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Women are stupid.

My wife cheated on me

Saturday, June 11, 2016 12:57 AM by Angelo Rating: +81|-11

      Ok so I have been reading some stories and thought I share mind so it can help others. 

  So 6 years ago ( 2009 ) I (26 yo) met a beautiful  woman (24yo) who I very much fell in love with. Two years later we got married and I did everything  a man needed to do for his women. House, car, vacation and even the helping around the house and paying her the attention women are so desperate for. I wasn't  rich but I make ok money (53,000 yearly). She didn't  work and we didn't  have children  so she spent it all day laying around the house. I was ok with that I just wanted her to be happy. Please note I'm a good looking guy and I keep in shape. Always have and always will. I am a execresize freak. Well at least that's what my friends  call me. Sorry off topic. Anyways  two years into our marriage she started being distant for no  reason. I tried taking to her and even asked to go to counseling  with me. She wouldn't  tell me what was wrong and didn't want to try fixing our marriage. One night after a whole day of me taking her out shopping (spent over 400 on her) we were in bed and I tried to initiate sex. She pushed me away and said ewwww. I can't believe that those words would hurt so much that in an instant  I fell out of love. I'm not gonna lie I cried. I'm 5'10  230 lbs of pure muscle and a 5'2 120 lbs women made me cried like never before. OK I cried like a bitch fuck you if you judge me. the next day I spoke with a friend of mine who was a computer nerd and he helped get into her email, Facebook and I could even see from my computer  everything  she was doing on hers. I got all the info I needed. She was cheating  with a sports bar owner who was 48 years old and was 5'6 overweight white guy. I couldn't  understand untill I digged further and found out he had  money. He also was married and the money was hers not his.  I kept  cool, ok it's a lie my friend did all the thinking for me and kept me cool. I drove up to her house one day and introduced myself  and we had a long talk. This women was furious. He had done this to her before. That same night I  got home she asked where I was at all night. My response  was since "when the fuck you care" and just walked away from her. She was shocked because I never was disrespectful  to her. She walked behind towards the room yelling why am I being such an ass hole. I said to her "leave me the fuck alone" but bitches like to push the wrong buttons. I had little  to no respect for her and my mind  was just playing back the night she said ewww. We got into an argument and She threw a cup of water at me. That's when she knew she fucked up. I did something that I would never have  thought I would  of done to a women. I jumped over the bed gripped her by the neck and literally  lifted her up. Her eyes were in shock and you could see the fear in her eyes. That's when I noticed what I was doing and let go of her. I said to my self I'm going to jail. She began crying saying you promise  you would never touch me. I responded saying " And you promise you would always be faithful.  She then realized  I knew but wasn't  aware  of how much. She quietly  grabbed her things and left. Year later we were divorced and she was living with the bar owner who then left her to go back to his rich wife two months  after it was finalized. The house was sold and we both took half. It wasn't  much because we only had the house for  5 years. We split a little  over 13,000 and I took my half and used as a down payment for my new home. She got no alimony because we were only married for 3 years and seperated 9 months during the 3 years.  I also had proof of her indiscretions...

Fast forward  to now, 2016. 

    I ran into one of  her friends  while in the mall and she told me my ex was searching  all over for me. I told her I didn't  care and that chapter  of  my  life  is over. She told me the sappy story That my ex was really sorry for what she did and couldn't stop crying  over it. She was on depression  medication  and blah blah blah. I tuned out to be honest. I don't  why but I agree to meet up with my ex over dinner. When I saw her it was  strange. She didn't  change a bit but I didn't  find her as attractive  as I once did. Don't  know how to explain  it. She is a gorgeous  girl. She apologizes  and was very honest for once with me.  I asked why. I was good to her and help her out. I know it wasn't  because of sex. Was it just for the money. She had her head down the whole time with tears. She said yes. I feel like such a whore. I wanted nicer things. I was very materialistic  but I have change. I'm not going to lie I really  did feel bad for her but I was over it. She remembered  that I changed with her from one day to another. The look I gave her was different  and she asked when was the moment I stop loving her. And how was I able to fall out of love so quickly. I told her  it was the night she made the ewww remark. In the middle of the restaurant  she began crying like a baby. She was loud and people  were looking. We payed the bill  and walked out to finish the conversation. She said she was sorry and she never at any time found me discusting she was just trying to emotionally detach her self from me. Either way it didn't  matter no more. I couldn't  believe a word and I was done. I told her I forgave her and hoped she would find someone that would make her happy. She was expecting  for us to work it out again but  the whole entire time I was with her I was glad I wasn't  with her. 

That's my story. I learn  alot talking to people who cheat  and reading some the post here. Cheaters are selfish and only worry about thier own desire and happiness. They find any excuse to  justify  what they did but if they were that unhappy they would of left. It's easy to spot one. They always judge you according  to their  own conditions. If your spouse  always want to know where your at and wants to go through  your  facebook, Internet  history  or cell phone trust me they are up to no good. To all the cheaters reading this fuck you and die.



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Saturday, June 11, 2016 3:05 PM

Great story.  Good for you!  That's the way it should happen, except for neck hold.  Good for you!

Saturday, June 11, 2016 7:25 PM
Big E

  Noticed how they all regret it after the other dude  leaves?  The funny part is that when they cheat and go with the one they cheated  with they begin to be suspicious  of each other it's funny how life is.

Sunday, June 12, 2016 4:46 AM

  I was once in a similar relationship with my now ex wife. I never choked her but i totally understand how it can happen, like the time she threw everything in the medicine cabinet at me while yelling at the top of her lungs. This happened after I caught her in an affair and cut off her play money by giving her enough just to buy groceries. I eventually filed for divorce but initially tried to get her to marriage counseling etc. I too was a good husband,  provider and showed her all the affection that I could, never tried to argue with her but of course she blamed me for all the problems and i felt guilty for a long time.I came to realize over time that none of that shit was my fault and she was the one with issues. She never held a job very long and after our children were in school refused to go back to work,  sat around and got bored while I worked and eventually some dude came along and sweet talked her panties off. The point of my story is that if a woman has unresolved issues no man will ever keep her happy and she'll be a lousy wife no matter how well you treat her. Better just to treat them good but dont pamper too much. Im married again this time to a career woman and I have no regrets. I treat her good but dont pamper her and dont take any shit from her. I stand my ground in arguments and she respects me for it and I will never accept less again from any woman.

Sunday, June 12, 2016 6:20 AM

There are always two sides to everything.  I know people who have gone outside their marriages for one reason or another.  When a spouse stops having sex with you but you cannot leave for certain reasons, what is the person being denied supposed to do?

Sunday, June 12, 2016 12:27 PM

  Ok to the person a over me who I think is a women. Two sides of the story is when neither admit any faults. At that point there are three stories. His, hers and the truth. If you read what I wrote  she came begging back. She admitted  fault and her reason for it. She is probably  one of the few  female who admitted  their mistake and took responsibility  for her action. This women will at least learn and move on to be happy. Just not with me. Cheated is a cowards way out and there is no reason  to cheat, if he hits you, leave. He won't fuck you, leave. He is cheating ,  leave. I can go on  and on. My point is that cheating brings more consiquenc then need be. Someone can catch a disease or even have a spouse  so hurt that they kill both parties  in the oven affair. This stuff happens more then you realize. What excuse is there especially  for a woman. Financial reason ?  <------That prove you married for money from the beginning. Law is always  on the side of the women. I had to give half of every thing I bought. I bought a house in a very nice area and I along with my father and brother worked are asses off to fix it . I remodeled  it from top to bottom  all with my money. She didn't do jack shit. And the only reason I didn't  pay alimony  was because she left and we were only  married  for a short time. What is the person  suppose to do in a marriage  I'll  tell you since you certainly  don't  get it. Be faithfully through better or WORST in SICKNESS and health  to DEATH do you part. What good is the fucking vows  if you Don't  honor  it. 

I have a great girlfriend  and it's hard to trust her. Even though I know where she is at all time. I have her phone pin number, Facebook ect. Just like she has mine. And if I do marry her she knows a prenuptial is coming on long with it. Romantic I know but I will be a women's following no more. So again cheaters FUCK YOU.

Sunday, June 12, 2016 12:30 PM

Fool not following . 😕

Sunday, June 12, 2016 7:32 PM
Jessica Williams

I just hate CHEATERs, Just incase, i have a friend that help catch cheating partners, you guys can contact him

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Monday, June 13, 2016 4:26 AM

You are dead on about cheaters. I have worked around a lot of them. They are shit. They are shit coworkers and terrible emplotees as well. It is easy to spot them, they fake interest in others usually by pretended to be more interested than appropriate, then in the next sentence they express selfish motivations behind that interest. They are users and fairly transparent. Avoid them in all area of you life, shun them, nothing good comes from contact with them. 

Monday, June 13, 2016 12:06 PM

Not gonna lie your story made me laugh when you went off topic for a moment there in the beginning but I do highly agree with you about the cheaters. You deserve so much better & you were smart to move on instead of coming back to her. Don't worry cheaters always get their karma either way.

Monday, June 13, 2016 9:57 PM

    The reason why I went off topic was because  the guy  was a short, fat, and ugly. I'm not full of myself but I really  am a good looking guy. I couldn't  understand  why she chose him over me. Is money that important  to women?  I know that  all women are not like this but how important  is money. I have a childhood friend  who made 6 figures and his wife left after he got into a car accident  causing him to loose his job. Thankfully  he got back up after a year and a half. Reason I ask is this. I got laid more as a single man then I did when I got married. Just incase she couldn't  keep up. SO if women really think money is that  important  then why should I get married. You give your heart to someone so they can shit on it? Now my  ex is living with her mom. What did she gain? Nothing.  Bitch got her independence if that's what she was looking for. Then she wanted to  be friends.  I don't  think I'll ever get over it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 4:58 AM

Well I mean it depends who you are with some woman are into guys just like you or some are into being with someone just for their money or they could be looking for guys with just intelligence you never know. Honestly I too am surprised that she would cheat on a good looking guy like yourself with someone not like that at all when it should've been the other way around which is strange in a way. The best thing you can do is worry about what YOU should be doing for yourself. But let me tell just say that no matter how many woman you can have you will still have that part of a you with a brokenheart inside. So be careful. And don't worry I don't think you are full of yourself I just think it's still good that you have some confidence in yourself. Also my father almost had the same situation as you before he met my mother so I know what your talking about. You'll be fine it just takes day by day & patience. Try to be positive & nothing is wrong with smiling either just saying 😛 But seriously you going off topic randomly made me laugh so much not that it's a bad thing it was just too perfect with your story I'm sorry but I just being honest 😂

Friday, June 17, 2016 12:18 AM

Women are scary ... 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 7:39 AM
Angelo, I'm glad you found the strength to leave. I know many people who after being subjected to that level of emotional abuse tend to not leave because they feel like no one would want them. Let this twat-waffle live with her own choices.
Saturday, November 30, 2019 1:11 AM

when she gonna leave you for an older man with money, suck it up and say good ridence. You dont need a woman like that. 

Sunday, May 2, 2021 1:20 PM
Lee Haney was 5'11" and weighed 230lbs when he won his 2nd Mr. Olympia title. With your claim to be 5'10" and pure muscle I find your story a little difficult to be credible.

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