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with a married woman

My husband cheated on me

Monday, May 9, 2016 10:32 AM by mrs.hiswife Rating: +6|-2

So, this happened back in 2014. Me and my husband had moved into our own little house in 2013 and were happy for a good while. I bought him his own phone cause I hated him not having one. This was only after him being distant. So I gave it to him as a gift. almost instantly he left to go "play basketball" with a friend, I recieved a call from him about 2 hours later. But I could hear him talking to another women. She was giving him her number and when he got home I found the number in the phone, I called and she didn't want to talk she just kept hanging up. she is about 20 years older than my husband.

Next I got him another phone cause that one broke. He would text this number but nother really every out of the ordinary. He was starting to be distant again. He left his wallet home one day and callled me and begged me to find it for him, and then changed his mind and said he would be home to look for it on his lunch break. Which is hard cause his job never let him leave. So I decided to look for it and after tearing the house apart I found it "hidden". I opened it up and in the wallet I had found two phone numbers so I text them both one was a family friend and the other I didn't know. But when he got home I had already looked up the number on facebook and found out who it was. I left his a letter on the couch and told him that he had made his decision and that he could stay with her. after all they had only been talking for 2 weeks and she was pregnant and had said she wasn't! her husband was my husbands friend.

We fixed things for the sake of my family to keep us together as a unit, instead of shuffling my son around. We worked on our relationship.

About 2 week before my sons 3rd birthday he began to take our only phone with him everywhere. I would be at home needing a ride or anything and had no way of reaching anyone. He said it was for music purposes but at his job they don't allow music. WEIRD!!! I started getting suspicious. I would check his phone and would find nothing but calls to a friend named "eric" several times a day I called the number and it was a girl. I got more suspicous. He said it was his friends wife... "deja vu"? I would find message from facebook at this time we didn't have one anymore, so I asked and he said it was about his brothers profile that he set it up on his phone... weird! So one day after he left out of town to take my son swimming and wouldn't return my calls, I got angry and snatched his phone from his hand and took off before he could take it back and delete anything. I found that he did have a facebook, and text message from "eric" which was "erica". He didn't return home, so I decided to call his work and let them know of the affair, she was suspended for 3 days, and after that I found her in my house. sitting on my couch. I worked long hours and was tired. After a brief encounter with and a few swings and punches she finally left my house. Talk about a deer in head lights. I left the house. After a small break up we decided to work things out one last time. But this time the claws were coming out, and I wasn't going to let him live it down. If he wanted to be apart of his family he was going to have to change everything! passwords, account information, wardrobe, barber, answer every single question, deal with my tantrums when I would remember it all, understand my jealousy, and my insecurities, quit his friends, and last but not least change his JOB. He did without hesitation.

After a few months he would get drunk and cry to me about how I was cold and wouldn't comfort him after all of this. But I did I would sit there and hear him out, and just laugh in the inside because he never knew the pain he put me through. But I was still a devoted wife and mother, and worked to help him when he fell into debt and take care of the necesities when he got ill. After sometime he would tell me that he was sorry for everything he did to me, i believe him but I still don't shut my mouth, not about that perticular time but the fact that he was unfaithful, and I don't trust him.

It's been 2 years without an incident and he allows me to see everything he is doing, and has even left his phone jat home one day and called me to look for it, I found it and waited all day to see if anything suspicious showed up, and nothing! trust has grown, but I too have grown and have seen that he is capable of it but he has also grown and learned that I don't need him, and will allow him to be in his childrens lives, but don't need him, and I think he now has insecurities about it and thats fine with me. AFter all I have been faithful for almost 8 years.


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Wednesday, May 11, 2016 10:25 AM

I think you're a strong woman for staying with him through all that shit, but please if this happens for a third time, just leave. It's worse for the rest of the family when one person is constantly demeaned and the other clearly never learns a lesson. This is your life, don't waste it by being unhappy.

Friday, May 20, 2016 3:14 PM

Why do you keep giving this jackals chances over and over.  If i cheated my wife would be gone the next day. Buy I guess cheating more about the integrity of a person or rather the lack of it.  


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