denies everything. I also went to Kim to ask about that night. OK, I didnt ask about that until after I fucked her. That was quite the night, I kept her on the edge for awhile. But she tells me Debbie had been fucking this Mario for awhile mostly because he always had good weed. So Kim is turning into my sex deposit now cause she likes what I do for her. Debbie eventually stops fucking Mario because Kim is chewing her ear about cheating on me. 

 So, is Debbie cheating on me, since we are in swinger type relationship does she have the right to break our agreement?

 Since this all happened we are diviorced and I am remarried in a straight forward vanillia marrage with kids but no extra marital stuff...sighs

 what do you think

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Sunday, November 22, 2015 5:25 PM

Me and my wife have been swingers for 22 years. All agreements must be honored for trust to remain. Me and my wife have only on agreement- don't get emotional. We fuck who we want, when we want, regardless if the other is around or not. We look at sex as sex. As long as no emotion is involved, all is fair. This makes it easier for us. My wife is very attractive and men and women want to fuck her all the time. Most of the time, I'm not there. She tells me about her encounters while we fuck. I do the same for her. It takes our sexual relationship to a level that most people could never understand. Most cheating that takes place with couples today, is purely sexual anyway. So our style eliminates the cheating aspect of it. We are also very careful. We require our partners to utilize protection in all encounters. Long term partners are required to submit blood tests every 6 months. Hope this helps.

Sunday, November 22, 2015 6:03 PM

Going against the rules is cheating.  Period. 

Monday, November 23, 2015 4:41 AM

That's the relationship you chose buddy. Your married and still questioning your past? Get over it she was a SLUT just like you.

Monday, November 23, 2015 12:46 PM

so you can't be happy with one woman? It's so sad that you need all these girls to stroke your ego. Your both sluts 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 2:13 AM

Is this shit even real life? damn, I thought i slept with a lot of women by the age of 20 (25 women). But in all seriousness, that entire story was a fuckin joke. Swingers have no right to speak about cheating. How about you get the fuck off this website?

Oh and.... how did you lend your wife out to other guys? how the hell did you watch her get pounded by better dick than yours? humans have gone to shit. I guess that what happens when food is readily available, the human brain grows beyond the size of a peanut, and people become bored

Friday, April 22, 2016 11:45 PM

i would love to fuck debbie when can we meet?


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