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My wife cheated on me

Thursday, November 26, 2015 1:09 PM by Guest Rating: +7|-6

hello all

If you were to meet us you would think there is a couple that is very in love and the perfect marriage (even been told that by many) (SAD BEHIND THE SCENE)

I feel like such a pussy for writting this BUT i need to state it to someone other than myself (drives me crazy).

I do the dishes 80% of the time now

I do laundry 80% of the time now

I cook 100% of the time now

I clean the house daily

let her sleep in until she wants (most times 10:30 or 110 am but not the day she called RAY ---- she was up at 8 am WOW never for me before) oh yes i said she callede RAY  -- you will know who he is later in this story

My story starts many years ago when my wife and i were dating (actually living together) and i worked away from home lots. One time while i was working away i spend hours calling home with no answer. Finally at 3 am she answered (just got in) and her response was "what are you going to beat me up" WOW

I left my work travelled 3 hours home.

Well after about 10 minutes at home there was a knock on the door and lone and behold it was the man she spent the last night out with. He arrived at my house at 8 am with a case of beer.

After we were married there was little to no sex i would be away from work to find that she was out every night with her girlfriend (single horny fuck anyone type of girl  --- well anyone but me). They both would continuially joke and kid about how i wasn't getting any and how they were not interested haha. No you do him --- no you --- no you haha ha???!!!

Years went on and on still no sex (just to clarify there was sex but it was rare and long times between) foreplay at our house was me pouting for days or not talking to her. She once told me it was like fucking her brother. WOW

When we did have sex she was always dry, legs held tight together, never seen her naked (maybe in the bath and such where she would promtly shut the curtian or door and say "Pervert) she never touches me. Have not had a blow job for 32 years ( early when we were dating she once told me she loved sucking cock -- one time she was drunk and sucking my cock ----- oh i just love sucking a cock) that was the last time. I haven't taste pussy for 32 years  ---it's too ditry (for me to do (her brother) but not Ray)

I worked away from home (made 300,000.00 a year plus) lots with minimal days at home like 40 days away 2 day home then 45 days away and 1 day home. Worked lots. Would return to find most of the money gone, two kids to care for (she always left me with the kids when i got home stating she needed a break. She would go out at 11 am return at 4 pm then go again at 6 pm to return at 9 pm the state how tired she was or she felt ill. (the way she told me that sex was out of the question. She would tell me all the time to do it myself.

There came a time when a man approached my boss and stated he knew me very well could name my kids, their ages my wife her age such as that. My boss hired him (if i refered him he must be a good man) --- I didn't know the man   boss said i hired your friend today.  I find out later that he lived next door to me in a previos town (where i worked away from home lots. He became good friends with myself and the wife. He would visit all the time and be there when i was working. He once told my kids he was thier new daddy. She told me later in life that he didn't like kids or our kids hmmmmmmmmmmm maybe why it didn't work out for her. When we would fight i would mention him and the response was always "Oh Gay Richard or the GAYGUY.

then came the time she was infactuated with another co-workers and would always wear sexy clothing when we were all together.

Keep in mind all the time she accused me of cheating (all the time -- we would fight about it daily either her not fucking me or her accusing me of cheating)

During our marriage she would often tell strangers or her friends that they should service me so she didn't have too JUST KIDDING

another time was when we moved to another town and there was a contractor that helped build our house ---- my wife was soo excited by this man that she must have mentioned it lots at work as her friends gave her a birthday card stating "Keep your hands off the contractor). All the time i was working away from town.

My wife and her single horny friend went everyhwere together and were always out at nights while i worked. Of course never out other than somewhere that there are no men.

She would spend lots of time at BINGO and i once visited her there (without notice) and was told that she had a boyfriend and i should watch them. She got angry with him and told me he was GAY and not to worry HONEY --- i once saw him with his wife hmmmmmmm thought he was gay.

Fast forward to another move to norther BC where we had NO sex and the fighting was intense. While i worked there a co-worker told me to watch my wife and another co-worker. My thoughts were good luck she doesn't like sex ---- WHAT A FUCKING FOOL I WAS

She just didn't like sex with me (her brother)

During future fights she would mention that Ray told her that he would take care of her. And she also comments that she told him to go and leave her alone beacuse of his drug issues so i have nothing to worry about.

Now recently i found her talking with Ray on the phone ---- she didn't know i was listening her comments were "Oh I couldn't your too hard on your women and Oh no I don;t have any sisters Gigggle Giggle Oh Ray. When i confronted her she said "What Fat Old Ray". (burning question is ---- how do you know he is fat when you said he just called not visited) I confronted her by saying  --- you probably still have his number and she said no she didn't   - i then found it torn up in her bathroom waste basket (subconsious wanted me to find it).

What Old Fat Ray ewwwwww no way!!!!!!!

I just can't take this any more. Really.


She has

out witted me

out lasted me


out smarted me



Bye the way I am fairly good looking slim tall and well hung ( 9 inches) This marriage has beat to the point of that maybe it's me am i that undiserable probably ---- oh i hate all women they all turned thier backs to me (including my wife) giggles and fucks everyone but me.

I have this image of all the girls/women in the world before me --- then they all laugh at me and turn towards every man but me and run away from me with my wife hesitating a little then turning and joining the rest of the women giggling and leaving me alone.

One thing that makes me sad is that i have forced the woman i love to have sex with someone she doesn't want to (her brother) and trapping her in a marriage where she cannot enjoy sex. (What a Prick)

You tell me

Am i wrong in suspecting her cheating or am i a fool. The worst thing is her not telling the truth ever.

Just want someone to want to have sex with me not have to. Is there any body out there.

Red Deer Alberta

Tags: Dating; Friend; Gay; Kids;

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015 8:37 AM

Well just as I had thought-----no one gives a shit

this is my story and was looking for comments

see that this is just a perverted site for sex stories

i was mistaken i thought maybe it was a site where people with the same problems could network.

Guess (Fool Gain)

WOW I am really alone

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 12:30 PM

I read the story, word for word. Unless you left something out she is cheating and/or just plumb using you for what you can give her. Meaning a good wealthy life. I'm sorry you are going through this. Suggestion to you. Put up spy cameras in all rooms with audio to catch her. Each state is different but it's hard to deny proof/evidence. I also would get phone records as well. Check email accounts. Limit her funds, period. The kids need something you either go get it or if your out on business have it delivered to the house. I would masturbate while she lays right next to you at night. It will for sure (a normal person anyway) turn her on some way. I would definitely catch the sneaky bitch. Mine cheated for years by different woman. How he got caught was a picture on fb of his (at the time she was 5) now 8 year old daughter opening up a gift from his dam parents. Just some advice.

Friday, December 4, 2015 8:46 PM

She is cheating and no good for you and using the marriage for her own selfish benefit. Move on and go get a bj and some pussy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 8:29 AM

i am sorry i am not cheating on you. I am this way because of qwhat you did to me. I love you but i never know if you love me the  sam  way so i became distant i hope we can get our lives togetehr and work it out xx



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